GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The USA always betrays its “friends”

The American way of abandonment
Posted: November 02, 2009
Pat Buchanan

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But what does it avail us to insult these people who have cast their lot with us, many of whom will, with families and friends, pay a far more terrible price than we if we lose these wars?

And if we are going to abandon these people, as we have so many others in the past, let us at least tell them, and ourselves, the truth. We didn’t know what we were getting into. We don’t have the stomach for a long war. We’re sorry we got you into this. Your big mistake was in trusting us. You folks should have known better.

*** end quote ***

Washington was right. Trade with all; alliances with none.

That would have been more honest. I remember that we screwed the Hungarians in their 1956 revolt against the Russians. Voice of America incited them and the gooferment left them hanging out to dry.


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