POLITICAL: Afgan, the graveyard of empires?


The Real Reason for More Troops in Afghanistan by Michael Gaddy

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Financially crippled due to our continued wars for empire and the printing of billions of new dollars to repay political cronies in the financial world has left us in a precarious position in Afghanistan. We will try to counter the financial prowess of China, to whom we owe billions and their military ties to Russia with the blood and lives of tens of thousands of new US military forces. When China calls in our financial markers, and they will if challenged, what will become of our country? We are about to escalate a war we cannot win. How long will it be before Americans care more for the lives of their children than they do for the state and refuse to participate in the madness?

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Maybe I do have a permanent “tin foil hat”, but when politicians talk I look for the lies. There are always some: commission, omission, obfuscation, spin, what’s in it for me, how can I punish my enemies, and on and on.

Maybe more troops would protect “our” troops that are already there, but do you think these politicians worry about that?

Maybe more troops would allow “victory”, but that’s never been defined. So how would we know?

If the Soviets fought and lost in Afghanistan for a decade, what make us think that Iraq-style surge would work?

No, like Viet Nam, Republic of, we’ve been beaten again, by an enemy playing of a different “field”. In Viet Nam, it was our “Third Generation” military facing off against a “Fourth Generation” guerilla army. In Afghanistan, it was our “Third Generation” military facing off against a “Fifth Generation” stateless individual insurgency.

(I have a theory of what the Sixth Generation conflict will look like. Citizens against their own “government” like 1957 Hungry.)

Whatever the case, we can be sure we are not getting anything near the “truth” from our politicians.

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