GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Obama’s garden is polluted!

Michelle Obama’s toxic veggie nightmare: White House organic garden polluted with sludge
Alex Salkever
Jul 30th 2009 at 10:00AM

*** begin quote ***

The White House has sought to downplay the issue, and a number of experts have pointed out that 93 ppm of sludge in soil is somewhat normal for older urban locales. However, the EPA recommends not growing food in soil that has 100 ppm. Several major food producers, including H.J. Heinz and Del Monte, won’t accept produce grown in sludge. That’s despite decades of U.S. government efforts to encourage farmers to use solid sewage wastes in lieu of traditional fertilizer products.

*** end quote ***

You have to admire liberals. Their hearts are always in the right place. And, their heads are … …

Well, it’s intentions that count; not results. Right?

No one in the gooferment could tell them about this problem BEFORE the big garden photo op?

And, it’s the big bad corporations like Heinz and DelMonte that want to poison us!


I just shake my head.

And, they want to run HEALTHCARE, ENERGY, as well as GM, the Banks, Wall Street and everything else.

They can’t even manage a small garden!


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