RANT: Customer (dis) Service?

Booked a trip. (Yeah, I know. I too would rather go to the dentist than fly. Unavoidable. Have to check on a old family friend!)

Travel Agent got us seats outbound but couldn’t on the inbound return.

So I filled out the airline contact form. (Agonizing detail. Required fields alone took 10 minutes — estimated)

*** begin quote ***

My travel agent says that he’s unable to reserve seats on the return trip. That seems strange and very ‘un Swiss’. We’d like to have seats assigned.

*** end quote ***

SEVERAL days later, I get this:

*** begin quote ***

Dear Mr Reinke,

Thank you for writing to us.

We have reviewed your request and wish to share the following information with you:

A specific seat will be assigned to you during the check-in process.

SWISS offers the following check-in options:

– Web check-in

– Self check-in machines

– Phone check-in

– Local check-in

For further details, please contact the following link on our website:


We wish you a pleasant flight with SWISS and are available to assist you at any time.

Sincerely yours

{Name withheld}

SWISS E-Mail Service Center-Team Basel

*** end quote ***

I LOVE getting form email. It’s like some one presses response buttons randomly.
And, business wonder why customer HATE them!
{Just shaking my head}
Maybe I should call the 1800 number and have a nice man from Bangladesh read to me from his script. Probably read me the same answer!
# # # # #

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