TECHNOLOGY: MiFi 2200 portable EV-DO router  

MiFi 2200 portable EV-DO router

Technology is the summation of hardware and software. It’s VERY very expensive. This unit intrigues me because what COULD it replace?

Home cable internet service? The Verizon Wireless Broadband USB plug? Cell phones?

The solid trade offs are: ISPs charge 50/month — with hidden caps. The VWBBIE is 70/month.

The soft trade offs are: one or more cell phones. The darned home land line.

The question is what are the true costs of the “MyFy”? Capital, operating, 4 hour battery life.

Home has two computers on a Wifi. But only one user … me.

Would it support Skype, Gizmo, SIP, and such?

Lot of questions.

Biggest problem is I have no clue as to what’s my home byte count on a daily or monthly basis.

And, I hear the Sprint commercials with unlimited usage.

Too many questions and an unknown TCO.


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2 Responses to TECHNOLOGY: MiFi 2200 portable EV-DO router

  1. EVDOalex says:

    The MiFi is very hot right now, but you’re right. the first thing to determine is what your monthly data usage is like. This article might help you gauge your data consumption:

    the ‘unlimited’ you are hearing on Sprint commercials is for their cell phones, not their mobile broadband data service used for the MiFi.

  2. Andy Broyles says:

    As far as monthly byte counts…

    I have a one computer that is used almost all day, one that is used in the evenings, two that are used occasionally on the weekends, an XBox, a WII, and two DirecTV satellite boxes with Internet. I use about 7,000,000 bytes a month according to Sprint (I have an unlimited Sprint Data plan and a EV-DO USB stick plugged into a DLink 655 router.)

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