RANT: Response to a socialist

>Hey, I’ll take your worthless Federal Reserve Banknote money off your hands.

I’m sure that you would. You liberals will “TAKE” anything! And, your typically big gooferment thugs will be more that happy to rob people of the wealth to satisfy the mob’s demands.

>Are all libertorians anti-union? What a silly question, of course they are.

Of course not. Honest unions that seek to represent their members in fair negotiations with employers are just exercising people’s rights of association. When they use the guns of gooferment to rob the bondholders of their proper settlement, then they are just as bad as the thugs they employ. (Before you say that the bondholders “agreed”, permit me to point out the 52% that did agree were big banks that were getting TARP money anyway. How could they not agree? And, they were being paid off anyway!)

>Basically, libertarians are pro rich, pro management and anti-working class.

If anything, little L libertarians are pro-working class. We want liberty and honest money. And, peace. Take a look at the casualties of war. It’s the poor and working class.

>shouldn’t workers have the right to form unions?

Sure they do. You don’t see L’s rooting for “card check”, minimum wages, or protectionisms.

>Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, works for the people and does not take corporate money.

Please don’t make me laugh! He’s a socialist! Maybe even a Marxist.

>Dennis Kucinich, not a socialist, is a feisty fighter for ordinary working Americans.


> I have no idea if it was a good idea to bail out GM.

I do. It was a bad idea for either Bush or Obama to keep GM out of Chapter 11. And, all the money is wasted. It can’t be saved. CAFE standards and all the assorted gooferment actions have made it impossible to make stuff in the US. It’s like giving CPR to a mannequin.

>Millions (including those not directly involved in building cars) will lose their jobs, their health >care and their pensions.

Yes, there will be a lot of breakage. But the UAW voters, … ahh I mean, members will still have their gold plated pensions and health benefits. What happened to the Delta pilots shouldn’t happen to a UAW voter. Sigh! GM was always known as a “health insurance company that made cars”. Argh!

>To only blame government for all our ills and not the free marketeers is just delusional.

It’s the gooferment’s use of force that is the root of most of the evils we are suffering through now. By the way, could you point out the “free market” that you are refering to? I can’t see anything free since the 1860’s.

>Can’t blame unions or the government for the fall of all those financial companies

Sorry, but the seeds of the current collapse is rooted in the easy money of the FED and the Community Reinvestment Act. Barney and Chis, on the dole from AIG and other companies, made it easy for the sheeple to be defrauded.

>ENRON fell because of the corporate crooks not because of unions or the government.

ENRON resulted from the psuedo deregulation of the power industry. Their lobbyist used gooferment to do all sorts of “rule making”. In the end, it all collapsed. And the workers took it in the ear!

>I certainly bash government when necessary, when warranted which is quite often.

You fail to see the force of gooferment (i.e., the often not so silent gun in the room) is at the root of most problems. Our lives would be immeasurably improved it they’d just leave us alone.

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