INTERESTING: Glen Beck on “The View”

First segment: The gals got him on embellishing the Amtrack story. He made at least one factual error. And, failed to press the “reservation” argument.

Second segment: He came off pretty good but did parry Walter’s question: “What do you believe?” He morphed it into they were denigrating him. He missed an opportunity to do his thirteen values speech.

All in all, I’d give him a C minus.

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10 Responses to INTERESTING: Glen Beck on “The View”

  1. reinkefj says:

    HE was the one who said he misstated who approached who. I’m not sure I’d have agreed with calling it a “lie”. He may have just made an honest mistake and was being funny. I’m not expecting Glen Beck or Whoopi to be reporters. They are supposed to “entertain”. Beck’s rendition of Barbara on the train was funny I was “entertained”. Seeing them all squabble was “entertaining”. They ain’t Woodward and “Bernstain”; I didn’t think they were the pargon of “investigative reporting”. Some bloggers do a better job of “investigating”. Sigh. I’d call this “much ado about nothing”. With appologies to William; his ado was better.

  2. bassackwards says:

    How do you know Beck wasn’t telling the truth? Because Whoopi says so? Since when is she the paragon of truth?

    The point is we’ll never know and The View is too chicken sh$% to invite Beck back with his witnesses. Because that would be fact checking. And the The View doesn’t have to do that because they are entertainment that comments on current events including politics. Just like Beck.

  3. reinkefj says:

    He didn’t say it on the “The View”. They were grousing about what he said on his radio show. (Other than mistating who approached who, I thought the radio clip was funny!)

    Whoopi doesn’t strike me as self-important. Barbara does. Joy is hard left; Elizabeth is hard right. What’s her name is clueless. And, Whoopi is as close to reasonable and open as any of them. imho!

  4. reinkefj says:

    I THINK I don’t have any partisan wax. (I dislike D’s and R’s both equally.) I did hear his radio show clip. AND, he even admitted he screwed up who approached whom. I don’t think that rises to the level of “lying”. But what do I know. I do htink it sidetracked the whole two segments and would have liked to hear them get into it.

  5. kcebnelg says:

    reinkefj – Beck didn’t say jack about anybody coming to anyone. Try listening a bit more carefully. I wouldn’t be nit picking this to death but once Barbara went down the fact check road she deserves to get it dished to her.

    I hope Beck torches both of them… but he won’t because he’s too nice a guy.

    Plus, with all that’s going on in the world Whoopi and Barbara are too concerned with their over inflated self-importance to actually talk about anything substantive.

  6. kcebnelg says:

    NOPE SORRY. People need to watch the View again because all of this Whoopi, Barabara nonsense was dealing SPECIFICALLY with the clip of Glenn on his radio show describing the encounter on Amtrak. THEY lied about what HE said. He got flustered by the attack and agreed with them. Which was too bad. He should have told them to learn to listen and clean the partisan wax out of their ears.

    They owe Beck an apology. Particularly since Barbara couldn’t keep her fat yap shut about fact checking.

  7. reinkefj says:

    I believe your misreading it. The “gals” said ON HIS PROGRAM he misstated who came over to whom. He admited that he had made that mistake. I’m not sure how big a deal it was, but that seemed to “queer” the whole interview.

  8. reinkefj says:

    I heard the video and he did misstate who came to who.

  9. kcebnelg says:

    Here’s been my response to all of the gleeful libs talking about Beck on The View:

    Uh, sorry you lose. The liars are Goldberg and Walters. TRY READING THE TRANSCRIPT AND REVIEWING THE TAPE. Beck never said ANYTHING about WALTERS COMING OVER TO HIM.

    The TIVO doesn’t lie. Only Walters and Whoopi do. Fact check? Maybe Walters ought to do some freaking fact checking.

    You can start at the transcript if you’d like:

    I have zero respect for Goldberg and Walters. They owe Beck an apology.

  10. jscottu says:

    I saw Glenn on the View today. Since almost everyone was against him from the start, he was basically forced to defend his existence. They held him to a standard of “perfect accuracy”, while Whoopie got to lie about Sarah Palin and get away with it (she passed on the lie that Palin didn’t know that Africa was a continent…it can be proven that Palin knew that…it was part of the whole smear campaign against her during the election). Whoopie kept harping on “why did you lie (about the train meeting)?” the “lie” being that Walters didn’t come over to Beck on the train…he actually came over to her…a fact almost irrelevant to the comedy routine he was doing about the meeting. Then, with seconds remaining, Walters asks Beck to tell us “what you REALLY believe?” He should have said “I believe you are all a bunch of apologists for big government.”

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