TECHNOLOGY: Why is an ISP different than the Power Company?

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[Billing] Weights & Measures – Time Warner & Comcast: Exempt?

How is it that my electric company, gas company, phone company (landline & cell) water, sewer, local gas station, local supermarket, etc., etc. all abide by strict governmental regulations regarding weights & measures BUT THESE ISPs don’t?

How is it these ISPs think that they are exempt from providing accurate, metered service without oversight? How is my usage determined? Where is my meter? How is my meter calibrated? What standards are used to determine the calibration? What guarantees that my service is metered correctly and accurately.

Why is it that these ISPs think that my exceeding an arbitrary threshold warrants punitive action? If I exceed my minutes allotment on my cell plan I pay for it. If I use more water this month than last, I pay for it. If my car is almost empty I fill it and pay for it. All of these are heavily regulated by strict weights & measure standards set by the government. IMHO it’s the governments job to set and enforce these standards.

Who maintains and enforces standards for metered bandwidth? Frankly I don’t trust the ISPs to self regulate.

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Write, call or visit your states Office of Weights & Measures and find out.

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Interesting concept!

Could it be the ISPs contribute more than the other Utilities?

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