RANT: Tax revolt?


Bill Buran’s Notes

Complete hypocrisy by the Democrates on Taxes
Yesterday at 8:03pm

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Now I am against all form of income taxes and certainly try to limit my exposure, but I still unwillingly pay…more and more each year.

Yet…when a Democrat going for higher office knowingly does not pay taxes while insisting we all need to pay more to “spread the wealth”…I guess just not his wealth.

This angers me more each day and gives more reason to vote them all out…to be fair this goes for all in Congress and the Senate.

If a Democrat evades paying taxes that must paint a bigger picture of this insane overburden tax system.

So when do we all just say NO and stop giving our fruits of labor (private property) to a dysfunctional government.

Tax Revolt anyone????…..seriously!

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It’s actually worse than anyone thinks. Inflation is the hidden tax on all of us. Taxes, via corporations, are hidden in all we buy. Some taxes, like gas, and “fees”, like real estate closing taxes or car excise taxes, are added onto the purchase prices and become invisible to the buyer. And, the only indicator of the total tax load is the total gooferment spend. See tax reduction without spending reduction is an illusion. Inflation, debt, regulation, and “fees” are the “evil stepsisters” of the taxes we pay. We can’t even fathom how much we pay in taxes. It’s theft by deception!

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One Response to RANT: Tax revolt?

  1. Here’s a JUSTIFIED tax Revolt:

    FED UP with having to be “liked enough” for equal rights?

    Believe EQUALITY is ours to TAKE and refuse to beg for it?

    For All Americans who support our demand for equality:

    Equality Tax Revolt – April 15, 2009

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