RANT: Amish “fight” for rights; why not us?

WI: Amish homeowners: Religion trumps building codes

Yahoo! News

“Daniel Borntreger’s home looks like hundreds of other Wisconsin

farmhouses: two-story A-frame, porch, clothes on the line. But his

home could cost him thousands of dollars in fines. Borntreger, an

Amish farmer, built the house himself according to Amish tradition —

but without a building permit. His case is among at least 18 legal

actions brought against Amish residents in Wisconsin and New York in

the past year and a half for building without proper permits,

according to court records, attorneys and advocates for the Amish. The

cases have sparked local debates about where religion ends and

government begins. Amish advocates — the Amish religion precludes

them from defending themselves physically or legally — argue the

Amish belief that they must live apart from the world trumps local

regulations.” (12/13/08)


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Seems like only the Amish fight for their rights!
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