RANT: Huckabee Immigration plan put a trash bag over the Statue of Liberty!


Mike Huckabee On Immigration: A Policy That Will Work
December 27, 2007 | By Jack Yoest

*** begin quote ***

The Huckabee Immigration plan is simple:

* Build the fence.

* Modernize the application.

* Everyone waits their fair turn in line.

*** end quote ***

Wow, you and I differ two days in row. Wanna go for three?

>Build the fence

When the commies did it in Germany, we were horrified. It didn’t work there either. The gooferment can’t keep drugs out of its prisons, but it can keep bad things out of here. Right!

>Modernize the Process of Legal Immigration

When you put out food for strays, surprise you get more strays. When you have a dole, you get undesirables. We need all the “tired, hungry, yearning to be free” immigrants that want to come. We don’t “need no stinkin process”. No dole; no need for process. Remember that the “rules” were to discriminate. This is another example of closing the “golden door” after we got here.


So all the socialists can just put a trash bag over the Statue of Liberty! But remember fences to keep people out, can keep people in. But that can never happen in the good old usa.

Can it?

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One Response to RANT: Huckabee Immigration plan put a trash bag over the Statue of Liberty!

  1. staffitright says:

    About a fence, specifically, remember, when the Commies did this in Germany, it was to keep people _in_ not to keep them from _flowing in_. There is a tectonic difference in the two applications. I am just clarifying the use/application …

    I was at the fence/wall when I was stationed at Rhein Main AFB from ’82-’84. I was in East Germany on 4 different occasions – none of those in a civilian capacity. I saw _first hand_ the bullet-holed ridden walls of the buildings just the other side of that wall, at Check Point Charlie, on the West Berlin side. And, I spent many an hour studying just what was happening on the other side of that, “wall” to drive others to _scale_ the wall or dive through razor wire to get to West Berlin. People were dying to get out and escape tyranny, oppression, and torture for being of a different race or religion – or basically just not a Communist. I can honestly say, there is a difference …

    I can care less about any of these wind-bag politicians. I am living first hand PAYING for illegals every friggin’ day. OUR FREEDOM TO EARN AND KEEP OUR WAGES is being ravaged by those that do not follow our laws. They just need to follow the law, plain and simple, apply legally, as did my Father, my Grand Father, my Uncle and Aunt, and so many other family members — no free ride for them.

    My ancestors DID wait in line.

    You jump the line, you get arrested and sent back. You return and get caught, you get jail time. After that release, you return, you get sent to Cuba! :)

    I have lived this ALL MY LIFE, being born and raised here in California. I fret every day that someone tells me I must continue to suck-it-up and pay.

    I am tired … really tired … of paying every day. Our schools suck, our hospitals are a shambles, our roads are dangerous, and our politicians just want to get reelected.

    Freedom? For whom?

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