RANT: The Big Boondoggle!


December 26, 2007
“The Big Dig” is Done
Rick Moran

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Officially launched in 1987 with an estimated budget of $2.8 billion, the project’s costs ballooned over the years, reaching a depressing $14.6 billion by the time it was complete. Wikpedia details some of the problems over the years with the project:

The Big Dig has been the most expensive highway project in the U.S.[6] Although the project was estimated at $2.8 billion in 1985 (in 1982 dollars), over $14.6 billion had been spent in federal and state tax dollars as of 2006.[7] The project has incurred criminal arrests[8][9], escalating costs, death, leaks, and charges of poor execution and use of substandard materials. The Massachusetts Attorney General is demanding contractors refund taxpayers $108 million for “shoddy work.” [10]

Just last year, a motorist died when some concrete panels collapsed. Inspections revealed substandard construction – a charge that plagued the project almost from the beginning.

The federal contribution to the project? $8.55 billion. Your tax dollars at work.

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What can one say?

No surprise. No one — politician or bureaucrat — gets any adverse impact. No one pays for it but the taxpayer.

Poor stupid taxpayer!

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