LINKEDIN: “Ron Paul” is also on LinkedIn


>Re: Hilary For President
>Posted by: “Verdegem, Luc”
>Fri Dec 14, 2007 3:58 pm (PST)
>Sorry for this question,
>I was just wondering why there are not more “smart” politicians that use


“Ron Paul” is also on LinkedIn. I’m one of “his” loons. But, I would know more think of doing the old Star Trek Vulcan Mind Meld with that pseudo person

(I have to update my taxonomy of “Trolls you find on LinkedIn” with a new one “political alter egos”! — POLITICIANS. Sort of the opposite of ABILLGATES that high value target. This is imho a low value target.)

LINKEDIN: Updated taxonomy of LinkedIn “identities”

Those have to be a violation of the LinkedIn TOS, contrary to the spirit of LinkedIn, and injecting your politics into an inappropriate venue. IMHO.

I can’t see any upside to doing this. What’s next? Linking to your favorite cartoon character.

(Shaking my virtual, not virtuous, head in amazement.)

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