JOBSEARCH: Put up a custom website in SUPPORT of your resume for a specific job


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I think the trick will be to stand out without being an “outlier”. So, for example, I would not send in a resume on A4 paper unless I was European. Similarly, I’d forgo funny paper colors, folds, or photos. I’d stick to one plain page and try to catch attention by stark simplicity and innovation.

Try to imagine yourself looking at a thousand of these and how would you sift thru it and find the gems? Odd balls, clowns, and “novelties” to the trash. Typos — trash. Not focused on the job — trash. Too much detail — trash. Not enough detail — trash.

So, for example, if your HTML is any good, and even if it isn’t, I’d put a URL on the bottom of your one page that says: “Custom Site for this Opportunity:“. See I’d spring for the 5 bucks for the domain name with godaddy, or such, and throw up a webpage with all sorts of good stuff that mapped their requirements with evidence of my accomplishments.

(What was the name of that lady who did her resume as a wiki? I loved that idea. That was different.).

If I was trying to be a wild card, I’d send in a nearly empty resume with the name block at the top and a url in a big font dead center in the page. That MIGHT be different enough to unique, and yet not a “outlier”. Tough call!

But, I think you’d be better off with a stark, focused resume, with web site support.


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I think that people both over and under estimate the web in both doing, and supporting, the job search process.

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