INTERESTING: why there are insoluable conflict over gooferment education

Bitter Partisan Politics
By Walter E. Williams
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

***Begin Quote***

The reason why these issues produce conflict is because education is government-produced. That means there’s either going to be prayers or no prayers, “intelligent design” or no “intelligent design” and sex education or no sex education. If one parent has his wishes met, it comes at the expense of another parent’s wishes. The losing parent either must grin and bear it or send his child to a private school, pay its tuition and still pay property taxes for a school for which he has no use.

***End Quote***

Don’t forget that there is a whole segment of the population that are being robbed (i.e., those without children) who have “no dog in that fight”.

I’d like the gooferment out of education completely. Period.

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