USA: Ron Paul’s secret weapon

Ron Paul and the Four Horsemen
by James Ostrowski

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Finally, Ron Paul’s secret weapon, Hillary Clinton, has all but wrapped up the nomination. Obama has run out of steam and Edwards is going nowhere. The prospect of another President Clinton will focus the minds of Republican primary voters. They need to realize that only a Republican who represents a sharp break from the Gingrich-Bush-era legacy of sleaze, corruption, bloated spending and belligerence can beat Hillary in November 2008.

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Hillary’s enough to scare me.

She certainly would test theory that the President has a much power as the figurehead on a Viking ship to steer it.

Made she could actually out do her hubbie and get herself impeached and removed from office. She lost me a commodity trades back in AK. Now there is a felony she got away with. Just a tigers and leopards, she’ll run true to form.

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