RANT: The Republican Establishment is putting it’s thumb


August 19, 2007
Illinois Straw Poll shenanigans
Posted by Tex MacRae at August 19, 2007 08:30 AM

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But the real story of the day was how McKenna & crew reacted to a large number of new Republicans who turned out in support of Ron Paul’s message of Goldwater republicanism. According to rules established by the ILGOP, voting was to take place between 11am and 4pm. While Rep. Paul finished in 3rd place behind undeclared candidate Fred Thompson, it was discovered that as late as 3:30 pm Ron Paul was in 2nd place with 151 votes to Fred’s 148. Curiously, ILGOP staffers then announced the polls would remain open until 4:30pm ‘because it rained earlier,’ then they said the polls would close at 4:15pm. But alas, at 4:08pm they got the results they wanted and closed the polls. We’ll let our readers draw their own conclusions.

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The Republican Establishment is putting it’s thumb on the scale to get the answer it wants. And, they’ll be rewarded with the national disaster of handing the reigns of gooferement to “yet another liberal” Deomcan / Republicrat.

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