RANT: Bridge Collapse Lessons


The Wrong Lessons of the Bridge Collapse
By Brad Edmonds
Posted on 8/6/2007

“Imagine how safe we’d feel if the people who inspect and approve bridges could actually lose their jobs and their fortunes if they make a fatal mistake!”

*** begin quote ***

The collapse of a bridge in rush-hour Minneapolis must be well known by nearly everyone in the United States by now. Whenever anyone dies, it’s a tragedy; when many die, and expensive property (dozens of automobiles) is lost, that’s obviously a tragedy. When all this loss of life and wealth happens because government bureaucrats did their jobs poorly or correctly, that’s a preventable and costly tragedy — bought at the expense of many taxpayers who likely would have done other things with their money than pay those bureaucrats. Remember, those who might have done other things with their money include the dead victims.

*** end quote ***

I know everyone thinks I am a loon, but take, for example, this bridge collapse, and ask the question who in the gooferment got fired for a poor job?

Yup, no one!

As a matter of fact, gooferment at all levels is going to steal MORE of your money so that they can NOT do what they are supposed to be doing.

I just don’t know how we can be so stupid NOT to see the flaw in the gooferement — both the nanny state and father homeland are a joke. Unless it’s your money they are used to stealing.

Where’s my pitch fork?

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