RANT: Elderly are not well treated by “billers”

As most know, I poa on a now two relatives. I think it is interesting that companies try to slip stuff by the elderly. My Mom’s retiree benefits plan changed administrators and they sent her some stuff that I found downright condescending.

“Do not include any correspondence with your bill. And correspondence returned with your bill will be discarded.”

Now in this time of Holy Day peace, I hate to tell you what I was tempted to scribble on their bill.

“No written correspondence will be accepted or processed for address changes or coverage changes / terminations. If you wish to make changes, you must call the …”

No, the only thing I must do is pay taxes.

I intended to make a fuss about this. They have a lot of nerve. Talk about unilaterally changing the terms of a contract.

I think I am going to go on the warpath with these bozos.

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