LIBERTY: What happened to America as a “free speech zone”?

Peaceful remembrance and angry protest mark farewell to man killed in police shooting

***Begin Quote***

Members of the New Black Panther Party and other angry demonstrators used the word “pigs” to describe police. It was clear from the start this group had no permit for their protest, but given the escalating racial tension here in Queens the NYPD wasn’t going to stop them. And some of the extremists in this crowd would have kept right on going had police tried.

***End Quote***

On both the TV and radio stations, they are continually pointing out that there was no permit for the demonstration.


What happened to America as a “free speech zone”?

This is just the media trying to propagandize us into to believing that we need the massa’s permission to speak out.


May I suggest that we all email the Newsroom at and point out their ignorance of the First Amendment.

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