RANTING: Tday, Thanksgiving Day, or … …

… … another holiday that has lost its meaning?

Now call me “Ebenezer” (Stone of Help? Or, Charles Dickens’ character) but, with the illegitimacy rate climbing, single moms, marriage rates falling, the coarsening of society, and the general demise of the “nuclear family” … …

… … has this become another “Norman Rockwell” holiday?

That’s is where it looks better in a picture than it does in real life.

Nothing more than excuse to take some days off, kickoff some pathetic football games by overpaid “athletes” with “interesting antics”, and begin the over commercialized “holiday shopping season”?

This year, there was a deluge of propaganda about “airport security” and how people should prepare for what I call “unreasonable search and seizure” by the gubamint at the airports. And people just line up and take it. (No security expert with any kind of credentials that I have read or talked to thinks this in anything more than what one of them calls “security theater”!) So the media lackeys, (remember they are regulated by the FCC in violation of the First Amendment) obey their big guabmint masters, and put out the gang’s (oppressive) message “well keep you safe as long as you comply”. What “barabara striesand”! Personally, I won’t fly, unless my employer really really insists. When they discharge all these extra government hacks, then and only then will I consider it.

So, here we go into another holiday season, when all I can say is “tsk, tsk”.

Maybe I’m getting old but that’s how I see it.


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