LIBERTY: Is there a law requiring us to pay income taxes?

Four Minutes of Video Every American
Should Watch Before April 15th

***Begin Quote***

At an IRS press conference on September 16, 2003 concerning tax “scams” and tax “evasion”, the lead tax reporter for The New York Times, David Cay Johnston (in reference to the WTP Petitions for Redress) directly, and specifically, questioned IRS Commissioner Mark Everson about what law requires Americans to pay income taxes.

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If you watch the video, then you’ll be confused.

It seems like a real straight forward question. Doesn’t it?

I would think that they would answer “The XYZ law, section 123, paragraph 1776, line 44-40, obligates every person to pay an income tax.” Followed by “now can we get to serious questions?”

But, no. They dance around the issue.


Perhaps there is no law and this is all a big hoax!

2 thoughts on “LIBERTY: Is there a law requiring us to pay income taxes?

  1. regarding the tax issue, here is what I researched:

    the 16th amendment, ratified on Feb. 3, 1913 states –

    “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

    the internal revenue code, signed into law by congress outlines the tax code as follows:

    Sections 1, 61, and 63 impose the tax,
    Section 6012 requires you to file a tax return if you have income of more than the exemption amount, and
    Section 6151 requires you to pay the tax at the time and place fixed for the filing of your return.

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