LIBERTY: Need to change the political landscape

NOTA – Bene!
by Christopher Manion

***Begin Quote***

In the realm of practical wisdom, the most obvious and even desirable candidate missing from every ballot is “NOTA” – None Of The Above.

Since the early 1990s, both major parties have strived (successfully) to make it virtually impossible for competitors to run on a third-party ticket. That circumstance has, no doubt, led to the concentration of corruption in the GOP that has accelerated so markedly in recent years.

***End Quote***

Voting is an exercise in futility. The Libertarains elected some dog catchers. We need to change the landscape. The movie Gettysburg has one of the generals saying “it’s good ground”. FMPOV the political landscape in AMRIKA is not “good ground” for us little l libertarians to wage a winning campaign. So, we have to reframe the debate.

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