FUN: Tourist SHOULD win a “darwin”


Outcry at stupid Stefaan’s croc shock
Jamie Pandaram and Jano Gibson
November 9, 2006 – 5:06PM

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The two-metre croc will live out its days in a farm as a breeding crocodile after biting 24-year-old Belgian tourist Stefaan Vanthournout’s leg when he tried to get its attention by wading into a creek and slapping the water with a stick.

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The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who, uh, remove themselves from it…

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As a pro-life libertarian, I deplore any loss of human life. But when people freely do “dumb things”, and bad things result, I say “say la v”! Certainly, punishing things, animals, people is irrational. In this case, I’d allow all the dumb tourists to feed themselves to the crocs. As Judge Judy says, “beauty fades; dumb is forever”. My concern is that this tourist’s next stupidity might have an innocent victim.

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