JOBSEARCH: “findability” is a key element for passive seekers.

STRATEGY: “findability” is a key element …

… for passive seekers.

There’s a pretty good dialog going on over at [LinkedInnovators] a Yahoo Group I belong to. See “Digest Number 503” Over the value of LInkedIn in a job search.

One of my favorite topics!

LINKEDIN is a cross between the yellow pages for professionals and an ersatz networking tool.

I haven’t figured out the value for me yet. If there is any?

But two things I took out of the discussion:

(1) Get your linkedin profile on your resume with a substantive number of contacts and some endorsements. Thinking outside the box on your profile is more acceptable than on your resume (i.e., pity plays well — my dog died AND hobbies count towards the value proposition).

(2) Participate in the inet groups as a passive strategy to get recognition.


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