LIBERTY: Free to … … watch what you are told to watch!

***Begin Quote***

"Consumers are free to choose to read The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle or any other newspaper regardless of where in the United States they live," EchoStar said in a statement. "Broadcasters successfully orchestrated passage of special-interest legislation which prohibits consumers from watching network channels originating in other markets."
***End Quote***

I have some first hand experience with this issue. Being half way between NYC and Philly, we "get" both channels over the air. But when you sign up with cable or satellite service, you can't get the Philly NBC affiliate. Now, it just so happened that a show that Frau Reinke wanted to watch on a regular basis was "on" in Philly but not NY. Too bad, Frau Reinke! Your government will dictate what you can and can not watch.

A plague on all their houses.

Copyright law is a joke. Law is a joke. Unfortuantely the joke is on us!

Where is the common sense? If I can get it from an antenna, then why can I get it off the bird or the wire?

That darn gang with the guns making me a serf! 

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