If gaming companies purchased I-15, it’s likely they wouldn’t even charge a toll!


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If MGM Mirage can spend $7 billion on CityCenter and Boyd can spend $4 billion on Echelon, these two could finance the purchase and widening of I-15 in a heartbeat. The cost of that 316-mile stretch in Texas is $6 billion. LA to Vegas is 275 miles.

If a consortium of gaming companies purchased I-15, it’s likely they wouldn’t even charge a toll, especially for their customers, potential customers or vendors.

Does the idea sound crazy? Remember, the state of California is up to its neck in debt. If Gary Loveman, Terry Lanni and some other strip honchos would get together and dangle a few billion in front of Arnold, that never-gonna-happen idea for a bullet train can be mothballed once and for all, and a few more ribbons of blacktop will start materializing. And instead of burning up gas stranded in traffic, those Californians will be dropping money in slot machines like they want to be.
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I agree about that toll. But not about the train. They'd probably do both. They're interested in their money arriving safely. A train might be faster and safer and a more "novel" ride. They ran an airline until it became too much of a hassle. 

Trump, when he felt the disastrous Coleman skating rink refurb in NYC's Central Park was detracting from his premiere property, he got the job done in a tenth of the cost in a fraction of the time by a horde of contractors who want to be in his good graces and out of his notorious wrath. I believe he told a balky plumber that if a task was NOT done by the time he came down to turn the faucet that the plumber wouldn't work in NY again. It was done in record time!

I'd bet the job would be done ahead of time, under budget, with zero union trouble, and at a fraction of the "gummamint" cost.

To make people want to come, they'd probably serve drinks on the highway at the rest stops. :-)

All I know is it would be something to see. 

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