Kenya: Take the Guns Too, Like Everything Else (The first step to genocide?)

Kenya: Take the Guns Too, Like Everything Else

The Nation (Nairobi)
May 3, 2006
Posted to the web May 3, 2006

Gabriel Dolan

***Begin Quote*** 

The news that Internal Security minister John Michuki is launching a security operation to collect weapons in the North Rift may shock the rest of the nation, but it will hardly come as a surprise to the pastoralist communities affected.

{extraneous deleted}

So, in desperation, community leaders may well exclaim: "Go ahead, take our guns, too, since you have grabbed everything else."

They might even add that they would be better off left to their own devices anyhow, since all they have ever received from either "Crown" has been harassment, neglect and exploitation.

That is no exaggeration. Colonial governments forcibly evicted Pokots, Sengwers, Sabaots and others from the fertile highlands and confined them to the desert regions of the North Rift.

Together with the Turkana, the Samburu and the Marakwet, they were restricted to the Northern Frontier District and forced to pay "hut tax" – though living as nomads – and denied any access to development.

{extraneous deleted}

That is until the Government discovered that these regions could be exploited for the benefit of others.

***End Quote***

What a surprise a government abusing it citizens. And, now it wants to disarm them. The land that they were pushed to now has "new" value. You just have to shake your head.

Are humans for all their intelligence really really dumb?

We know from JPFO that "gun control" aka "victim disarmament" is a necessary pre-condition to genocide. So anytime some one decided to take away guns, the Nazi death camps should leap to your mind.

It takes a government to pull of a genocide. Government is a terrible master.

If the US Government was really worried about "genocide prevention", it would list this as a key event in any governments progression from servant to killer. As a modest response, I'd mark that government, its officials, and diplomats as "persona non grata". Nope, we won't entertain you, keep your assets safe, or object if anyone assassinates you. Sorry, a government's only job is to protect people. You ain't so we ain't. Unless you have oil?

If I was in this situation, I'd have to be thinking when do I fight. Now when I have weapons or later when they are killing me and my loved ones. It's just that simple.

That's the hard question. When do you fight? I think it's when they take away your tools to defend yourself. They have no other reason to do that except to kill or enslave you. When they render you defenseless, you are a victim!

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