At gun shop in Glassboro, ‘responsibility’ is the password

***Begin Quote***

Orderly racks of highly polished, formidable-looking guns are everywhere; guns made by various manufacturers (all the familiar names), guns of various calibers, guns of various vintages.

"To me, they represent the history of a country that emerged from nothing to what we are today," says Viden, whose two sons, Bob and Wayne, are partners in the business. His daughter, Wendy Copenhaver, is the company's bookkeeper.

"We're not a world power because of guns, but because of the freedom of having guns," Viden adds.

***End Quote***

The virtue of self-reliance is lost. Have a problem run to Mommy Government. Someone hurts your feelings ask Father State to pass a law. Caught in a natural disaster; don't worry, stick it to your fellow taxpayers.

We need to resurect the American spirit, the American energy, and the American values and ideals.

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