Achieve-IT! Desktop Goal Software 1.0 is Live

Achieve-IT! Desktop Goal Software 1.0 is Live

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Well, I am finally at the point to set sail.  Achieve-IT! desktop has officially gone live.  A tour of Achieve-IT! desktop 1.0 is available here. 

The Key features:

  • A Simple way to identify and plan your dreams
  • Secure database prevents prevents prying eyes
  • Discover all steps required to reach each of your goals and make a simple plan to accomplish each one
  • Microsoft Outlook(tm) integration.  Export goals and tasks to Outlook calendar and task list
  • Motivate yourself with the Motivate Me feature.  The Motivate Me option to keep you on track and focused on  your primary goal beyond today, tomorrow and next week by acting as your personal coach.  It pushes you toward your goal in a different way every day.
  • Alot more features I'm too tired to list right now (So you'll just have to download your own copy! )

It requires Windows XP and the .NET Framework installed in order to run.
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I'm playing with it.

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