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He cites taped evidence showing that flight attendants from Flight 11 were in communication with American Airlines ground control "minutes after the hijacking began," and notes that American's management was more concerned with "keeping things secret" than with alerting other airlines, or even their own pilots, to possible further dangers. Had they done so, Ridgeway says, "There is a real likelihood people at least could have evacuated the second tower."

Meanwhile, he continues, Flight 93, which was at that time still "sitting on the Newark airport tarmac," might well have avoided its subsequent hijacking. The 9/11 Commission report found "no evidence…that American Airlines ever sent any cockpit warnings to its aircraft on 9/11," while only the relative "mutiny" of a United Airlines dispatcher, acting against the order to maintain silence, gave Flight 93's pilot a too-late warning about his own plane's possible jeopardy. – ST

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Interesting question. You would think that with the FAA "in control" someone would have passed along the information. At the very least, a smart pilot could have kept control,of his aircraft.

It also begs the question. Why are there doors to the cockpit? You'd think that that would be sealed off.

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