RANT: Against mindless forwarding of email

Dear fellow traveler,

I don't understand how forwarding an email that may or may not be authentic helps anyone. Usually I counsel people not to do this bcause:

(1) Cause it doesn't get read.
(2) It absorbs a lot of different kinds of "space".
(3) Exposing all those email addresses to spammers is a bad idea.
(4) It doesn't influence anyone.

[The reader's are urge to improve my list by sharing their own points.]

If you were moved by the underlying message, then tell us about your experience. Trim the text so it has a high signal to noise ratio. Distill it.

(By the way, pictures don't usually come thru the forwarding process well. And they take a lot of space.)

That adding, distillation, and trimming all has value and merit. And, it might influence your fellow XYZers to think about something, think about it differently, or Intelligent Designer forbid they might actually change an opinion. See the way you did it, forwarding a many times forwarded message with no value added, makes people think that it was done in a careless fashion. Where as, if you add some value to it by telling people why you think it's important to share it, then you might actually do some good.

Email is a wonderful tool properly used. This message did nothing for me but make me rant.

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