Jasper Joseph Webb (MC78) nails the gummamint profiting from high gas prices!


***Begin Quote***

Industry profits still are exceeded by taxes paid from the processing level to the consumer price. There are 43 different direct and indirect taxes on gasoline, from pumping from the ground until the customer puts it in their tank. Maybe stopping the tax shell game would lower the prices, ya think? Tax collections are so strong, especially in states where sales tax as a percentage of the sale is collected, that there is no incentive to lower or remove the taxes; there is only an incentive to have meaningless press conferences with much flailing about. 

***End Quote***

I know why they tax everything in sight! Because they think we're too stupid to realize it. Taxes are bad enough. But taxes on something that every business and person depends upon? Let come to the realization that only "the folks" pay taxes. You and me and him and her. Real people, who can't include in the cost of producing a good for sale, are the ones who PAY taxes. Do you think that UPS doesn't price their services to INCLUDE the full cost of any taxes that they pay on gas? Do you think, that when you buy bread and milk at the grocery store, you are NOT paying for the gas that got them there? Do you think that any business doesn't just mark up their price to cover the gas? (If they can't sell their product for a profit, including the price of gas, guess what? They close their doors!)

So there you have it. The gummamint sticks it too us by taxing gasoline. It gets buried in the price of everything we buy. And we really really do NOT know how much we pay in taxes!

We'd be better off, to know the true cost of everything minus the hidden gas tax, if we paid more at the annual blood letting than allowing them to think that they have fooled us. The dead old white guys would have never stood for this nonsense. The american revolution was fought over a 1% tax! Best solution is not to pay any taxes at all.

But then I am a Libertarian. I want freedom. And for me to be free, I have to let you be as free as I want to be. So none of us should pay any taxes. PERIOD!

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