Interesting question: What is the most important priority to get back our liberty?

Well the boys over at my favorite podcast asked a very challenging question. What are the most important things in my mind that get us back to our liberty that we used to have?

It's is too hard to identify just one thing. I have three:

(1) Fiat currency allows the government to fool us in several different ways at the same time. A fiat currency is one with no backing. "Our" Federal Reserve Notes, the construction of a favored group of private bankers, have nothing backing them other than the illusion that they are obligations of the United States of America. The Constitution mandated a currency of gold and silver. If followed, it would prevent the Government from just printing more "money" to fund increased spending. The inflation of the currency is a hidden tax on all our savings. In thirty years, the dollar has lost more than 95% of its purchasing power. Unfunded liabilities like "Social Security Insurance", a Ponzi scheme, and the National Debt represent a national disaster in the future. All of this is enabled or allowed by having an unbacked currency.

(2) Government "public schools" have dumbed down the population to such a point that "graduates" know a fraction of what they did in 1890s. Take a high school graduation exam from the turn of the century, and see for yourself. Between the politicians, the teacher's unions, and their "suppliers", we have created a nightmare. The early advocates of "free government public schools" were avowed socialists with visions of creating soldiers for the armies and workers for the factories who could be manipulated by the "elites". They succeeded. We know have a dismal one-size-fits-all education system which condemns everyone, minorities included, by low expectations and political correctness, to the serfdom of an unenlightened life. And, in doing this, we have created an entitlement system for government retirees that is unmatched anywhere else.

(3) The "war on drugs" has allowed the government to repeat the stupidity of Prohibition without the Constitutional Amendment. This empowers the government to oppress us, imprison us, and attempt to defy human liberty and human nature. We have lost our Bill of Rights with their war on drugs. It fills our prisons with non-violent offenders. It attempts to deny the basic human right to do with our body whatever we want. We have an Intelligent Designer's given right to make mistakes AND pay for those mistakes. It also ignores the fact that laws don't make people do things. Speed limits don't slow cars. Drug laws don't stop drugs. And laws are only obeyed by the law abiding.

These are the three things that we need to have our liberty back — Separation of Minting Money and the State, Separation of School and State, and Separation of Medicine and the State.


I recommend Free Talk Live ( for the intellectual challenge interrupted with some humorous characters and juvenile laughs!

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