GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Gooferment eddykation

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
The state again makes the case for its removal from education

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Another Leaving Cert blunder. The state makes the best case for getting it out of the education process.

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It’s amusing to see the Gooferment education system executing its assigned duties badly.

If you follow the history, all “western education” as currently practiced is all derived from the Prussian education system. The objectives of it were to make: “cannon fodder” for the Army, willing workers for the factories, and a dumbed down voter to be led by the intellectual elite.

Obviously the system works as planned. (Ever talked to a high school “graduate”? Try it. It’s mind boggling.)

IMHO the education system is (taa dah, wait for it): immoral, ineffective, and inefficient! (I should have that trio in my snippets text substitution tool.)


  • Rips children from their families
  • Forces parents to send their children to unsafe propaganda camps
  • Indoctrinates children with sutff that their parents don’t want them to learn
  • Forces parents to pay taxes to support education they find abhorent
  • Deprives parents of the money to educate their children as they see fit.


  • One size fits all as in wasted potential and wasted effort
  • Drop outs don’t count in graduation rates
  • Ever see the high school test form the 1890s?
  • Everyone gets promoted.
  • Feelings; rather than learning.


  • Costs out of control
  • Creates Educational Complex of poltiical suppliers
  • Created the teacher unions
  • Political football
  • One size fits all as in shoes!

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Schools are undermining the American Experiment

Monday, June 21, 2010

In Praise of Capitalism: How the ‘Social Justice’ Left Uses Economic Incentives to Create Academic Propaganda
Posted by Patrick Courrielche Jun 8th 2010 at 4:21 am in Education

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Indeed, all colleges and universities are funded by tax dollars, whether public or private institutions. Public institutions receive 80% to 90% of their funding from public sources, according to Inside Higher Education. However, private institutions are not private in the same sense as private industry – they also receive substantial public funding, especially in research areas.

In addition to the federal gift that non-profit status brings in the form of no real estate taxes and no taxes on gains (including the billions in earnings on endowments), students who attend private institutions receive federally subsidized loans for college tuition, set at an arbitrarily high price. Additionally, private institutions receive billions (upon billions) in federal research grants from the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, et al. Private and public universities exist because of public funding – they are both a public trust.

Our higher education system should be used as a battleground for competing ideas – not a fifth column for biased political talking points. Unbiased research must be its cornerstone; without valid, unbiased studies, our society cannot make grounded, well-founded decisions about public policy.

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Unfortunately, the Gooferment’s involvement in “education” is propaganda.

From the pre-schoolers in day care to the post-graduate “students”, they are all getting a full and unrelenting dose of “state worship”, “big gooferment is our mother ‘n father”, and “equality”.

They ignore that “The King” has always opposed “The People”!

Remember Zorro, Robin Hood, and the Three Musketeers? (Oh, yeah, in Musketeers, the King was the good guy against the evil Cardinal. But never mind, there’s always an evil villain in control of the levers.)

The schools have become a slush fund of patronage, hiding places for politicians to double dip, and a pool of labor for political campaigns. It’s just a mess.

It’s sad that education has been perverted to the service of the King.

The only solution is the Separation of Education and the State.  

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INTERESTING: fear.less is a free online magazine

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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fear.less is a free online magazine that empowers people through unique stories of overcoming fear. From entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists and scientists to survivors of extreme experiences, these stories demonstrate the hidden potential we have to confront our fears and come out victorious. Fear.less is our answer to an emergency.

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Technology-wise it appears slow. But content-wise it’s “interesting”.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: True racism = gooferment eddykation in the inner city

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Black Americans and Liberty
by Walter E. Williams Columnist

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Then there’s the grossly fraudulent education delivered by the government schools that serve most black communities. The average black high school senior has a sixth- or seventh-grade achievement level and most of those who manage to graduate have what’s no less than a fraudulent diploma, one that certifies a 12th-grade level of achievement when in fact the youngster might not have half that. If the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to sabotage black academic excellence, he could not find a more effective means to do so than the government school system in most cities.

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It’s a shame what we have done to the inner city. Between the “war on (some) drugs”, the denial of the resident’s right to defend themselves, the dole that saps (i.e., single moms get more unmarried and unpaired; the minimum wage mandates unemployment; the gooferment takes over “charity”; the policing is inadequate; rent control prevents building real wealth; licensing prevents entrepreneurship; “equal opportunity” is anything but), then the final nail is the schools.

It’s racism to deprive the inner city youth of paths to “success”!

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NEWJERSEY: “Public Education” is immoral

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Voucher hypocrisy

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Bret Schundler jumps into the voucher hypocrisy pool, dismissing stats that contradict his claims and call into question his proposals.

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Don’t you think that Gooferment-run schools propagandizing future voters is immoral?

Don’t you think that funding them by stealing wealth from unwilling victims is immoral?

Don’t you think ripping children from their families and imprisoning them for many hours a day for decades being “taught” to be good little robots is immoral?

Don’t you think allowing the Teachers’ Union to become an overpowering force in politics is immoral?

Don’t you think that “public education” in the inner cities (a failure by any measure) is immoral?

Answer those then we can chat about how it’s ineffective and inefficient.

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POLITICAL: Fixing Arizona using power point?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010






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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Stopping the Social Security Ponzi scheme! “Cold turkey”?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stopping the social security ponzi scheme
by Russ Roberts on May 4, 2010
in Social Security

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The way to keep social security from bankrupting the country is to make it a welfare program for the elderly. But what about all the money I “contributed”? Alas, that was a lie. The money wasn’t set aside for the future. It’s like asking why don’t I collect food stamps even though I’m rich. Hey, I contributed so I should get food stamps. That’s a bizarre belief to have. That’s not the way food stamps work. That is the way social security is supposed to work, but it’s a bad idea, it was an illusion that your contributions were really yours and there isn’t enough money to keep the illusion going.

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The problem is that the gooferment took the “seed corn” from everyone. They skimmed the “cream” off the top. We could have saved MORE for our own retirement, but they STOLE it early (when the savings would have had more impact) and OFTEN (by inflation eats up savings and raises costs). So everyone to now say “too bad, you’re screwed” is the perpetuation of a fraud and a theft. We didn’t get into this mess in a few years and won’t get out of it in a few years. It was decades. So, like Chile, we need time. <sub 40, recognition bond for contributions payable in 40 years; over 40 below 60, you get some choices; over 60, you get the old plan> And you work your way out.

I pitched a similar idea in the NY Tax Revolt in the 80’s. A twenty year plan to get out of gooferment education at 5% a year. Followed immediately by a twenty year plan, to get out of gooferment funded “education” completely. Forty years, like the time the Jews wandered the desert, gives you time to reeducate people and allow them to adapt to the new realities. Too bad they didn’t adopt it, we’d have been half way out by now. NJ’s education expense is crippling the State.

Paradigms and memes don’t change over night. And, folks have to be able to see the path, where it leads to, and how it can be accomplished with 960 (40 times 12) easy monthly payments of some modest amount gets them to Freedom.

# – # – #

Upon reflection, this would cause violence in the streets. Only the wealthy could survive this body blow. And, with the gooferment planning to “monetize the debt” (i.e., inflate the currency so it can pay off the debt), those on fixed incomes and retired will be slowly strangled. Think the German pre-WW2 hyperinflation that made Hitler possible.

No, we need an orderly multi-generational way to get form here to there. Peacefully. The Chile solution worked well; why not here?

One problem is they were all illiterate and could ignore the liberal media telling us the gooferment’s propaganda line. We’re too “smart” for our own good. And, the youth propaganda reeducation camps are ensuring continued stupidity!


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POLITICAL: Thinking about “fair”!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I was watching an old episode of Family Fued and one of the questions spurred a RANT. Really political.

“What do you think is a fair salary for a new teacher?”


Regardless of the answer, this had so many “teachable moments” it was astonishing.

(1) Opinions are like …, everyone has one. Who cares what people think is “fair”? The ONLY “fair” price is one that is freely offered and accepted. A marketplace establish what is “fair” better than any vote or opinion.

(2) The teacher is an employee of the gooferment. With a capturing captive union that exerts tremendous political pressure. Starting salary is political. Very political.

(3) The salary of day care “teachers” is by definition “fair”. And, much lower than that of “real teachers”. Why do we have gooferment “education”? I’d call it “youth propaganda prisons”. And we sneered at the Communists and their “political reeducation camps”; what’s different?

(4) The whole education system isn’t “fair”. I don’t decide ANYTHING in a child’s life, but I’m forced to pay for their education. That ain’t “fair”.


Did I miss anything?

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Eliminate the Public Schools

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strike a Victory for Federalism: Eliminate the Public Schools
by Paul Galvin

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But eliminating public schooling, an institution not extant at the country’s founding, would have national implications extending well beyond the boundaries of any one state. Chief beneficiaries would be an overall strengthening, and rehabilitation, of the American federal system and an increase in individual liberty.

*** end quote ***

The whole public school “sysstem” is:

(1) Immoral

• Forcibly separating children from their families. The model was to create cannon fodder and factory workers easily led by the elite.

• Indoctrinating future voters to support the government.

• Excessive costs drive senior citizens from their homes

• The “public education” model demotivates the student, “un-involves” the parents, and creates an “education” political force.

(2) Ineffective

•  Education results are in free fall; without factoring in all the tricks being used to pump up results.

• Unlike a free market, education isn’t delivered where it is needed at price that can be afforded. It’s political; not market based.

• One size fits all squeezes everyone into the same mold; the smart are held back and the “dumb” are lost.

(3) Inefficient

• The Horace Mann model hasn’t changed with the times; University of Phoenix delivers over the inet, why not everyone?

• Cost per student “educated” is double Catholic, private, or other parochial schools.

• Mandatory attendance, child labor, and licensing laws deprive us of non-academic education (i.e., craft apprenticeship)

(4) Harmful

• Creates “education factories with gun free zones” that are an undefended target rich environment.

• Puts children is a hostile environment where they are exposed to drugs and bullying.

• Some teachers are sexual predators.

• Children are not taught the skills they need to survive in the real world. School life is completely unlike real life.

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SERVICE: UofP blows it by not offering alumni email

Friday, April 23, 2010

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A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of
its recipients. The following addresses failed:
SMTP error from remote server in greeting:
550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable.

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Interesting! University of Phoenix takes down email when it’s student’s graduate. How short sighted is that?

Obvious, even if I had to cut a deal with Google for Gmail to offer to all my alumni that’s a great marketing ploy.

Future sales. Referrals. References. Social networking. Free advertisign when folks use it. Alumni networking.

Boy, did they blow it.

They may have the next generation in the “education” model, but they still have old thinking at the top.

Traditional schools most flub it as well, but they’re dinosaurs so what would you expect!

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RANT: “Coded racism”? The Schools are racist!

Monday, April 19, 2010

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So the latest faux-flap in the post-racial age many of us hoped that the election of Barack Obama would usher in is, naturally, about race. Guest-hosting on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Norah O’Donnell suggested to the assembled throng of rag-tag plagiarists and John Demjanjuk enthusiasts that former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s jab at the president was coded racism.

*** end quote ***


An excellent characterization.

“Coded racism”?

We don’t need examples of “coded racism”. We have an actual example of “racism” that we should ALL be talking about.

Anyone looked at any inner city school lately?

Crime IN the school. Drugs IN the school. Graduation rates?

Of course, my solution is to put parents back in the driver’s seat.

While as a little L libertarian, I’m against taxes.

But if we are to have theft by force, let’s do “vouchers”.

(I did a transition plan for the Hands Across New Jersey tax revolt group.

Essentially, it was a FORTY YEAR plan to unwind “public education”.

  • Give EVERY child a RED VOUCHER for a specific amount that is EQUAL to the highest tuition in the State.
  • RED vouchers must be spent at their assigned school; GREEN vouchers can be spent at ANY school.
  • Every year for the first 20 years, 5% of the RED turn GREEN. Every year for the second 20 years, the amount decreases 5%.
  • The Teachers in a school are given the school. They must begin to compete.
  • There are no school standards; parents will buy the best education for their children as they see it.
  • Schools must post a bond to ensure that they don’t “go bust” taking the money and running in mid-year.
  • Politicians are out of the Education business. Federal Department of Education is closed.

We don’t need “no stinkin gooferment skrools”; they’re racist!

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NEWJERSEY: Skrul Vote (Yeah, I know why bother!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What: April 20th School Board Elections

When: 04/20/10, 07:00 AM-9:00 PM

Where: Your local polling place.

Details: Please make sure you go out and vote today for Board of Education members and budgets.

Now more than ever your vote is necessary as we face cuts state wide.

Please also make sure to tell and remind everyone you know in New Jersey

(Check with your local polling place to voting hour, they are not the same as in the general election)

# – # – #

At the very least, go vote AGAINST the budget!

Yes, I know it doesn’t matter because the vote will be over ruled by some bureaucrat somewhere.

But, keep sending a message: “Over taxed”, “Mad As Hell”, and “We need a paradigm and meme shift”!

OK, the last one is geeky but we do.

The paradigm of “public education” as something that is “good”, “unifying”, or even “needed” needs to change. Other than ads by the teacher’s union, no one would defend that “public education” is effective or efficient. Look at our world ranking for effective and look at the costs for efficient. Time for a paradigm shift.

The mene of “public education” needs to be updated. Even if you believe in fairy tales like jumbo shrimp, the Tooth Fairy, and honest politicians, we must understand that “public education” currently means “taxpayer-funded gooferment-run indoctrination”. We need to parse each part of this meme and examine if it’s rational.

  • Taxpayer-funded? Shouldn’t parents pay for their children’s education. If for no other reason than “he who has the gold makes the rules”.
  • Gooferment-run is asking for a disaster. No one can name one gooferment program that works. If you can find one that does happen to meet its objectives (and, I think that’s like an imaginary number), how much does it cost.
  • Indoctrination is obvious. How can we let the gooferment train future voters. Mann and Dewey brought in the Prussian education model to make cannon fodder for the Army and factory workers that could be led by the elite. (Where does Obama send his children to be educated? All but one President has done the same. Coincidence? Not!)

SO please go vote against the budget, we’re on the wrong path and it’s the only way to register a protest.

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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Zero-Day School Weeks

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mar 23, 2010 6:27 pm US/Central
4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois
State House Has Passed Bill Allowing School Districts To Set Up Shorter Weeks; Mayor Daley Has Doubts

*** begin quote ***

Add an entire school day to the chopping block. State lawmakers want to move financially struggling schools to four day weeks. They say it will save money, and it won’t affect classroom time.

*** and ***

Kids would still have to complete the same number of hours per school year, so switching to four-day school weeks would mean longer school days or shorter summer vacations.

*** end quote ***

I have an idea that will save a lot of money.

Close the youth indoctrination centers completely and forever!

It’s immoral to make people pay for things that they did not agree to pay for. Parent had ‘em. Parents feed, clothe, and shelter them. They should educate them too.

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POLITICAL: The cost of “public educstion”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

EDITORIAL: Governor balancing books on students’ backs
Thursday, March 4, 2010 4:22 PM EST

*** begin quote ***

   Gov. Chris Christie has made a point of saying he plans to tackle the state’s budget crisis head on. Gone, he says, are the days of kicking the proverbial can (i.e., the state’s recurring deficit) down the road and hoping someone else will pick it up.

   But that’s exactly what he’s doing, withholding aid from school districts for this year’s budget and forcing them to make up the shortfall with money many districts had planned to use in 2010-2011.

*** end quote ***

Unfortunately, “We, The People” can’t afford “public education” anymore. A new solution will hae to be found. “Public Education” is inefficient and ineffective. Also it’s dumbing down and indoctrinating the next generation of voters to look to big gooferment as the “solution” to every problem. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that the reality. Too expensive, too “one size fits all”, too corrupt.

# # # # #

POLITICAL: School; gooferment’s disaster

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Education Is Too Important for a Government Monopoly
It’s time to let parents choose
John Stossel | February 18, 2010

*** begin quote ***

Since 1980, government spending on education, adjusted for inflation, has nearly doubled. But test scores have been flat for decades.

Today we spend a stunning $11,000 a year per student—more than $200,000 per classroom. It’s not working. So when will we permit competition and choice, which works great with everything else? I’ll explore those questions on my Fox Business program tonight night at 8 and 11 p.m. Eastern time (and again Friday at 10 p.m.).

The people who test students internationally told us that two factors predict a country’s educational success: Do the schools have the autonomy to experiment, and do parents have a choice?

*** end quote ***

① The gooferment running “education” is in effective (i.e., students don’t learn).

② The gooferment spends way to much to give us uneducated students (i.e., the taxpayers are going broke).

③ “Public education” was designed by the Prussians to make cannon fodder and factory workers who could be led by an “elite”. That is not what we want or need in America.

④ “Public education” unions are corrupt and corrupt politicians.

⑤ The taxpayer doesn’t feed, clothe, or house children; so why do we have to pay to educate them?

# # # # #

POLITICAL: Don’t cut back; eliminate!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lawmakers discuss early high school graduation

By Lisa Schencker

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 02/09/2010 09:53:52 AM MST

*** begin quote ***

Sen. Chris Buttars isn’t talking about dropping 12th grade any more.

Now, he’s talking about making 12th grade optional for those students who finish their required credits early — and some lawmakers are listening to the idea with interest.

*** end quote ***

When will the legislators have the stones to eliminate gooferment education entirely?

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RANT: Schools and the Fourth

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do Constitutional Rights End at the Schoolhouse Door?

John Witherspoon February 4th, 2010  

*** begin quote ***

This week, the NJ State Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion upholding the ability of a school administrator to search a student’s car parked on school property using a reasonableness standard of proof, rather than the more stringent, probable cause standard that would apply to a police officer’s search.

*** and ***

Another nugget of fact appears from a close reading of the opinion. The Egg Harbor Township High School, where the events leading up to this case occurred, utilizes a school resource officer, employed by the Egg Harbor Township Police Department. After the school administrator searched the student’s vehicle, the officer took possession of the evidence and transported the student to the police station. So the officer was available to take the student into custody, but couldn’t be available to perform the search. Is that because the officer would be held to a higher standard of proof before he could perform the search?

*** end quote ***

Unfortunately, if we were being true to the Constitution, then the school, which is the gooferment disguise, MUST observe the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment!

Why do we have gooferment skrools again?

To allow the gooferment to propagandize the yutes so they always vote the “right” way!

Silly sheeple, just do what your betters tell you to do. Or, else!

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: Why Not Vouchers? It’s not moral!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DISPATCHES: Keep public schools public
Thursday, January 21, 2010 1:41 PM EST
By Hank Kalet, Managing Editor

*** begin quote ***

   Bret Schundler may be the state’s leading proponent of school vouchers.

   The former Jersey City mayor, who twice ran unsuccessfully for governor, has been an outspoken advocate for using public money to help pay private-school tuition. And if newly sworn-in Gov. Chris Christie has his way, Mr. Schundler will be the state’s new education commissioner.

   With this appointment, it seems pretty clear the governor is not just firing a warning shot at the New Jersey Education Association, the state’s teachers union. He is making it clear he plans to push one of the conservative establishment’s pet causes during his four-year term in office.

   ”We agree on the type of significant reform that needs to happen in our educational system here in New Jersey,” he said in announcing his education choice last week (The New York Times). “I want a strong, reasonable, bold leader who’s going to help me implement those policies.”

   Advocates for school vouchers say they create competition among schools and improve education for all students. The theory is, by giving low-income parents a portion of the money that otherwise would go to their public school, they will be able to pay tuition so their children can attend better private or parochial schools. The threat of losing students — and money — then would spur the public schools to improve, improving quality for all students.

*** end quote ***

Only an ideologue could fail to agree that the “schools” are a failure. Despite what the teacher’s union tells us on TV. They have failed in educating. AND, in failing, they have done it at a price we can’t afford.

So why not try “vouchers”?

(1) It reinforces the idea that the cost of educating a child is NOT that of the parents. (I didn’t have them so why to I have to educate them. I don’t feed them, clothe them, or make any choice about them.

(2) There is no Number 2.

Since I can’t get out from under the burden of paying to ecuate Other People’s Children, then let’s have vouchers which might EVENTUALLY result in my escape from this unfair levy!

# # # # #


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knut Haugland: A real-life adventure story

He fought the Nazis. He braved the Pacific. And he hated being called a hero. Jonathan Brown looks at the extraordinary career of Knut Haugland, the last Kon-Tiki survivor

Monday, 28 December 2009

*** begin quote ***

Adventure stories rarely come more epic than that of Knut Haugland, the Norwegian resistance fighter who died on Christmas Day at the age of 92. His exploits were already the stuff of legend even before he joined Thor Heyerdahl’s crew aboard his balsa wood raft, Kon-Tiki. Together they not only conquered the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean using only the most primitive of technologies – but in doing so, they helped rejuvenate the crushed spirit of human endeavour in the bleak aftermath of the Second World War.

*** end quote ***

I remember reading Kon Tiki in high school. The good brothers were always challenging us to be skeptical. (That lesson took in my case. I rarely believe ANYTHING!)

I remember seeing the Kon Tiki movie and the Telemark movie (I loved movies. I’m an escapist.) Who knew that the same men were involved in both.

Reminds me of the guy who championed the idea that a Chinese admiral found “America” and Marco Polo brought the discovery back to Europe.

Guess that’s why I’m a “tin foil hat” kinda guy.

If we “know” so little about the past, then what make you think we “know” current events.

Sheeple are so easily manipulated.

Remember it’s all propaganda!

# # # # #

POLITICAL: State theft for “eddykation”

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friday, November 06, 2009

Let’s pay more taxes to punish the rich!

*** begin quote ***

This morning’s Irish Times reports that taxpayers forked out €100m to “support” private fee-paying schools. Sounds like a scandal in these economically straitened times. Yet …

*** end quote ***

I’d suggest that the problem is that the taxpayer is being forced to fund yet another activity. Education is the parent’s responsibility. Not the taxpayers’. We taxpayers don’t get the decision to have the children so why are we forced to pay to educate them. Education should be a valuable service that parents should be willing to pay for. Then teachers could earn what they are worth. If we are concerned about “bad parents”, that’s a different issue. Here in New Jersey, old folks are being forced to leave the State due to high taxes. It’s just not “fair”. Argh! We need a new model based of freedom and liberty.

# # # # #

SOCIALISM: Cash for … Sheeple

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cash for Clunkers, RIP by Karen De Coster

*** begin quote ***

The program was little more than a political redistribution of wealth from the people of America to politicians’ power base that includes unions, environmentalists, and social justice bulldogs. Along the way, a few select people who fell within certain purchase guidelines received a generous discount for turning in their paid-off cars in exchange for a new chunk of steel and a large chunk of debt. As with most government programs, a select group of people became empowered or enriched while the general population paid the bill.

*** end quote ***

To see perfectly good cars being destroyed shocked this old injineer.

Those cars were better than some of the wrecks I drove around when I was a “poor” student. (Poor in both a monetary and academic meaning!)

How many really poor people were denied a car they could afford by this absolute stupidity.

Even if you never studied “economics” and the parable of the broken window created by Frédéric Bastiat, you have common sense. Don’t you?

In what universe does destroying a perfectly good car make any economic sense at all?

If for no other reason than that, if your rep voted for this, then you should vote them out of office. There’s no excuse for having an idiot representing you.

Argh, sheeple!

# # # # #

POLITICS: Increase savings and decrease spending at home

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Price of Pretense in Pittsburgh by Peter Schiff

*** begin quote ***

Noting that a return to pre-crisis economics is impossible, the president assured the world that his administration will pursue policies to increase savings and decrease spending at home and challenged his Chinese counterparts to enact measures with the opposite effect in their own country.

While this is roughly what needs to happen, President Obama is actually doing everything in his power to prevent it. In point of fact, every policy move undertaken by his administration has exacerbated the very imbalances he supposedly wants to curtail. To so seamlessly profess one goal while simultaneously undermining it is an impressive piece of political theater. Unfortunately, this particular drama is likely to have an unhappy ending – and the ticket price will be staggering.

*** end quote ***

Upon reflection, when these very ugly chickens come home to roost, as also forecast by Reverend Wright, will there be any way to escape it?

It would seem that getting out of debt and getting very small in terms of exposures would be a good strategy.

Tactically, shift assets to durables, stockpile, and think defensively.


# # # # #

MONEY: Insurance … the proper role

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Renters Insurance: Peace of Mind for Ten Bucks a Month Print
Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 (by April) This article is about House and Home, InsuranceThis post is from GRS staff writer April Dykman.

*** begin quote ***

“We lost everything,” he says. Later they’d find out that it was arson. A former employee of the apartment complex stole rent checks and set the office on fire. Frank was moving into a new apartment in ten days, and the new complex agreed to let them move in early. “We moved in with a plastic bag of groceries, paid for with a $50 food voucher from the Red Cross,” he says. The other 70 displaced tenants stayed in Red Cross shelters.

*** end quote ***
This story may be of interest to the “preparing community”.
(1) Notice the lack of a bug out bag in the apartment AS WELL AS the lack of a bug out bag in the car. To be TOTALLY wiped out by a fire? Unthinkable.
(2) Renter’s insurance, and most insurance is cheap. I’m always amazed at all the Wall Street folks who died in 9/11 that had ZERO life insurance. It tells me that people are not thinking rationally about their “risk profile”. Consumers buy “appliance insurance” on a sub 500$ thing; can people even spell “self insurance”.
(3) On the topic of insurance, politicians want to mandate insurance companies to cover “maintenance” items. Like the previous “appliance insurance” discussion, it’s stupid. Like insuring your car’s oil change. Say it’s 50$ twice a year. The insurance company has to administrate the claims and make a profit. 100$ of oil changes probably would cost a $1,000! Sheer stupidity. Insurance should be for catastrophic things.
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MONEY: Your Home Is Not An Investment

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your Home Is Not An Investment
from by Jim

*** begin quote ***

There are many benefits to owning a home and I’m a huge fan of it, but don’t justify buying a home by thinking its home is an investment. It’s not.

It is, however, a place to live, a place to make your own, and a place to make yours. It’s a place to put down roots, a place to raise a family, and a place to grow old in. It’s a place to call your own, it’s just not an investment. It’s a home.

*** end quote ***

Had this discussion a few weeks ago with an OLDER friend and his family. Couldn’t seem to break thru that “rent” was not “lost”. Sigh.

It’s only an investment if you get rent for it.

Frau is enamored with HGTV and all the renovation, vacation, and first time. (I don’t understand how they can ignore labor cost in the renovations. I don’t understand buying an international vacation home for several 100K$; how many times can you go there? I don’t understand first time buyers who exceed their budget consistently.)

It’s only a legacy.

It’s not an ATM like how people were refinancing to get cash out.

Everything is great when the market is going up; down, not so good.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

How a Haircut Led to a Handy Acronym
Wednesday, 12th August 2009 (by J.D.)

*** begin quote ***

I came up with a set of questions that I felt would help me really think through purchases – beyond the want or need aspect.

{Extraneous Deleted}

… but finally I came up with an easy to remember acronym…WEALTH.

* Want or need?

* Ego?

* Add-ons?

* Lifestyle?

* Time?

* Happiness?

*** end quote ***

Great contribution!

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INTERESTING: Naked girls plow

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Naked girls plow fields for rain
Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:35pm EDT

*** begin quote ***

PATNA, India (Reuters) – Farmers in an eastern Indian state have asked their unmarried daughters to plow parched fields naked in a bid to embarrass the weather gods to bring some badly needed monsoon rain, officials said on Thursday.

Witnesses said the naked girls in Bihar state plowed the fields and chanted ancient hymns after sunset to invoke the gods. They said elderly village women helped the girls drag the plows.

*** end quote ***

This struck me as “interesting” on several levels.

(And, no their are no NSFW pics. Like you need a news story to find those on the inet? Please, DMML!)

First, the simple child-like faith that “gods” can be “embarrassed”. If they weren’t embarrassed by our congress critters, then naked girls would be comic relief.

Second, what is there thinking in terms of cause and effect? I suspect some “dirty old man” came up with this idea. If I had the comic skills of Jay Leno, this would be funny.

Third, how about some education and science for these folks? Never mind some clean water and water storage projects. This is a gooferment failure. Guess the national and state governments like the current state of affairs.

Fourth, it’s really good for the USA that so many countries put their women in unproductive situations. It’s like going into a fight with half your brains tied in a sack.

Fifth, how do these women feel? Hard to imagine. Dumb? Like cattle? Unappreciated?

Now these folks should have the freedom to believe whatever they want. But I wonder how they got to this level of thinking.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. It’s our own thinking that kills and enslaves us.

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