INTERESTING: Alecia Faith Pennington “identification abuse”

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alecia Pennington can’t prove she’s an American – or even exists. What would you do?
To the government, Alecia Pennington doesn’t exist. She has been unable to get a driver’s license, get a job, go to college, get on a plane, get a bank account, or vote. What can she do?
By Samantha Laine FEBRUARY 12, 2015

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On Sep. 24, 2014, 18-year-old Alecia Faith Pennington left her family and childhood home with the help of her grandparents. Having been raised in a staunchly Christian, homeschooled family in Texas, she was ready to set off and pursue a new life.

But she quickly realized that would not be possible. While she claims that she was born on Nov. 26, 1995, there is no actual proof of her age or identity, when it comes to the United States government.

Ms. Pennington, who says she’s now 19, has launched a campaign via YouTube and Facebook called “Help Me Prove It.” In the video, she explains her strange circumstance: she was born at home, after which her parents neglected to file for a birth certificate or a social security number; she was homeschooled and therefore has no school records; she has never been to a hospital and is without medical records. Furthermore, she says that her parents have been refusing to help her.

She appears caught in a Kafkaesque bureaucratic web – one that’s been dubbed “identification abuse,” which a small percentage of homeschooled children and adults sometimes experience, often due to the unconventional views held by their parents.

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It seems that any court of competent jurisdiction could solve this quickly.

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For Alecia, Stollar suggests that her best option is to find a lawyer who will be willing to represent her pro bono. Her campaign has at least shed light on a situation that a small but sometimes desperate group of homeschooled children face. And the easiest solution, he notes, would be for Alecia’s parents to cooperate.

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Shame on the Texas Bar association for not stepping up to the plate?

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TO: Legal Access Division Pro Bono Department

I’d hope that this prompts your organization to step up to the bar for her.


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FUN: George Carlin “Safe at home”

Saturday, February 21, 2015

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RIP George. 

You always made me laugh!

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GUNS: Loaded weapons BEHIND people on the firing line?

Friday, February 20, 2015

‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle never had chance to draw gun, Texas Ranger says
Published February 12, 2015

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The body of Chris Kyle, the former sniper killed at a rural Texas gun range in 2013, was located by rangers wearing a loaded 1911-style semiautomatic pistol that was still holstered and with its safety on, a Texas Ranger testified on Thursday.

*** and ***

Tim Moore, an attorney for Routh, said Kyle and Littlefield’s text exchange shows how Routh was spiraling out of control. He told jurors that Routh was suffering from severe mental strain that day and thought he needed to kill the two or they would turn on him.

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In another earlier report, it was asserted that both men were shot from behind.

I don’t know how the range worked there, but I know how some ranges in NJ and VA operate.

There is a range safety officer, who’s watching what happens. And loaded weapons are NOT allowed BEHIND people on the firing line.

There’s no doubt that is NOT a perfect solution.

But a loaded weapon BEHIND two experienced shooters would have not gone unnoticed.

Just an observation.

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RANT: I’ll have a farmed fish with a hook in it?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Woman bit down on fish and discovered hook was still inside at swanky Central Park South restaurant: suit
Aliona Russo said in Manhattan Supreme Court papers that she ‘felt something unusual’ after taking a bite of the seafood at Villagio’s on Central Park South last August. But a co-owner of the restaurant said she’s lying and trying to extort money from the business. The restaurant plans to file a countersuit.
Published: Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 1:21 PM Updated: Wednesday, February 11, 2015, 10:57 PM

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Could a farmed fish have hook in it?

And a 3 inch hook is pretty big not to notice.

Should be a fun jury to be on!

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JOBSEARCH: The illusion of employment

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 

My Life
By Burton S. Blumert
February 12, 2015

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After years of working for Reed’s in the South, there was an opening in the company’s California territory. Moving to a suburb south of San Francisco in 1958 was irresistible. My base was in San Mateo County’s new regional shopping center and nearby was a Coin Shop geared toward collectors. I soon befriended the owner. Within three months I evolved from a coin-collecting customer to becoming his partner. For a while I split my time between both businesses, but I knew I would have to decide upon one or the other. It wasn’t easy deciding between the security of the old-line retail firm or the risk of going on my own. I chose to go out on my own. I never had time to suffer any remorse. Incidentally, the security of Reed’s was an illusion. Two years after I sold my first gold coin, they were out of business.

*** and ***

Burt Blumert (1929-2009) was owner of Camino Coins, president of the Center for Libertarian Studies, chairman of the Mises Institute, publisher of, and the author of Bagels, Barry Bonds, & Rotten Politicians.

*** end quote ***

Note the illusion of security by being an “employee” as opposed to “being in your own business”.

It’s a akin to saving your money in bank CD as opposed to investing it in the market (in, of course, a well diversified set of asset classes).

I’ve often pontificated that having 10 ½ day “part time jobs” is much more secure than on better paying full time job. 

And, I’ve warned to income families, where both spouse work for the same firm or are even in the same line of work, about the risk they are taking.

So forewarned is forearmed, and start finding those “part time jobs”.

You never know how things will change.

Especially when your “secure job” goes “bye bye”.


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INTERESTING: MMR Vaccine — Risks and Benefits

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Measles vs. MMR Vaccine: Risks and Benefits
By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
February 12, 2015

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Short-lived vaccine immunity renders people under age 55-60 vulnerable to contracting measles at a bad age, with infants less than 1 year old and adults over 20 years old at greatest risk. The day may once again come when parents, while avoiding the vaccine, hold measles parties for their children in the age window of 5 to 9 years (like some families now do in Germany) so they can have measles at the safest time in their lives, thereby achieving the benefits of a strengthened immune system and lifelong natural immunity from this disease.

*** end quote ***

This, to me at least, was a very interesting well-reasoned piece about the tradeoffs we’re making.

Could it be that profits bought politicians and bureaucrats? And, now we are stuck with it.

And, of course, it’s unlikely that there will be any reasoned discourse on it.

I’m not a doctor, scientist, or parent, so I’m relegated to the role of “bystander” watching this particular “traffic accident”.

I’ve gone around on the more times than a revolving door. Now I’ve arrived at the position that “parents know best”. And, perhaps, “measles parties” are the best strategy. Certainly the cheapest. And, possibly, the one with the least side effects.

Hmmm, I wonder if there are other “choices” that are foisted on us by others “who know what’s good for us”?

As a little L libertarian who is pro-choice pro-life and anti-war, I’s suggest that everyone should make their own choices in life. Just don’t make me pay for them. 


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INTERESTING: Part numbers for suits?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Why don’t suits have part numbers like every other gadget? And their color and pattern?

As a fat old white guy injineer, I’m partial to dark blue or black suits.

(Supposedly it makes one look thinner?)

My problem is after a while they all look a like.

It would seem obviously easy for manufacturers to help us poor old guys out.

Put the suit part number in the jacket and the pants. Then when the cleaner splits them up, I can get them back together without a bright light, magnifying glass, and some guessing!


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