VETERANS: Burial delays by VA?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[TIP ‘o’ the HAT to: Bugle Blasts December 2014 Vienna VA 22181 Volume 6 Number 7]

Burial delays prompt push for VA oversight in Congress names of the entities that are responsible for the bodies, including local medical examiners, funeral directors, and A bill aimed at decreasing recent delays in veteran burials by giving Congress new VA oversight got a push forward from lawmakers recently. A Senate version requires VA to report any burial delays longer than 30 days. Reports have sprung up around the country that deceased vets are waiting months to be interred in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ system of national cemeteries.

Under the bill, the VA would be required to track and record any burials not completed within a month as well as the county service groups. Data on the burial delays would be collected in an annual report and given to the House and Senate veterans’ affairs committees, according to the bill language.

VA oversees a system of 131 cemeteries and burial rights for veterans. Over the past year, there have been media reports of long delays for deceased veterans at facilities in California and elsewhere.

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Goo ferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient!

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VETERANS: Bears #69 Jared Allen does homes for wounded warriors

Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Today’s first football game highlighted Bears #69 Jared Allen doing homes for wounded warriors.



BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), why are the girls and boys in harm’s way in the first place. Did we learn nothing from Viet Nam?


Celebrate the Troops … …

… …  by bringing them all home now!

Dona Nobis Pacem

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VETERANS: Vet killed in home invasion

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

North Highlands Veteran, 91, Dies From Injuries Suffered In Brutal Home Invasion Robbery
November 10, 2014 11:27 PM

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</sarcasm> Happy Veterans’ Day. <sarcasm/>


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VETERANS: Fake Ranger Pleads Guilty

Friday, October 31, 2014

Editor/Publisher/s Notes – Mike Berger
Vienna VA 22181
Volume 6 Number 6
Cell: 703-861-0726

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Fake Ranger Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge – source Houston Chronicle

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A Conroe (Texas) man who passed himself off as an Army 
Ranger to get closer to the inner circle of ex-Navy SEAL 
Marcus Luttrell – the war hero portrayed in the book and 
movie “Lone Survivor” – pleaded guilty to being a felon in 
possession of a firearm. When local and Federal officials 
searched Daniel Lee Marshall Jr.’s trailer, they found 
several guns, as well as an Army dress uniform with ribbons 
he did not earn and a pickup truck with a Purple Heart 
license plate that he did not deserve.

In court, Marshall admitted to being a felon in possession 
of a firearm, a crime that carries a penalty of up to 10 years 
in prison. “There is no parole in the federal system,” the 
Judge warned him from the bench. “Any sentence you get 
will not be shortened by parole.” As a felon, he is not legally 
allowed to buy a firearm. How he got the weapons is 

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There has to be a special place in hell for “Stolen Valor”


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VETERANS: The serviceman’s 56-year struggle to get benefits

Monday, August 25, 2014

VA Disputed Claim – Willie McCall $100,000+ – source Associated Press

WSFA-TV, a Montgomery television station, reported that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is giving an Alabama veteran more than $100,000 after the serviceman’s 56-year struggle to get benefits. Korean War veteran Willie McCall, 85, suffers from debilitating, combat-related health issues. During his time as a rifleman during the Korean conflict, the weather was so cold it left him with frostbite, jungle rot and circulation issues, McCall said. Despite multiple diagnoses, McCall was denied VA benefits and those denials date back to the late 1950s.

Recent documents showed the VA sent McCall to a doctor to assess his condition before the latest hearing on his claim. Despite the doctor’s written order confirming the combat wounds, the VA didn’t consider that document and denied McCall’s benefits again. To appeal would have taken another year and a half. Before totally giving up, McCall’s nephew, Freddie Porterfield, contacted the 12 News Defenders. They took the problem to the Central Alabama VA and after review McCall’s benefits were granted. The VA’s decision came after several weeks of calls, forms and multiple emails.

In addition to approving the claim VA gave McCall a check for more than $100,000 in back pay. This was the monetary compensation he would have received backdated to the time his initial claim was submitted. The VA also set up more appointments for potential compensation for other health claims.

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Anyone think that Gooferment is a “good idea”?


Talk to the old WW2 vets and they will tell you that they think their VA doc is out to kill them.

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VETERANS: Memorial Day sullied by the VA

Monday, May 26, 2014

FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014
Waiting to Die on the Government’s WatchBy Ilana Mercer

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Why would a talented, dedicated cardiologist choose to be coffined in a medical gulag, weighed down by incompetents, his wages capped; his rewards incommensurate with his drive and dedication? He wouldn’t. Surprising as this seems to some, the best and brightest do not work for the state. Increasingly, government workers are carefully selected forthe color of their complexion, for their sex and sexual or political orientation, not for their competence. 

In a policy statement, the VA commissioner for Connecticut, a woman of course, crowed that applicants to her department are screened to ascertain “minimum qualifications.” “Maximum qualifications” are not required in this killer of a system. “Applicants who meet the essential level of preparation,” writes the woman, “are not excluded. The Human Resources Administrator must work to bring as many protected members into the system.” Her words. Once recruited, the needs of these precious, “protected-group members” are jealously guarded. 

If “diversity” trumps talent in government hiring; so too is job security a legislated article of faith. In order to set in motion a termination or two—pursuant to public outrage over the scandal in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs facility, where as many as 40 gravely ill veterans died while waiting to be treated—Congress has had to convene to pass “The VA Accountability Bill.” In the unlikely event of a layoff, seniority is given priority over the quality of the worker. A good healthcare provider will be terminated before a tenured provider.

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Close the VA!

Send the patients to for-profit facilities.

Bring the girls and boys home.

And start to downsize the Gooferment!


On Memorial Day, it’s a national disgrace.

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VETERANS: Betrayed military spouses

Friday, May 9, 2014


Betrayed military spouses often keep quiet for fear of losing Benefits – source Los Angeles Times

Within the tight circle of Army spouses, Kris Johnson and Rebecca Sinclair became close friends as their ambitious husbands advanced rapidly in the officer corps. Both women were ultimately betrayed by their philandering spouses. Both endured public humiliation as their high-ranking husbands were hauled before courts-martial amid salacious testimony about adultery and other sex-related military crimes. And both women, along with their children, risked losing a lifetime of military benefits if their husbands were dismissed from the Army.

“You’re advised to keep your mouth shut and let him retire because you could lose everything,” said Johnson, whose now ex-husband, an Army colonel, pleaded guilty in 2012 to adultery, bigamy and other charges. Rebecca Sinclair begged a military judge not to strip her and her two young sons of military benefits after her husband, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, pleaded guilty to a long-running, coercive affair with a junior officer. The general was allowed to retire at a reduced rank, preserving up to $830,000 in benefits he and his family had earned for his 27 years of service.

Fear of losing benefits keeps many military wives from exposing sexual misconduct or other offenses committed by their husbands, say many of those familiar with the military criminal justice system. Johnson kept quiet about her husband, Col. James H. Johnson III, while he carried on an affair with an Iraqi woman while deployed to that country.

But when Col. Johnson moved his mistress into his military quarters in Italy, his wife turned him in – painfully aware that she and her two children might be cut off from benefits as a result. A military jury in 2012 allowed the colonel to retire at reduced rank, keeping the benefits intact. In both the Johnson and Sinclair cases, court concerns that dismissing the officers would also punish their families

helps explain the relatively light sentences. Kris Johnson and others have campaigned for changes that would provide benefits to spouses of service members kicked out of the military for crimes even if the offender is sentenced harshly. Congress responded in January with a provision that requires the Pentagon to study the feasibility of providing “transitional benefits” to families in these cases. The study, to be completed in May, will consider such questions as how long benefits might last and who would be eligible for them.

The changes would strengthen the military justice system, advocates contend. They would encourage spouses to report criminal behavior and clear the way for military judges or jury panels to impose heavier sentences. At the same time, they say, the proposed protections would support spouses who are otherwise cut loose after sacrificing for years to support a philandering spouse’s career.

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This is non-sense. 

And these men are security risks.

If an enlisted person did this, any one care to guess what would happen?

This is “unacceptable”!


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