VETERANS: Memorial Day sullied by the VA

Monday, May 26, 2014

FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014
Waiting to Die on the Government’s WatchBy Ilana Mercer

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Why would a talented, dedicated cardiologist choose to be coffined in a medical gulag, weighed down by incompetents, his wages capped; his rewards incommensurate with his drive and dedication? He wouldn’t. Surprising as this seems to some, the best and brightest do not work for the state. Increasingly, government workers are carefully selected forthe color of their complexion, for their sex and sexual or political orientation, not for their competence. 

In a policy statement, the VA commissioner for Connecticut, a woman of course, crowed that applicants to her department are screened to ascertain “minimum qualifications.” “Maximum qualifications” are not required in this killer of a system. “Applicants who meet the essential level of preparation,” writes the woman, “are not excluded. The Human Resources Administrator must work to bring as many protected members into the system.” Her words. Once recruited, the needs of these precious, “protected-group members” are jealously guarded. 

If “diversity” trumps talent in government hiring; so too is job security a legislated article of faith. In order to set in motion a termination or two—pursuant to public outrage over the scandal in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs facility, where as many as 40 gravely ill veterans died while waiting to be treated—Congress has had to convene to pass “The VA Accountability Bill.” In the unlikely event of a layoff, seniority is given priority over the quality of the worker. A good healthcare provider will be terminated before a tenured provider.

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Close the VA!

Send the patients to for-profit facilities.

Bring the girls and boys home.

And start to downsize the Gooferment!


On Memorial Day, it’s a national disgrace.

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VETERANS: Betrayed military spouses

Friday, May 9, 2014


Betrayed military spouses often keep quiet for fear of losing Benefits – source Los Angeles Times

Within the tight circle of Army spouses, Kris Johnson and Rebecca Sinclair became close friends as their ambitious husbands advanced rapidly in the officer corps. Both women were ultimately betrayed by their philandering spouses. Both endured public humiliation as their high-ranking husbands were hauled before courts-martial amid salacious testimony about adultery and other sex-related military crimes. And both women, along with their children, risked losing a lifetime of military benefits if their husbands were dismissed from the Army.

“You’re advised to keep your mouth shut and let him retire because you could lose everything,” said Johnson, whose now ex-husband, an Army colonel, pleaded guilty in 2012 to adultery, bigamy and other charges. Rebecca Sinclair begged a military judge not to strip her and her two young sons of military benefits after her husband, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair, pleaded guilty to a long-running, coercive affair with a junior officer. The general was allowed to retire at a reduced rank, preserving up to $830,000 in benefits he and his family had earned for his 27 years of service.

Fear of losing benefits keeps many military wives from exposing sexual misconduct or other offenses committed by their husbands, say many of those familiar with the military criminal justice system. Johnson kept quiet about her husband, Col. James H. Johnson III, while he carried on an affair with an Iraqi woman while deployed to that country.

But when Col. Johnson moved his mistress into his military quarters in Italy, his wife turned him in – painfully aware that she and her two children might be cut off from benefits as a result. A military jury in 2012 allowed the colonel to retire at reduced rank, keeping the benefits intact. In both the Johnson and Sinclair cases, court concerns that dismissing the officers would also punish their families

helps explain the relatively light sentences. Kris Johnson and others have campaigned for changes that would provide benefits to spouses of service members kicked out of the military for crimes even if the offender is sentenced harshly. Congress responded in January with a provision that requires the Pentagon to study the feasibility of providing “transitional benefits” to families in these cases. The study, to be completed in May, will consider such questions as how long benefits might last and who would be eligible for them.

The changes would strengthen the military justice system, advocates contend. They would encourage spouses to report criminal behavior and clear the way for military judges or jury panels to impose heavier sentences. At the same time, they say, the proposed protections would support spouses who are otherwise cut loose after sacrificing for years to support a philandering spouse’s career.

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This is non-sense. 

And these men are security risks.

If an enlisted person did this, any one care to guess what would happen?

This is “unacceptable”!


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VETERANS: Improve customer service

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Veterans no longer required to report annual income to VA health system – source

VA is eliminating its requirement for most veterans enrolled in its health care system to report their income information each year. The policy change, which takes effect this month, will ease the burden on veterans and improve customer service, according to the agency. Instead, VA will automatically match income information obtained from the Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration.

“Eliminating the requirement for annual income reporting makes our health care benefits easier for Veterans to obtain,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki said in a statement. “This change will reduce the burden on Veterans, improve customer service and make it much easier for Veterans to keep their health care eligibility up-to-date.” Vets who are applying for health care benefits for the first time still will be required to submit income information.

There are no changes in the agency’s long-standing policy of providing free care to veterans who are indigent, have catastrophic medical conditions, have a disability rating of 50 percent or higher and who have conditions that are official rated as service-connected.

Vets are urged to continue using the health benefits renewal form to report changes in their personal information, such as address, phone numbers, dependents, next of kin, income and health insurance. For more information, visit the

VA’s website or call 877-222-VETS toll free.

*** end quote ***

They are not “customers” to be “serviced”. They are VETS!

That’s what a bull does to a cow.


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VETERANS: Natasha Leggero goes on my Jane Fonda list

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan. 1, 2014 4:00pm Jason Howerton

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Actress Natasha Leggero is under fire for joking that SpaghettiOs is the only food that Pearl Harbor survivors “can still chew.”

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I almost missed this story.

Of course, none of the liberal left are upset about this.

Vets are a throwaway to them.

Time to update my “Jane Fonda” list

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VETERANS: Another big Gooferment program spin crash and burn

Friday, January 3, 2014

DOD/VA Seamless Transition Program Sputtered to a Halt – source

After launching with much fanfare in 2009, the interagency program office charged with developing an integrated electronic health record (EHR) for the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments all but sputtered to a halt in September, Nextgov has learned. The development followed a decision by Defense and VA in February to independently develop their own EHRs, due to the high cost of the joint system, pegged at $28 billion by Frank Kendall, Defense undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics. Neither Defense nor VA formally announced the shutdown of the interagency program office. A hint of its demise can be found in an industry briefing that said Christopher Miller had assumed the role of acting director of the office, in addition to his role as program executive officer of the new Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization, charged with developing the Defense EHR.

Maureen Schumann, a Pentagon spokeswoman confirmed on November 18 to Nextgov that Barclay Butler, appointed director of the interagency program office in February 2012, left his job in September. Defense and VA are in the early stages of development of a revised charter and organizational chart of the office, Schumann added, and once completed, “the staffing for the IPO will be determined and announced.” While the office has been all but vaporized, both Defense and VA face the rather difficult task of finding a workaround to provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 that mandated a joint EHR. The two departments also need to figure out how to work their way around language in the 2014 VA spending bill that also mandates a single EHR, which could become law if Congress passes a 2014 budget.

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VETERANS: Service people are expendable

Thursday, January 2, 2014

36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast

Michael Snyder
The Truth
January 1st, 2014

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#4 71 U.S. sailors who assisted with the initial Fukushima relief efforts have developed serious diseases such as testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, Leukemia, “unremitting gynecological bleeding” and brain tumors since that time as a result of exposure to radiation coming from Fukushima.

*** end quote ***

Where is the media?

Where are the liberals?

Where are the astro-turf anti-nuke people?

It just demonstrates the crony capitalist big Gooferment bias!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

To All Veterans:

FRAUD ALERT: Veterans should be aware of a marketing scam targeting callers trying to reach the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Call Center or GI Bill Call Center. A marketing company has established two fraudulent numbers that differ from the two official VA call center numbers by one digit. If the fraudulent number is dialed by mistake, the answering party will offer a gift card and try to obtain personal and financial information, including credit card information, from the caller. The answering party may even transfer the caller to the VA after the caller’s information is obtained. Note that VA will never ask you for a credit card number or banking information over the phone. Before giving personal sensitive information over the phone make sure you know who you are taking to.

The numbers to be avoided are:
800-872-1000 (the VA National Call Center number is 800-827-1000)
888-442-4511 (the VA GI Bill Call Center number is 888-442-4551)

VA has notified law enforcement authorities to address this situation. Please pass this information along and post on your websites.

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VETERANS: Armistice Day is sad

Monday, November 11, 2013

As a vet, I don’t want to be “thanked for my service”.

I am ashamed.

We still have girls and boys in harm’s way without a clear strategy.

I am reminded of the Irish song “Willie McGee” with the line “did you really think this was the war to end all wars”.

Heinlein, in “Starship Troopers”, that only vets should be police or “civil servants” or in political office. When I was young, I thought him extreme that only vets should vote because they would have the stones to fight.. Voters usually required politicians to have served in the military. Then, Bill Clinton came along. Now that I am old, I’m convinced he didn’t go far enough. Only vets voting would be a good start. But, we really need more. The vets should as a body — like the Senate — have veto power over the use of Armed Forces.

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VETERANS: from $80 per night to $150 with no change in the physical plant

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wainwright Hall at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Privatized – source various

Wainwright Hall recently became the latest Army lodging to  be privatized and restored. The Hall is a two-story, 108-yearold brick structure that was opened in the early 20th Century, renovated through a Lend Lease (US) Public Partnerships with the developer, and InterContinental Hotels Group, the lodging operator. It cost about $4 million to bring Wainwright Hall up to modern-day standards (energy-saving heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems and controls).

The facility provides temporary lodging for soldiers and their families when they change duty stations while waiting for their new housing to become available; is used by soldiers on TDY for short-term training so they don’t need to find a place off-post, and can also be used by authorized installation visitors. Officials say the process is more effective and efficient.

“Catch 22” – room rates have jumped from $80 per night to $150 with no change in the physical plant.

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Way to screw sick vets!

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VETERANS: Leave no man behind; a political joke

Monday, July 29, 2013

Forgotten War, Forgotten Soldiers
Book: American POWs left behind from Korean War

American Trophies

BY: Bill Gertz
July 26, 2013 4:08 pm

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U.S. prisoners of war were left behind in North Korea, China, and Russia after the Korean War and the Pentagon failed to win their release or a full accounting of their fate, according to research contained in a new book that is highly critical of U.S. POW recovery efforts.

“The Obama White House and Pentagon show not a trace of urgency in recovering our Korean War POW/MIAs, perished or alive,” said Mark Sauter, the book’s co-author who has spent more than two decades investigating missing soldiers.

“Time is running out for many of their family members, not to mention American POWs reported in North Korea long after the war, if any still survive,” he told the Washington Free Beacon. “Contrast this with South Korea, which has recovered dozens of its POWs alive in recent years. Some family members believe the U.S. government is simply waiting for the problem to go away.”

The book, American Trophies: How American POWs Were Surrendered to North Korea, China, and Russia by Washington’s ‘Cynical Attitude,’ includes numerous cases of missing Americans from the Korean War, along with several from the Cold War and Vietnam War. It is based on years of research, interviews, and documents by the authors, Sauter and John Zimmerlee.

*** end quote ***

Every American Legion post I have ever been in has a POW / MIA table.

How can we not hold politicians and bureaucrats to account?

How can we let them keep sending girls and boys overseas in our name?

Why do we vote for folks who have NOT served?


I first learned about the issue when I discussed “Men aren’t potatoes” from Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers with my Uncle who served in WW2. He borrowed my copy and read it.

Laff, he agreed with the line that “serving doesn’t make saints but it’s a good filter for cowards”.

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VETERANS: Dogs for vets

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reader S.F. mentioned that a pilot program of matching dogs with vets was specifically vetoed by the U.S. Veteran’s Administration (VA), which made it categorical that dogs would only be provided for a small and traditional list of needs, such a guide dogs for the blind. So of course others did it. An old story with a great new ending: Hounds and Heroes.

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Tell me again about a “grateful nation” and that “compassionate Gooferment”!

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VETERANS: Us old vets ain’t doing our job

Monday, January 2, 2012

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I don’t know if it’s the Wounded Warrior Project commercials, the Country Music videos, or the media coverage of the Republican Presidential Primary.

But I’m <past tense synonym for urine output> off!

I’m a bubbling cauldron of little L libertarian rage.


Didn’t “We, The Sheeple” learn ANYTHING from Viet Nam, Republic of?

Apparently not.

Of all the candidates, Ron Paul is the ONLY one challenging our foreign policy of world occupation. Our Gooferment has its “nose” and “hands”, up to the proverbial elbows, in everyone else business. No wonder we’re hated. And, now the chicken hawks are drumming up a fight with Iran, Syria, … and who knows who else.


To enrich the politicians and bureaucrats. Thru crony capitalism.

Now, I’m sympathetic to the veterans’ plight. Especially those “kids” who signed up for their State’s Guard unit and found themselves in one of the sandboxes or the rock box. But the all volunteer force means that girls and boys had to “volunteer”. And, I know that there’s all sorts of nuances to that “freedom”. From old farts with delusions of patriotism, to economic pressures. With stops along the way at TV commercials touting education benefits and the comrades in arms propaganda. Us old vets are a fault for allow that to happen. We know better. (Heinlein was right; only vets should vote!)

So why am I being panhandled to “help vets”. The Gooferment isn’t doing its job in that function either.

So, let’s support the troops!

Don’t let them be used for trivial purposes that are not in the strategic interest. They are not props for Presidents (of either party) or politicians to play with.

To quote another country song, let’s put boot up the <synonym for donkey> of politicians.

Old vets should hold them accountable!

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VETERANS: Poor treatment of vets is a universal reaction

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why Irish soldiers who fought against Hitler and the Nazis had to hide their medalsAfter deserting the Irish army to fight with the British, many soldiers faced persecution
By KERRY O’SHEA, IrishCentral Intern
Published Thursday, December 29, 2011, 7:27 AMUpdated Thursday, December 29, 2011, 7:27 AM

*** begin quote ***

However, Stout also says that at the time, Ireland had only recently broken away from Britain, and resentment was still strong. “They didn’t understand why we did what we did. A lot of Irish people wanted Germany to win the war – they were dead up against the British.”

*** end quote ***

There’s a book out that’s titled something like “It’s dangerous to be on the wrong side of the Gooferment”.

You have to feel sorry for these men and their families.

Spurned by their own and forgotten by their “friends”.

Well, whenever you follow you conscience, you have to expect some breakage.

How soon everyone forgets!

That’s why unless the bad men are coming up your street, you shouldn’t be “going to war”.

It’s always the elites’ war; not the people’s!

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VETERANS: WASPS were trailblazers

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Overdue Recognition for Woman AF Pilot

*** begin quote ***

WII Women Air Force Service Pilot (WASP) 1st Lt. Elaine Harmon didn’t join the military for recognition but she certainly earned it. Harmon was one of the 1,074 women pilots who flew non-combat missions in the U.S. in order to free their male counterparts for overseas combat missions.

She knew the WASPS were trailblazers. “It was a man’s world, but we were doing what was needed for the war effort,” Harmon said. “My mother was dead set against it.”

*** end quote ***

I had the interesting experience of meeting a WASPS when I was a child. OK, a tween. But as most people, I was oblivious. I didn’t listen. Nor ask questions. And, no, I didn’t even take notes. I was OBLIVIOUS. Argh!

And, the way she minimized it, I didn’t think it was important. If a man was telling the story, you’d have thought he won the war single handedly.

That’s why I, a fat old white guy injineer, am a “feminist”. Woman need to be free to do what ever THEY think is important. And, while nothing is as fragile as a male ego, “we”, “We, The People”, need to allow them to do it.

Just like in WW2, we can’t afford the luxury of binding the hands of half our population. Just like we can’t afford racial discrimination!

Aside from the fact that such discrimination is immoral, it’s also ineffective and inefficient.

We need EVERYONE working towards the Common Good.

It’s just pure selfishness. I want everyone making life better for everyone.


Why do women allow such foolishness to go on?

Sure, they made their mistakes — giving women the right to vote brought us Prohibition and Organized Crime — but they fixed that one. They still haven’t fixed “war” yet, but men haven’t been doing so well on that one yet either.

We need their “contributions”!

(I’d expect women to hold Congressman Anthony Weiner accountable for the cover up, lying, and some disgusting pics. We’ll see!)

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VETERANS: Memorial Day?

Monday, May 30, 2011

*** begin quote ***

A United States submarine lost during World War II was discovered this week. Ten miles off Key West in 600 feet of water. It was the USS R-12. The submarine was of World War I vintage still in use during World War II. It went down on July 12, 1943. Sank in 15 minutes. Forty two lives lost.

*** end quote ***

Memorial Day is, or at least was, supposed to be about vets who didn’t come home.

Instead it’s become a time for sales, barbecues, and vacations. Rowdy weekends at the shore for kids.

An excuse for chicken hawk politicians to parade their “patriotism”. Easy to make speeches when it’s not your ass being shot at. Let’s send the politicians to the front for the duration of every war they start. No more sending other people’s kids. You want a war, you lead it.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

When did generals stop leading form the front?

Here’s a story of 42 men in WW2. 66 years later.

That’s what Memorial Day is supposed to be about.

On Tuesday, contact your congress critter, ask them what they did on Memorial Day and when are we bringing all the youngsters home from all the wars we are fighting. Tell him that you’ll remember that answer in November.

I blame the women for all this war. Yup, ever since they were given the vote, they haven’t been using it wisely. That’s why we got Prohibition and Organized Crime. And, why don’t we have a representative number of women in Congress?

And, my best argument.

“Yes, when we get out of here. We’re going to have to fix that. You know we control something that can get it done. Not the ballot box, but the other box. (A giant sucking sound as pure Miss Marie used that very rude idiom.) We can end war.” — character “Marie” being anti-war in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 262

And, a little later down the page, more bluntly:

“Yes, Miss Marie. Thank you, Miss Marie. You’re my hero.” “Isn’t it heroine?” “No, Miss Marie, in our new world run by women, there will be no sex discrimination. We control the box.” With no hint of self- consciousness or shame. “Dear, that’s not a nice way to say it. And, box is very crude. I’m sorry I used it but I was … incensed that war should happen. Maybe you could say ‘we control the future generations’?” “OK, but those balls will be blue before I let my man start another war.” Knowing she’d done all she could, Marie said, “When this is all over, we should talk my dear. We should really talk. Now away with you. Carefully mind you.” — character “Abigail” declares peace to character “Marie” being anti-war in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 262

Let’s stop this nonsense before next Memorial Day!

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RANT: The first item first column on Drudge says it all

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The first item first column on Drudge says it all.

*** begin quote ***

MARCH 19, 2011

OBAMA: ‘Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world’…

MARCH 19, 2003

BUSH: ‘American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger’…

*** end quote ***

Donna Nobis Pacem!

Would anyone like to go back to the last Presidential campaign? I said here and vocally that the only truly “Peace” candidate was Ron Paul. Everyone told me that BHO44 was that “Peace” candidate.

“barbara streisand”

I told you so. And, it gives me no pleasure to say that. If I was smarter, I would have been more persuasive. But, when I say there is no difference between the R’s and the D’s, everyone tells me there’s a difference. Look at “today’s conservatives” and “today’s liberals”?

Where do we get the moral authority, let alone the Constitutional authority, to wage war on Libya?

IMHO from a moral, strategic, and tactical basis, this is an outrageous disaster.

So what are you going to do about it?

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POLITICAL: BHO44 does something I agree with

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

OBAMA: Flag to Half Staff for Army Corporal Frank Buckles, World War I Veteran
March 1, 2011 posted by Veterans Today

*** begin quote ***

As a mark of respect for the memory of Army Corporal Frank W. Buckles, the last surviving American veteran of World War I, and in remembrance of the generation of American veterans of World War I, I hereby order, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, that, on the day of his interment, the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset on such day.

*** end quote ***

Here’s one where there is no disagreement.

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RANT: PTSD is pushed under the table

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The long road home
Boston Globe
by Bob Kinder

“Men and women, having seen years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, are killing themselves in record numbers. Many are divorcing. Some are addicted. Scores are angry and violent, unable to process their wartime experiences. Yet, routinely, these same brave veterans are kicked out of the service and denied benefits or hope of getting well. The problem isn’t new. … In 2007, under intense congressional pressure to improve mental-health care for combat veterans, the Department of Defense acknowledged it was unfairly discharging combat troops by erroneously claiming a service member had a personality disorder rather than post-traumatic stress disorder.” (11/11/10)

# – # – #

Interesting. How does that jibe with the nation’s “care”?

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VETERANS: “a grateful nation remembers”; I think not!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


“A grateful nation remembers”

You have to be kidding me. Remembers? No one even knows it’s Veteran’s Day or Armistice Day. Other than store “sales”, “We, The People” don’t remember. If we did, we wouldn’t permit young men and women to put their lives at risk for anything but the most well-thoughtout urgent national interest. And, when they come home broken or in a box, we’d give them the respect they deserve.

I’ll believe that “a grateful nation remembers” when:

• Military funerals are attended by the President or Vice-President, the Senators of that Vet’s State, their Congressman, the Governor, their state reps, their county reps, and their municipal reps. At least then, these “decision makers” would get the fullest sense of the cost of these escapades.

• When our troops are brought home from the 160+ countries. Why are we still in on the DMZ in South Korea and German? Didn’t those wars end long ago? Time for a new foreign policy and new Department of Defense.

• When our broken vets are fixed as best we can in a dignified humane fashion. “We, The People”, through the politicians we elected made this happen. We have to step up to our responsibility. We have failed. The politicians and bureaucrats are to blame. And we have to change the system.

• When we have a “war tax” to ensure that every American regardless of income level or station in life is overtly paying for these foreign excursions. Remember the Spanish American War Tax on every cell phone. Let’s bring it back! (I don’t advocate taxes.) But this will remind everyone every month that we have wars going on and they need an “exit strategy”!

Then, I’ll believe that “a grateful nation remembers”!

Donna Nobis Pacem!

# # # # #

GOVEROTRAGEOUS: How do We, The People treat our vets

Thursday, July 8, 2010

VA acts fast when it feels the need
By Bruce Coulter
GateHouse News Service
Posted Jul 07, 2010 @ 11:47 AM

*** begin quote ***

“Currently, the VA considers any reimbursement that compensates a veteran for his or her expenses due to accidents, theft or loss as income. Only reimbursements of expenses related to casualty loss are currently exempted from determination of income,” he wrote.

Under current law, if a veteran is injured in an accident or victimized by a theft and receives compensation to cover medical expenses, replacement cost of the items stolen, or for pain and suffering, he or she is subject to losing their pension.

“This means that the law effectively punishes veterans when they suffer from such an accident or theft,” Hastings said.

Despite the efforts of the veteran and Hastings, the VA has refused to reinstate the veteran’s pension.

To prevent a repeat of the VA’s idiocy (my words, not the congressman’s), Hastings introduced The Pension Protection Act of 2010, H.R. 4541 on Jan. 27. The bill would prohibit the VA from counting casualty windfall payments as income for the purposes of determining eligibility for the non-service connected pension benefit.

*** end quote ***


Still haven’t heard anyone name a Gooferment that works (i.e., effectively accomplishes its mission, efficiently use the resources given it to accomplish an outstanding result, and cost-effectively at a cost that the folks can afford). We’ll leave aside the morality of stealing people’s wealth to do stuff that they didn’t agree to fund, don’t agree with, or don’t want to have anything to do with. Some “Land of the Free”. Free as long as you do what the plantation owners in the District of Corruption want you to do.


Regardless about how you feel about any of the wars, these vets believed our sacred pledge. And, this is how we allow it to be redeemed in our name?

Argh squared!!

# # # # #

GOVERNACIDE: Only vets should vote

Monday, May 31, 2010


Today, I think and pray for all the dead — vets, non-vets, the “draft dodgers”, and those that have had their lives ruined by wars throughout our history.

I’m reminded of Washington’s “entangling alliances”. I think of Heinlein’s “Only vets should vote” and decide when to send troops in harm’s way. I think of all the venial politicians and some of the larger mass murders, some of whom were Presidents; they have led us astray.

But mostly I pray for all the lost potential.

And, of course, for my fellow vets, for the boys and girls in the field, and for the “dim bulb” politicians and bureaucrats who can’t seem to steer us to peace.

Signed, a USAF vet 70-73, who defended Maryland to the best of his meager abilities!

# # # # #

RANT: “Pacific” short changed me?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Anyone watching “Pacfic”? It’s the “Band of Brothers” clone but aimed at the Pacific THeater of Ops as opposed to the European.

(You had to be crazy to do some of the stuff ordered. Like Hank’s portrayal of the DDay invasion, or the fire fights in Band of Brothers, only a crazy person would cross and open terrain like that airport under Japanese fire.)

Pacific was scheduled from 9PM to 10PM.

It ended at 9:50PM.

Then there was 10 minutes of filler.


I have always thought the opening credit was long, but … …

So are we being “shortchanged”?

I felt so; maybe it’s just me.


# # # # #

INSPIRATIONAL: Hero has a heroine for a wife; shame on the VA

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Remembering a Hero

*** begin quote ***

Almost everyone knows about Audie Murphy, the most decorated American soldier in World War II. For his combat actions in the European Theater, Murphy received the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, two Silver Stars and three Purple Hearts.

But fewer know the story of his widow, Pam. After her husband’s death in a 1971 plane crash, Pam Murphy went to work as a clerk at the Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, a VA facility in North Hills, California.

*** end quote ***

Sounds like a heroic woman married to bona fide war hero.


Never heard this story when she was alive; too bad. She deserved her own medals from the VA.

We’ll get VA level service from Obamacare andwe’ll wish she was still around.

# # # # #

# # # # #


Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 more cases of botched cancer treatment at Pa. VA

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Six more cases have been found of cancer patients being given incorrect radiation doses at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia. The errors happened in a common surgical procedure to treat prostate cancer. That brings the total to 98 veterans who were given…

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Obama44 didn’t mention that in his speech to the VFW. Did he? Guess he just didn’t know.

And these bozos want to run everyone’s health care?

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VETS: Brian Bradshaw overshadowed by Michael Jackson

Monday, July 13, 2009

Remembering a Real Hero
from In From the Cold by Spook86

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Amid today’s orgy of adulation over Michael Jackson, we should pause and remember real heroes–men and women who paid the ultimate price for this nation, but whose lives go uncelebrated.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Brian Bradshaw was one of individuals. He died on June 25th, the same day that Michael Jackson passed away. But Lieutenant Bradshaw didn’t die in a Hollywood mansion from a drug-induced heart attack. He was killed on a road in Afghanistan, when his vehicle was targeted by an improvised explosive device.

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Well from now on anytime I hear “michael jackson” I will think of “Brian Bradshaw”! What about you?

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LIBERTY: Memorial Day; very sad

Monday, May 25, 2009






A lot of good men, and even some women, paid the ultimate price getting us to where we are now. Memorial Day remembers them.

And, that their sacrifice should not be in vane.

Sigh, sadly, I’m not so sure we appreciate it.

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