RANT: The “Law” needs a couple of “fixes”

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Stolen Lives, Protected Criminals: The Wrongful Imprisonment of Christopher Tapp
By William Norman Grigg
Pro Libertate Blog
February 6, 2016

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There are abundant reasons to be grateful that we do not live under the Old Testament “lex talonis” legal covenant, and one compelling reason to lament that this is so: Under the system of justice described in the Book of Deuteronomy, a lying police officer and corrupt prosecutor who falsely convicted an innocent man would be required to suffer the punishment intended for their victim.

Under that legal principle, former Idaho Falls Police Detective Jared Fuhriman and former Bonneville County District Attorney Kip Manwaring would be serving a sentence of 30 years to life for the wrongful murder conviction of Christopher Conley Tapp.

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Well, not only do we need to call the politicians and bureaucrats to “fix” the concept of “sovereign immunity” that protects the police and prosecutors from their abuses. Some of the stuff that gets reported is absolutely inexcusable. We’re not talking about a minor mistake or flub; these stories document prosecutorial or police criminal abuse.

Also, the courts need to be open to ANY appeal that could prove one’s innocence. I don’t care if it was evidence available at the time of trial, new DNA capabilities, or ineffective counsel / abusive prosecutorial conduct. The door should be always OPEN for proof of innocence. If I was President, I’d take these cases under advisement. 

Better a hundred guilty go free, than one innocent is in jail.

Just think, the unlucky stiff in jail could be YOU!

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RANT: Enjoy your bread and circuses today

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Mainstream Media has Lost Control: Let the Whining Begin
By Bionic Mosquito
February 6, 2016

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I guess we should ignore a leading German journalist who says he was bribed by the CIA; Operation Mockingbird, which never happened and even if it did no one would do such a thing today; pro-war media pundits who are on the payroll of defense contractors and others who benefit from international conflict; the official 911 investigation team was fed lies.

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“Move along, people. Nothing to see here. Go home, you kooky-loos.”
— Officer Barbrady’s Catch Phrase South Park

Today, “We, The Sheeple” are given the “Super Bowl”. 

It distracts them to watch MP4B (“Millionaires Playing For Billionaires”) while BHO44 fiddles and the world burns.

Maybe it’s better that the folks on this modern day Titanic don’t consider what happens when they hit one of the many “icebergs” in their path — the debt, the deficit, the current 20T+ national debt and the guesstimated 300T+ in unfunded liabilities that our posterity will have to deal with, the abortion genocide, and unstable world political arrangement.

No, keep your eye on the football, citizen, since that is ALL that really matters.


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RANT: Is this one of the “few enumerated powers”?

Saturday, February 6, 2016


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. –  A Beverly Hills-based beauty school says it’s closing all 56 of its campuses in five states after losing federal funding over allegations of misconduct.

Marinello Schools of Beauty has been in business for over a century. It shut facilities this week in California, Nevada, Utah, Kansas and Connecticut.

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My question is why is the Federal Gooferment involved in “student loans”?

Where in the Constitution is this one of the “few enumerated powers”?

It may be a State regulatory concern — are the students being defrauded — but why is the Federal Gooferment doing anything?


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RANT: CDC Cover-Up

Sunday, January 31, 2016


CDC Cover-Up of Autism and Vaccine Link Continues
By Dr. David Brownstein
Dr. Brownstein’s Blog
January 29, 2016

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However, the very same U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has refused to call a hearing about another health crisis—whether or not childhood vaccines cause autism.

In August, 2014, a senior CDC researcher, Dr. William Thompson came forward and sought whistleblower status by claiming that an important 2004 paper from the CDC—which found no correlation with the MMR vaccine and autism–was fraudulent. According to Dr. Thompson, the CDC researchers actually found that the MMR vaccine, when given before 36 months of age (it is presently recommended at 12-15 months and again at five years) was significantly correlated with the development of autism. However, the CDC, in a closed-door meeting, altered the data to hide their findings. Furthermore, the authors of this 2004 paper were told, by their bosses at the CDC, to throw out and not disclose any information that showed a correlation of the MMR vaccine with autism.

I have written to about this travesty many times.

*** end quote ***

My problems is that there is no “honesty” in Gooferment.

I am more firmly convinced that the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy.

The politicians and bureaucrats have indemnified Big Pharma by the “vaccine harm fund”. SO there is no way to make them pay for their mistakes.

And, of course, a cover up is usually worse than the crime.

I hope whomever is the new President can “clean house”.

But, I fear, that’s too much to hope for.


I don’t envy the decision any parent has to make. And, the fact that there are no “facts” to guide them makes it even worse. At least, the old tribal witch doctor didn’t have a conflict of interest. Too many bad results and he’d be sacrificed to appease the gods. Maybe we should try that approach?

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RANT: H-1B replacing American workers at Disney / ABC

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up
By Patrick Thibodeau  
Computerworld | Jan 28, 2016 2:01 PM PT 

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In November, Blumenthal co-sponsored new H-1B legislation by longtime program critics, Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), designed to prevent the replacement of U.S. workers by H-1B visa holders.

Nonetheless, Blumenthal remains a co-sponsor of the I-Squared Act, which raised questions among those laid off about his intentions.

“He is still co-sponsoring everything,” one former Connecticut utility worker said about Blumenthal. The worker asked not to be identified because of severance package limitations. “He is totally unbelievable.” Blumenthal was not immediately available for comment.

Leo Perrero, an IT worker at Disney who was laid off after training his foreign replacement, says non-disparagement agreements hinder the debate over the H-1B visa. Without such agreements, “you would have a lot more people speaking out – real human beings with real stories, not just anonymous persons speaking out,” said Perrero.

“Their freedom of speech is being taken away from them with the non-disparagement agreements,” he said.

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but I have to urge folks NOT to go to Mickey Mouse land.

Disney / ABC must be made to understand that us in the bourgeoisie or the  proletariat will not fund our own demise!

If I was the AFL / CIO, I’d be unionizing all the white collar workers.

And, we should be hammering all the politicians and bureaucrats about this abuse.


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RANT: Wow, truth-tellers get in trouble and the babies parts sellers off scott free

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Grand jury in Texas indicts activists behind Planned Parenthood videos
Published January 25, 2016  

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“It is a sad day in America when those who harvest the body parts of aborted babies escape consequences for their actions, while the courageous truth-tellers who expose their misdeeds are handed down a politically motivated indictment instead,” she said. 

*** end quote ***

I’m speechless.

There is no justice!

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RANT: I must be getting old

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I’ve hunkered down due to the snow.

In my younger days, I’d be out and about.

I think these politicians are really obnoxious. “Travel bans”! It’s like they think they are Kings!


It’s snow. If you go out and get stuck, that’s your problem.

All this does is empower the Nanny State to convince us that we are too stupid to take care of ourselves and make decisions about what we need to do and what risks we will take to get those important things done.




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