POLITICAL: See “work requirements” shrink the welfare rolls

Monday, April 6, 2015


APRIL 1, 2015 12:52PM
Maine’s Recommitment to Work Requirements
By Charles Hughes

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Last week, the Associated Press reported that more than 9,000 food stamp recipients in Maine have been removed from the program because they failed to comply with the program’s work requirements. These requirements themselves are largely nothing new, but in the years since the recession, almost every state received a waiver exempting them from these provisions. By allowing the waiver to lapse, Maine will again enforce the requirement that able-bodied adults without dependents participate in some form of work activity. These rules only apply to a small fraction of beneficiaries, just 10 percent of Maine’s beneficiaries in 2013. A spokesman for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services revealed that the number of SNAP beneficiaries subject to the reinstated requirements has fallen from roughly 12,000 to 2,680. This is a steep reduction, but relatively small compared to the 250,000 people in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) when the rule change went into effect.

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Part of the motivation for this renewed enforcement is to provide a better path for beneficiaries to transition off  the program and back into the mainstream economy. Many beneficiaries are on the program for extended periods of time, and for too many, next to nothing is being done to help them improve their employment prospects during this time. A recent national study found that, over a 56 month period, a full quarter of beneficiaries participated for more than four years. Some of these people are exempt due to disability status or age, but those with the capacity for work are not really helped by a program that leads them to languish for years on the welfare rolls.

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The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient!

This just proves is. 

IT likes a “plantation of victims” that requires Gooferment bureaucrats to “care for them”.

I remember when Rudy required “welfare takers” to show up for their check. And, how many “ghosts” did that make disappear. The “work requirement” eliminated those working in either the underground or “above ground” economy.

While I think all charity should be private, if for no other reason that they Gooferment shouldn’t be doing it OR they do it so badly, I can “tolerate” if the takers are really not “moochers”.

It’s NOT so hard to tell the difference?


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POLITICAL: Obamacare death spiral?

Thursday, April 2, 2015


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According to the Manhattan Institute, premiums climbed by 41 percent on average from 2013 to 2014, and premiums are likely to rise sharply again after two insurance company bailout programs included in Obamacare expire in 2017.
The other sign health insurance markets are in the early stages of a death spiral is the age mix of those buying policies through Obamacare. Originally it was estimated that around 40 percent of enrollees had to be in the relatively healthy 18 to 34-year-old age segment, so their premiums could be used to pay for the health expenses of older, less-healthy enrollees. So far it appears only some 28 percent of enrollees are in that coveted age group, which also comprises around half of the uninsured.
All of this means insurers are getting a risk pool that is less healthy than expected, and more premium hikes are around the corner. While subsidies hide some from the full impact, others in the middle class will not be shielded.
It will undoubtedly take a few years to know for sure, but for anybody concerned about setting off a death spiral or thinking Congress surely didn’t intend to do so, don’t worry. It looks like it’s already here, whether Congress intended it or not. 
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Like Social Security, it’s fiscally unsound — in addition to being immoral, ineffective, and inefficient.
Why Statists — on both the left and right — think that they can ignore the “Laws of Economics” is a mystery to me. Like the time the Louisiana Legislature voted to repeal the “Law of Gravity”! Just because the “laws” of Economics are a little more subtle, doesn’t mean they exist. 
In this case, the invisible hand of the free market is going to slap the politicians and bureaucrats upside the head and say “fools”!
Where insurance is virtually unregulated — life insurance for example — it’s cheap, easy to get, and simple. (You die; you get paid!) Across the spectrum of “insurance”, the more regulation, the more expensive. Until you get to “health”, “health care”, “health care insurance”, or something else whatever this is. Most regulated; impossible.
And, this fluff about “pre-existing” conditions, is like being able to buy “fire insurance” after the fire!
Also, the routine heath care tests? That’s like “insuring” your cars oil changes. Makes no sense. Go to Jiffy lube for 30$ (but don’t buy the air filters); “insure” it and the paperwork alone will make it $100 at least.
So, because there were some without “insurance”, the liberals decided to fool us into a USSR style system. Argh! 
Anyone figure out if “we” just took all the money spent on Obamacare, we could have give every uninsured a Congressional style plan.
But, then they wouldn’t have their power over a seventh of the economy.
Anyone think this is going to work out well?
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POLITICAL: Menendez gets political payback

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez Of New Jersey Indicted On Corruption ChargesDemocrat was indicted on federal corruption charges Wednesday, according to media reports.
By MICHELLE SAHN (Patch Staff)
April 1, 2015 

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I’m no Menendez fan, but “we all know” this is political payback from the Obama White House.

How fast will they indict Hillary or Harry?

Slow roll and crickets on that for sure!

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POLITICAL: DHS Brags; should be eliminated

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


DHS Brags of Arresting 5% of Criminal Aliens It Freed From Detention — On the heels of releasing over 36,000 criminal aliens from detention, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the audacity to pat itself on the back for arresting a tiny fraction of the illegal immigrants—thousands convicted 

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Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient.

This just proves it.

Sorry, but it’s time for a reset!


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POLITICAL: “Jury duty” is slavery

Monday, March 30, 2015


Pennsylvania man arrested in courthouse for skipping out on jury duty 11 times in 2 years
Published March 24, 2015
Associated Press

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SOMERSET, Pa. –  A Pennsylvania man who skipped out on jury duty 11 times in the last two years has been arrested inside a courthouse while seeking relief from a child support ruling.

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I thought slavery was eliminated?

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POLITICAL: Remember “the enemy of your enemy is your enemy”

Saturday, March 28, 2015


After a Twelve Year Mistake in Iraq, We Must Just March Home
written by ron paul
sunday march 22, 2015

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Twelve years ago last week, the US launched its invasion of Iraq, an act the late General William Odom predicted would turn out to be “the greatest strategic disaster in US history.”

Before the attack I was accused of exaggerating the potential costs of the war when I warned that it could end up costing as much as $100 billion. One trillion dollars later, with not one but two “mission accomplished” moments, we are still not done intervening in Iraq.

President Obama last year ordered the US military back into Iraq for the third time. It seems the Iraq “surge” and the Sunni “Awakening,” for which General David Petraeus had been given much credit, were not as successful as was claimed at the time. From the sectarian violence unleashed by the US invasion of Iraq emerged al-Qaeda and then its more radical spin-off, ISIS. So Obama sent the US military back.

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Remember “the enemy of your enemy is your enemy” — Netanyahu?

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POLITICAL: ‘Mandatory Voting’ like “Jumbo Shrimp”

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Obama Broaches the Idea of ‘Mandatory Voting’
By Robert Wenzel
Target Liberty
March 20, 2015

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While discussing money in politics on Wednesday, President Obama broached a topic normally confined to academic circles: A law requiring people to vote, reports David Jackson at USA Today.

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Anyone else think, like I did when I first heard this asinine idea, of the old USSR / North Korea / Cuba style voting?

“If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” ― attributed to Mark Twain

I’ve been voting every since I could, and it’s mattered not.

And, the joke is: “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain. if you vote and lose, you voted for it. if you vote and ‘win’, nothing changes.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that “voting” is a waste of time.

Secession is the only chance for freedom and liberty.

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