POLITICAL: Is a very sad “laugh test” indeed

Thursday, October 29, 2015


House Benghazi Hearings: Too Much Too Late
By Ron Paul
The Ron Paul Institute
October 27, 2015

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Why no House Committee hearing before President Obama launched his war on Libya? Why no vote on whether to authorize the use of force? Why no hearing after the President violated the Constitution by sending the military into Libya with UN authorization rather than Congressional authorization? There are Constitutional tools available to Congress when a president takes the country to war without a declaration or authorization. At the time, President Obama claimed he did not need authorization from Congress because the US was not engaged in “hostilities.” It didn’t pass the laugh test, but Congress did next to nothing about it.

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The problem is the ideology of interventionism, not the management of a particular intervention. Interventionism has a terrible track record, from 1953 in Iran, to Vietnam, to 2003 in Iraq, to 2011 in Libya and Syria. A real Congressional hearing should focus on the crimes and mistakes of the interventionists!

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In listening to the news the other night, we heard about the rescue of 70 Kurds by a mixed force of Kurdish and US troops. A certain young lady turned to me a said (I quote) “Where are there US troops fighting? President Obama ended all the wars.”

My response: “I have a bridge to sell you if you believe that propaganda. We have troops everywhere.”


I have no idea how to get the runaway Gooferment back in control of “We, The Sheeple”.

Perhaps a good start would be for Congress to get serious about its Constitutional responsibilities with respect to “war”.

And, budgets. And, debt. And, and, and.

A lawless President should be so busy vetoing stuff he doesn’t like that he has no time for fund raisers or golf.

I can’t believe how far we have “fallen” and so fast.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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POLITICAL: HRC lied; four men died

Monday, October 26, 2015


Failed Leadership

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In a ninety second video, a talking head asks “Does Hillary believe that the American People are that stupid?”

Yes, she does.

And, sadly, yes, they are!


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POLITICAL: Questions for Hillary

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Questions for Hillary Clinton
By Andrew P. Napolitano
October 22, 2015

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Mrs. Clinton, isn’t it true that you put the travel plans of Ambassador Stevens onto nongovernmental Internet venues? Isn’t it true that at the time you did that, he asked you for more security in Libya and you did not provide it? Mrs. Clinton, isn’t it true that to fight your secret war against the government of Gadhafi, you sent American arms into the hands of his opponents? And you did this without a congressional declaration of war, right?

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I’d like to hear the answer to that one myself.


If she was asked the Judge’s questions, then I think the game would be over and the plea dealing could begin.

The Gooferment has failed in this case to keep the faith and confidence of even the most clueless member of “We, The Sheeple”!

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POLITICAL: HRC seems to be immune

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Five Dirty Little Secrets About Hillary That the Media Isn’t Talking About
Ed Klein | Oct 20, 2015

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  • The Smoldering Gun
  • Bill Clinton’s Advice on How to Deal With Marco Rubio
  • How Chelsea’s Husband, Marc Mezvinsky, Takes Advantage of His Clinton Connection
  • Hillary’s Health Issues
  • Hillary Ignores Obama’s Orders
  • Valerie Jarrett’s Six-Pronged Investigation of Hillary

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I don’t understand why she hasn’t been held to account for the email breech.

Impeach, indict, or just be held by “We, The Steeple” as unsuitable in a position of trust.


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POLITICAL: Time to end the “war on poverty”?

Monday, October 19, 2015


It’s Time to End the War on Poverty
Richard Ebeling 

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We discuss and dissect the history and the failures of the modern welfare state that, in fact, has been a cause of perpetuated poverty and permanent government-dependency through the spider’s web of “entitlement” programs and redistributive activities.

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Can’t imagine an idea that has outlived its usefulness.

LBJ’s “Great Society” and the ongoing “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” has totally destroyed: the inner cities, the black family, the lives of countless minority boys and girls, as well as created generations of “welfare farmers”.

Sorry, but it’s time to change.

I suggest that “public welfare” programs be reduced 5% per year for 20 years. 

It’s going to hurt some people, but the Nation has hit rock bottom and needs to change its ways. 

Blame the folks who started us down this path and not the messenger who delivers the bad news.

No free lunch.

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POLITICAL: Jindal’s plan eliminates the corporate tax

Friday, October 9, 2015


7 Oct 2015
Washington, DC

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GOP presidential candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal aims to eliminate the corporate tax, an issue he addressed as he unveiled his tax plan Wednesday afternoon on a call with reporters where Jindal argued his plan simplifies tax code.

Jindal’s tax plan only has three tax brackets – two percent, 10 percent and 25 percent.

“Most Americans will be in the 10 percent bracket,” he told reporters. He went on to explain that a couple making $150,000 is now in the 25 percent tax bracket, but under his plan would drop to the 10 percent bracket.

According to Jindal’s plan, individuals making less than $10,000 will be in the two percent bracket, those making more than $10,000 but less than $90,000 will be in the 10 percent bracket, and everyone else will be in the 25 percent bracket.

Those who are married have a slight shift in their brackets: Couples making under $20,000 a year will be in the two percent bracket, where as couples making between $20,001 and $180,000 will be in the 10 percent bracket. Lastly, couples making more than $180,000 will pay 25 percent in taxes.

Jindal said his plan “eliminates the estate tax – death tax, the marriage penalty and the gift tax, and the alternative minimum tax.”

“I think my plan is best,” he touted, referencing that other GOP candidates have revealed their tax plans.

He said his plan has three key differences from fellow Republican candidates.

“Most Republican plans brag about the fact that they allow as many as half of all Americans pay zero federal taxes. Jeb and Trump both have said that. I think that’s a mistake,” Jindal said. “I think everybody should pay at least something.”

“We’ve got to this point where too many Americans believe money just grows on trees in Washington,” he said.

We’re only asking two percent from the bottom bracket. I think that may be the most important two percent in the whole plan. It reestablishes the idea that in America everybody is expected to help row the boat. Some people may have a bigger ore, some may have a smaller ore, but you keep your ore in the water along with everybody else.

The second way Jindal’s plan differs from other Republicans is that it eliminates the corporate tax in America.

The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate than any other developed countries. Jindal says this move will create jobs and end wealth incentives for companies investing outside this country.

“We need to be willing to be bold,” he said of eliminating the corporate tax rate.

We’ve done various analyses. We show that for example in a 10 year period the GDP would grow 14.4 percent on top of the current base growth projection rate with just my tax changes. We show that nearly six million jobs would be added to the economy, wages would grow by 8. 7 percent – just as an example of the positive outcomes from changing our taxes.

Jindal also says his plan is different because it “reduces the amount of money the federal government is going to be able to spend.”

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Finally someone nails the corporate tax.

It’s stupid.

The product of Liberal Left non-economic thinking is just dumb.

“Corporations are merely tax collectors; not taxpayers. They merely pass their costs along.” Lawrence Alan “Larry” Kudlow is an American economist, television personality, and newspaper columnist. August 26, 2014 0830 on WMAL Mornings on the Mall Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor

It’s one of the ways the Gooferment hides the true costs.

A business has only two choices — pass along its costs of which taxes is a big one OR go out of business.


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POLITICAL: Once again, justice denied

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Two Delays & Tight-Lipped Negotiations Point to Graymail & Blackmail Tactics by Hastert’s Legal Team
By Sibel Edmonds
Boiling Frost Post
September 26, 2015

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Graymail is the threatened revelation of state secrets in order to manipulate legal proceedings. It is used as a defense tactic, forcing the government to drop a case to avoid revealing national secrets. Graymail can occur in two ways:

* To straight forwardly blackmail the government, forcing it to drop the case using the threat that if the trial moves forward the defendant will reveal classified information he or she already knows.

* To request the use of classified material as evidence in the trial, with an expectation that the government will be unwilling to make the material fully available to the case, and that this will raise the possibility, in the eyes of the judge or jury, that the unreleased material might clear the defendant, making it difficult to prove guilt.

*** end quote ***

Once again, justice denied.

Wonder what the full real story is.

“Move along, people. Nothing to see here. Go home, you looky-loos.” Officer Barbrady’s Catch Phrase South Park

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