NEWJERSEY: Red Light Cameras Reinstated

Monday, August 6, 2012

Red Light Cameras Reinstated
Cameras will issue summonses for offenses that occurred during the suspension period.
By Adam Bulger

*** begin quote ***

The days of blowing through red lights without consequence are coming to a close.

The red light cameras suspended last month throughout New Jersey have been re-authorized.

After a directive from the New Jersey Department of Transportation, 21 municipalities have provided re-certifications for the cameras. The announcement confirms the red light cameras’ yellow light timing, the issue that caused the state to suspend them, is in accordance with the formula specified in the legislation.

On Tuesday, June 19, the New Jersey Department of Transportation announced it was suspended ticketing from red-light cameras in 21 of 25 municipalities it approved to use the technology.

*** end quote ***

“Blowing thru”?

At worst, maybe folks cut the yellow too close. 

And, let me tell you, sitting at an intersection at 3AM, with no traffic, “restrained” from suing common sense, waiting for the Gooferment bureaucrat’s judgment about how much of my gas and time is wasted before I can proceed, I’ve oft been tempted.

I remember a time when in non-rush hour lights would revert to flashing red and yellow. 

Maybe not on Route 1 or 130, but certainly elsewhere would be fine.

So let’s examine the unattended ticketing?

What’s the purpose? Could it be to raise revenue?


As a little L libertarian, if there’s an accident from some one “blowing thru” a light, then there has to be restitution to the victim. But when there is NO victim, then why is the State enriched?

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NEWJERSEY: More “State” Gooferment stupidity — minimum wage diktats

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday, January 09, 2012
A progressive push in the Legislature
by Hank Kalet,

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New Jersey Democrats are flexing their more progressive muscles. The party is making two important progressive goals their top priorities — an increased minimum wage and marriage equality.

Sheila Oliver, the Assembly speaker, announced today that bumping the minimum wage to $8.50 from $7.25 an hour would be a top priority of the Assembly legislative session that starts tomorrow.

She called it an “economic stimulus that doesn’t come in the form of more debt or increased spending” and “is a recognition that thousands of households in New Jersey are struggling to subsist on minimum wage jobs that do not allow them to support their families.”

*** end quote ***

Let’s just take on one piece of stupidity … minimum wage legislation!

Make it one hundred dollars an hour!

Absurd. Sure, but why? Because if you don’t understand that a wage is a reflection of the value that the position creates. Wish and hoping ain’t going to change the realities.

Now let’s examine the motivation for why politicians want to “raise the minimum wage”.

We know that businesses lay off or restructure to avoid it. Full timers become part time. Hours get cut. And, on the margins, businesses close and everyone one loses. So why?

It’s very simple.

When the “minimum wage” is raised all the politicians, bureaucrats, and Gooferment “workers” get a raise. And, usually union contracts are pegged to the minimum wage, so they get a raise as well.
So why would a Democrat want to raise the minimum wage? It’s a payoff of taxpayer money to the Democratic base.


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NEWJERSEY: “Christian beliefs wrong”; decision, and perhaps the “law”, unconstitutional

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Judge: Following Christian beliefs wrong
You won’t believe latest attack on those faithful to Jesus
by Bob Unruh

*** begin quote ***

A ministry that follows the dictates of its faith is engaging in wrongdoing, according to a New Jersey judge who recommended today that the state Division on Civil Rights find the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association violated the state’s nondiscrimination law.

“The respondent violated the [Law Against Discrimination] when it refused to conduct a civil-union ceremony for Ms. Bernstein and Ms. Paster,” wrote Solomon Metzger, an administrative law judge whose determination will become final if not overturned by the Division of Civil Rights.

“Respondent opposes same-sex unions as a matter of religious belief, and in 2007 found itself on the wrong side of recent changes in the law.”

The seaside location has been popular for years for weddings, but the association, which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, determined it could not biblically allow same-sex ceremonies to take place on its property.

*** end quote ***

Excuse me “Judge”, but where do you get off trumping the First Amendment.

Now the Dead Old White Guys discovered “religious tolerance” not out of some love for their fellow man, but for their distrust of other colonies. Best way to start a war is to argue over “religion”. So those smart Dead Old White Guys put “religion” out of bounds.

How can any religion be on the wrong side of the “law”?

If the law mandates this, then it is unconstitutional on its face and should be struck down.


What’s next forcing Catholics to participate in abortions?

Oh yeah, “they” are doing that now.


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NEWJERSEY: Toll increases ARE a tax increase

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This toll hike could be just the beginning
Published: Sunday, January 01, 2012, 2:09 AM
Paul Mulshine/The Star Ledger

*** begin quote ***

In 2001, a guy by the name of Bret Schundler was running for governor. The Republican candidate’s platform called for the immediate removal of the Garden State Parkway tolls.

His Democratic opponent, Jim McGreevey, said he’d get rid of the tolls as well, but it would take seven years.

Schund­ler as much as called him a liar. “If I win, tolls come down; if I lose, we get high-speed E-ZPass,” he said.

McGreevey won and proceeded to prove himself a liar — in what may be record time for even a Jersey pol. The day after he took the oath of office, McGreevey went on 101.5 FM and told a caller that he had no intention of keeping his promise to remove tolls.

*** end quote ***

This is news to “We, The Sheeple” / Nu Jerzee subset!

Anyone who thinks that either side of the duopoly can be trusted is sadly delusional.

And the politicians and bureaucrats are perfectly happy if “the cost of collecting that toll can easily exceed the toll itself.” The bureaucrats get paychecks and the politicians get loyal voters in those bureaucrats. No corruption in that!

Wonder if some one can figure out the percentages. What percentage of NJ voters are “voting under the influence” of the Gooferment money.

There’s interesting anecdotal stories that Teachers’ Union SPOUSES run for school boards where they live; not where their spouse teaches. No conflict of interest, right? Until you realize that rasies won in one district become the norm in others.

Could it be that we have more than 50% of the voters who have “a dog in the fight”?

No wonder “we” just can’t win!

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NEWJERSEY: Ban cellphone use by motorists

Friday, December 16, 2011

Should New Jersey Ban All Cellphone Use by Motorists?
Federal transportation agency claims even hands-free use is hazardous.
By Patch Staff
December 14, 2011

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Should drivers be banned from using a cellphone, even in hands-free mode?

The federal National Transportation Safety Board doesn’t believe it makes any difference whether the driver is holding the cellphone or using it in handsfree mode—all cellphone use by motorists is hazardous, the agency said. In a statement issued this week, the board (which has no legal authority to regulate cellphones itself) urged state governments to ban all cellphone use by drivers.

New Jersey already has one of the toughest laws in the nation on the use of cellphones while driving. And a bill introduced last month in the Assembly would make it even tougher, adding up to two months in jail to the current $100 fine.

*** end quote ***

Why bother?

Look how well speed limit laws work!

And, it just gives the State yet another way to take money and waste it.

How about we try a simple change? Let’s try making it an offense to cause an accident. Let’s make it in a trial for damages a prima facie 100% assignment of liability should it be proven that a cell phone was active in the car at the time of the accident. Let’s continue to convince people to VOLUNTARILY forgo using the cell phone when driving.

Laws don’t make a difference. Laws are unenforceable fairly. Laws don’t change “common sense” behavior.


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NEWJERSEY: 4-H CHICKENS become a townshop concern

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Posted on October 5, 2011 at 9:29pm
by Jonathon M. Seidl

*** begin quote ***

LOWER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (The Blaze/AP) — A 10-year-old girl is the latest to run afoul of a Cape May County town’s livestock ordinance.

Brianna Lyman, 10, has until Sunday to get rid of the two chickens she was raising for a 4-H project because her family’s yard falls short of the acre that Lower Township requires for farm animals.

A neighbor complained after the Rhode Island Red and a Black Silkie got loose and rooted through the neighbor’s yard.

The fifth-grader, who spent two years raising the chickens in hopes of winning a 4-H prize, told The Press of Atlantic City she was shocked.

*** end quote ***


I hope that someone gets her a good lawyer.

I wonder if that “far animal zoning” was past after they bought the property. Even it was, how would they have known they’d fall “a fowl” of it in the future.


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NEWJERSEY: PA is out of control; Christie’s fault

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Extended peak hours for bridge, tunnel toll hikes shock E-ZPass customers
Published: Monday, September 19, 2011, 7:35 PM Updated: Monday, September 19, 2011, 8:20 PM
By Steve Strunsky/The Star-Ledger

*** begin quote ***

The Port Authority says the hike will help pay for a 10-year, $25 billion capital plan that includes redeveloping the World Trade Center, raising the Bayonne Bridge, replacing the Goethals, and overhauling the Pulaski Skyway, a plan projected to generate 131,000 jobs.

Peak hours were extended for both weekday and weekend travelers, making it more difficult for E-ZPass customers to receive the off-peak-hour discount.

Under the plan, revenues are to rise by $100 million in the first year and are projected to increase to $900 million by the 2015. Based on past experience, Zupan said the expanded peak hours aren’t likely to change commuting habits, and most people will simply forego the discount.

“The problem is, people have to go about their business and can’t change their schedules to save a buck,” or two, Zupan said.

*** end quote ***

This is absurd.

Build, or rather rebuild a pale substitute of the WTC, on the backs of the NJ commuters?

Christie should get this hung around his neck like the Florio toilet paper tax.

He had veto power.

We should be screaming like stuck pigs.

Or, shorn sheeple!

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NEWJERSEY: Gooferment Skrules transfer costs and are just wrong!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Single-family homes approved for Greenview Road, S.B.

*** begin quote ***

“Are we satisfied with 73 new homes? No.” Gambatese said. “They have the potential to bring 125 to 150 children into the school system, which is an expense. But there is not much we could do about it. We’re satisfied that we made it so that the quality of life of our residents was not ruined by the homes.”

*** end quote ***

Maybe this is a reason that the Gooferment should NOT be in the Gooferment Skrules biz?

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NEWJERSEY: Partially good; partially dumb

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

*** begin quote ***

Community Message has been issued by the South Brunswick Twp Police Department.

Monday July 11, 2011 11:20 PM EDT


A Somerset County father has been charged with second degree assault by auto and second degree child endangerment, as well as drunk driving and reckless driving following an investigation into a May 21, 2011 accident. The accident took place at the intersection of Ridge Road and New Road in the Monmouth Junction section of the Township. The accident happened when Sarathe Gunaskera age 56 of Bedminster drove his 2001 Lincoln Town Car on New Road through a stop sign and into a Ridge Road home.

The intersection requires drivers on New Road to make a left or right onto Ridge Road. At the time of the accident Gunaskera told officers he drove straight because his GPS did not tell him to turn. An investigation by Officer Monica Posteraro and the South Brunswick Traffic Safety Bureau uncovered evidence the GPS was not to blame. The investigation discovered that Gunaskera was intoxicated at the time of the crash and had just left a gathering near the scene of the crash.

The accident severely injured Gunasekera 13-year-old daughter. She suffered a head injury and multiple facial fractures. His wife was also injured in the crash suffering a severe head laceration. Both have been released from the hospital.

Gunasekera was charged after blood samples submitted to the New Jersey State Police laboratory came back showing his blood alcohol concentration was above the legal limit. The severity of the charges was increased because the accident took place within a 1,000 feet of an elementary school.

Gunasekera surrendered at South Brunswick Police headquarters at 4:20pm Monday afternoon. He was released after processing and posting $50,000 bail.

*** end quote ***

Now I think DUI with it’s numerical limits is dumb.

In this case, there was damage and injury. That’s serious stuff.

In this case, there’s restitution due to all the victims.

The case is probably open and shut. Drinking and accident with personal injury and property damage.

Should throw the book at him … …

… … but not because it was within a 1k feet of a school?

There are hospital bills and emergency services expense that need restitution.

So, “We, The Sheeple” need to be protected from this menace, but it would be interesting to see what really happens.

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NEWJERSEY: NJ politicians screw the taxpayers

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loophole Lets N.J. Pols Double Dip

*** begin quote ***

PHILADELPHIA – This may not sound new because we’ve been talking about it in Philadelphia in connection with its Deferred Retirement Option Plan, or DROP.

That has cost the pension fund millions and been abused by elected officials.

But now we’re looking at it happening in New Jersey.

Several high-ranking political leaders found a loophole allowing them to retire and then go back to work, collecting a pension and salary at the same time.

*** end quote ***

What kinda of stupidity do “We, The Sheeple” allow to go on.

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NEWJERSEY: A debate on “public unions”, sigh!

Friday, March 11, 2011

*** begin quote ***


Well, of course a libertarian would be on the side of our corporate overlords and against unions because libertarianism is the creation of billionaires who don’t want to pay taxes and who hate their workers and regard them as a nuisance to be crushed.

Teachers’ unions negotiate with school boards not the legislators, police and firefighters negotiate contracts with their supervisors, not the state legislators. According to right wingers and libertarian millionaires, public employees have no rights, should be barred from forming unions or being able to negotiate for their wages and benefits. In other words, public employees should be compliant and obedient serfs who know their places and should just shut up and go away. In other words, you lose your first amendment rights in the workplace. Sounds very un-American to me. Unions level the playing field and allow for some say of workers in their place of employment. The unionization rate for the US is about 11.9% and falling because of rampant union busting and laws which throw up road blocks to unionizing. The unionization rates in Canada and western Europe are more than double our rates and in some countries like Finland (80%+), the unionization rates are off the charts compared to us.

Union PAC money is dwarfed by corporate PAC money; the corporations can spend many times more than unions on political campaigns, especially after the Supreme Court ruling which has allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns. Exxon-Mobile alone could outspend all the unions. Corporate America has thousands of lobbyists to assault Congress, it has billions to fund politicians’ campaigns, it has direct access to the politicians, it gets invited in to write the legislation for bills (such as Medicare Part D) and it can blackmail congressmen by threatening to move their businesses out of state or out of country.

Christie and Walker want to bust unions, end of story, it has nothing to do with state budgets or deficits.

*** end quote ***

“Teachers’ unions negotiate with school boards not the legislators, police and firefighters negotiate contracts with their supervisors, not the state legislators.”

While technically correct about teacher’s unions versus school boards, you overlook that the fact is that it’s all about politics. And, the “rules” of the negotiation are set in the various legislative bodies. The legislators are beholding to the unions for contributions, free labor on campaigns, and ultimately votes.

Police and firefighters also negotiate with basically the politicians that they elected.

You can put whatever costumes and lipstick you want on it; it’s still a corrupt process that sticks the taxpayer with the bill.

“According to right wingers and libertarian millionaires, public employees have no rights”

I can only speak for one little L libertarian and no one should have more rights than any one else. No more and no less.

Permit me to ignore all the prattle about how wonderful unions are.

“Union PAC money is dwarfed by corporate PAC money; the corporations can spend many times more than unions on political campaigns”

I’m no fan of corporations. They too are a creation of the Gooferment and the system that allows them to contribute to politicians is corrupt also. “Regulatory capture” and “Political de facto bribery” are well documented.

The root cause of almost ALL problems is the Gooferment.

So why do we allow this to happen?

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NEWJERSEY: Shulz’s Law

Monday, March 7, 2011

Heard on 101.5 some politician proposing a “law”. (You all know how I feel about the word “law” as it applies to Gooferment diktats.*) This diktat enhances the penalties for anyone killing or injuring a police or rescue dog.

“Canine officers are heros.”

Now us mundanes are treated worse than a dog.

If the police dogs are out, one would assume the individual being chased is already in big trouble.

And, what really concerned me was the sloppy vocabulary. Describing a dog as being “brave”, “courageous”, or “dedicated” is just wrong. Those are human qualities that can’t be ascribed to an animal.

Politicians and bureaucrats are fuzzy thinkers. Partially because of the limitations of human language.


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* The word law doesn’t differentiate between the natural “laws” (e.g., the Law of Gravity) and man’s “law” (e.g., Diktats from the UN, Congress, State, County, Municipality, Regulatory Body, Home Owner Association, Church Governing Body, or basically any group of humans with costumes and flags). I use the word “diktat” to differentiate. A “law” can’t be broken; a “diktat” is basically a suggestion. Compare “the Law of Gravity” and the “diktat” “Thou shalt not kill”. That diktat hasn’t stopped murder, but try defying the Law of Gravity.

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NEWJERSEY: Public-sector unions are, per se, corrupt

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thursday, March 03, 2011
Public-sector unions are not the problem

*** begin quote ***

New Jersey’s public employee unions are starting to fight back by doing what working people should have been doing in this country for years. They are taking it to the streets. The teachers were in Trenton last week; today, it was the police and fire unions. Who’s next? As glad as I am to see them take to the street, we have to face the fact that these rallies lack the unity and sense of larger purpose that the Wisconsin fight has had. Workers in the Badger state face the prospect of being stripped of bargaining rights, even after giving the governor every concession he has requested. The issue there is the basic right to organize and act collectively.

*** end quote ***

“New Jersey’s public employee unions” ARE part of the problem. Part!

This a corruption.

These Unions “donate” huge amounts of money to political campaigns. Usually Democratic. They supply free labor. And, muscle.

Then, they turn the page and “negotiate” “agreements” with the politicians that they elected.

It’s always been “wrong”. But, now it’s reached absurd levels.

We need a systemic fix.

IMHO, the Gooferment should not be running or operating anything. And, certainly not extracting wealth from real people by force.

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NEWJERSEY: Behappy, the Pharoh has decided to spend our money here

Sunday, February 20, 2011

“Thanks to a recent $260,000 grant from the Department of Transportation”

It’s not like the DoT ran a bake sale to get that 260k. And, it’s not that a “bike way” might not be nice thing to have. BUTT (there’s always a big but) (1) We can’t afford it while the finances are in such disarray. That means that everything MUST wait until the Federal, State, and Local finances are back to normal. AND, (for sake of argument) let’s assume that every time a dollar passes thru a level of bureaucrats it loses half its value due to administration. So we have a dollar of taxes paid to the Federal Gooferment and it has to transit down to South Brunswick. Working back that 260k must have cost some multiple of it. 520K, 1040k, 2080k, who knows? It’s just crazy to be happy about this.

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NEWJERSEY: Revolving door?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Community Message has been issued by the South Brunswick Twp Police Department.
Friday February 11, 2011 11:21 AM EST

*** begin quote ***

At 3:25pm Thursday afternoon South Brunswick Police were called to the Target department store on Route 1 for a theft. Officers arrived and learned that Target loss prevention personnel stopped Ashley Vohdin age 27 of Metuchen as she was leaving the store with stolen baby formula. Officer Ken Herman and Officer Lazlo Nyitrai determined that two other suspects were in the parking lot waiting for Vohdin.

Officer approached the two men Brian Bomba age 31 of South River and Anthony Kunsevich age 29 of East Brunswick. Officers obtained consent to search their vehicle and discovered another 17 cans of stolen formula. In addition police recovered heroin and a syringe in the car. The officers investigation determined that the suspects had been shoplifting all day. The suspects had stolen the items from a Target and A&P in Edison prior to coming to South Brunswick. The suspects had intended on selling the formula to small stores and getting money.

A judge authorized all suspects to be released on summonses pending their first court appearances. All three were charged with possession of stolen property. Bomba and Kunsevich were charged with heroin possesion. Vohdin was charged with shoplifting

For full details, go to

Contact Information:
Sgt Jim Ryan

*** end quote ***


Does this judge live in my world?

They are addicts. They need a fix. How are they going to earn the money to get that fix.

That’s why the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” has to end. It’s stupid.

If drugs were legal, then they’d be cheap and maybe addicts wouldn’t have to steal to feed their habits.


# # # # # posted 2011-02-12 10:15

NEWJERSEY: “Private funding for public schools”; no the issue is “public” schools!

Friday, February 4, 2011

“Private funding for public schools”

*** begin quote ***

real issues — funding disparity and a segregated state –

*** end quote ***

How about the real issues:

(1) The Gooferment shouldn’t be indoctrinating future voters in worshiping at the alter of “big gooferment”.

(2) People forced to have their children taught things they find morally offensive in the name of “political correctness”.

(3) One group of folks forced to pay for the education of other people’s children — they had no vote in the decision to have children but are forced to pay for that decision.

(4) Parents are forced by geography to place and keep their children in failing schools.

(5) The infrastructure of “Gooferment Skrules” is corrupt — the Teacher’s Unions, Politicians and Bureaucrats are in an incestous relationship which screws the parents and taxpayers.

Those are the “real” issues!

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: “Double dipping” is a universal problem

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Double-dipping is common for public-sector ‘retirees’ who take on additional work
By Karen de Sá
Posted: 12/30/2010 05:13:15 PM PST
Updated: 12/31/2010 07:15:00 AM PST

*** begin quote ***

Retirement is a loosely defined term for many Silicon Valley civil servants, who as young as age 50 can begin drawing their pensions even while performing other lucrative jobs on the taxpayer dime.

Newly retired Santa Clara County Fire Chief Kenneth Waldvogel becomes the latest example next week, when he returns to work as a contractor, earning up to $108,480 for the next six months — on top of his $200,000 annual state pension — while the county searches for his replacement.

He joins five other retired Santa Clara County officials who have recently been hired back and are benefiting from a practice critics call “double-dipping.” Meanwhile, the fire chief in the city of Santa Clara has been working under such an arrangement since 2004, when he retired at 53, then immediately returned to his old job, where he continues as a part-timer earning $100 an hour.

*** end quote ***

Story’s from CA, but, rest assured, NJ has the same problem.

Clearly, pensions have to be eliminated. Every private employer has converted to 401Ks.

NJ must do the same thing.

Besides, trusting politicians with one’s retirement money is foolish.

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: The pension mess

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010
Tell me again who’s at fault for the pension mess

*** begin quote ***

The state treasurer announced today that the state pension shortfall is at an all-time high.

*** end quote ***

>It’s the shock doctrine or disaster capitalism at its best.

Be nice if these two terms were defined? Or, perhaps, these are terms d’art of the Liberal media. You can’t seriously define what has been going on in the USA since say about WW2, (although some little L libertarians woud argue the “turning point” was 1913 with the income tax, the FED, and the Seventeenth!), as “capitalism”! Maybe “mercantilism”, “federal socialism”, or “empirical nationalism”?

> We have a huge Great Recession, the worst in more than 70 years

I’d call it a depression. But then I’m out of work. So I guess since you’re drawing a check, it’s only a recessions.

>what a great opportunity to kill off public sector unions and all
>their pensions and benefits. Private sector wages have been falling or
>stagnant for years, private sector benefits and pensions have been hallowed >out or become extinct.

But weren’t public sector pensions raised when private pensions were supposedly higher? So it’s logical, that, when private pensions become “cash basis defined contribution plans”, public pensions change as well.

(Note for those that don’t read my blog, I thought that CTW’s failure to make pension contributions or address the problem was terrible. “Pensions and benefits” are a FRAUD perpetrated on the working class. Without getting into yucky details, a business can pay $X for a certain unit of work. Now out of that $X, if the business “pays” $Y for “benefits”, then the worker gets X-Y. But, their “benefits” are tied to their job. So, let’s use life insurance as a concrete example. And, let’s keep it simple, life insurance costs either the company or the employee X$. Why don’t we just let the employee buy hi s or her own Damn insurance? Cause the Gooferment, the Company, the Politicians and Bureaucrats all have a vested interest in screwing the worker. And, everyone plays along with the fiction that some how this is “better”. Not better for the worker when he or she gets laid off, downsized, or whatever euphemism for fired you want to use.)

> race to the bottom in which American workers must compete with Chinese
> or Indian workers who earn a few dollars a day and have absolutely no
> protections or benefits.

So, instead of moaning and groaning, we have to learn to compete by moving up the value chain. We have to clear the road blocks to successful competition: taxes, regulation, education, paradigms / memes, and energy.

>Teachers and other public sector workers did not cause the Great Recession

Well, maybe they did. They have permitted the dumbing down of society. And, their union is absolutely out of control in the incestuous relationship with the professional politicians. Finally, as voters, they participated in a process that was designed and accomplished the destruction of the USA.

>they will be made to pay the price for the crimes of the
> Wall Street criminals.

As we all are!

> Katrina was the disaster

of Gooferment!


We have to separate the Gooferment from “Education”. If we are to have any hope of saving “the American Experiment”.

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: Red light cameras

Thursday, December 16, 2010

S.B. once again considering red-light cameras
Route 1 intersections would be most likely locations

*** begin quote ***

Some streets in South Brunswick may soon be much safer. At the Dec. 7 Township Council meeting, council members discussed the implementation of a Red Light Running Automated Enforcement pilot program and are taking the necessary actions to move forward with the plan.

*** end quote ***

No fund raising here?

And, guaranteed to increase accidents. (Has elsewhere as folks stomp on the breaks!)

And, why not make the length of a “yellow” into standard time duration? (Answer, more tickets!)

And, why not make roads “intelligent”? (Sitting a light with no cross traffic encourages blowing; more tickets!)

And, why not focus on accident reduction? (No incentive; less tickets!)

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: Base salary of $73,469 earned $321,985. Where do I apply?

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Audit: NJ Turnpike Wasted Millions On Perks
Updated: Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010, 8:55 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 19 Oct 2010, 10:27 PM EDT

*** begin quote ***

MYFOXNY.COM – Auditors say the New Jersey Turnpike Authority wasted $43 million on unneeded perks and bonuses. In one case, an employee with a base salary of $73,469 earned $321,985 when all payouts and bonuses were included.

*** end quote ***

No one should ever have a salary greater than the President or the Governor.

In this case, it’s fraud. If I was the executive or the auditor, I’d want to see time sheets. Did this person ever get sick? It’s at best abuse. Worst, fraud!


# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: Even the liberals are getting restless

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Guess that about sums it all up!

# # # # #

NEWJERSEY: “Pivatize” DMV; just return it to the Insurance Companies

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christie looks to privatize motor vehicle inspections, other services
Friday, July 9, 2010 Last updated: Thursday July 8, 2010, 10:20 PM

*** begin quote ***

New Jersey would close its centralized car inspection lanes and motorists would pay for their own emissions tests under a sweeping set of recommendations set to be released by the Christie administration today. State parks, psychiatric hospitals and even turnpike toll booths could also be run by private operators, according to the 57-page report on privatization obtained by The Star-Ledger. Preschool classrooms would no longer be built at public expense, state employees would pay for parking and private vendors would dish out food, deliver health care and run education programs behind prison walls.

*** end quote ***

So, now, libertarians in training, pay close attention to another lesson in Gooferment!

Why is the State involved at all in “car inspection”?

Yes, little Johnny, you had your hand up first.

“To steal wealth from the people while forcing them to do what the State wants them to do!”

Verrrry gooood.

Before we had Gooferment car inspections, we people killing themselves deliberately in unsafe cars? Were innocents being killed or injured by unsafe cars? As a matter of fact, if you caused an accident, your lawyer would have to defend that claim in a court. If the plaintiff (i.e., plain “tiff” which is a computer picture format. Funny?) could prove that the defendant’s car was a POS, then the jury would punish plaintiff. And, plantiff’s insurance company. (Do you see where I am going here?)

Fast forward to today. All accidents are “no fault” and the State inspect your car that we all pay for in our taxes.

Who won on that proposition?

Insurance companies (transferring their costs to the taxpayer), politicians (rewarded by the insurance companies while they had contracts and jobs to give their friends), and bureaucrats (who had cushy jobs to earn big bucks and big pensions).

And, “We, The People” get our wealth stolen, while we still have to check our own cars for safety on a regular basis.

(BTW — By The Way — for extra credit, why not take a stab at guessing how the new and used car dealers felt about “mandatory inspections”? Just follow the money and it will all be revealed to you.)

Following along the same logic.

What would happen if “Governor Christie” really wanted to “privatize”?

“My fellow Taxpayers: There’s no reason for the State of New Jersey to be involved in the current auto scam at the behest of the Insurance Companies. So effective <Pick your favorite date. July 4th 2011?> People will be responsible for themselves, their actions, and the consequences of those actions. Good bye ‘no fault’ accidents. Should you have an accident. The police will arrest all involved who can not prove they have adequate in-force insurance. Those arrested will have adequate opportunity to post bond *in the amount of the accident’s cost. I have directed by my Commissioner of Insurance to come up with an easily understood table mapping the number of cars, number of injured, number of killed, and estimated property damage to the bond amount. (In all but the simplest fender benders, it will be in the millions. So if I were you I’d get insurance. Insurance companies, who are recognized by the State as deserving and credit worthy, will be allowed to sell drivers ‘insurance’. Proof of such insurance will be accepted by the police at accidents to be evidence of fiscal responsibility and allow the drivers to proceed without arrest. It will be responsibility of the Insurance company to identify the drivers they insure, the cars then insure, and all processes concerning that. The Gooferment will operate the police and courts as before. OK, now let’s stay safe out there.”

The Taxpayers wouldn’t be subsidizing the Insurance Companies. The politicians and bureaucrats wouldn’t be getting rich off us either.

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NEWJERSEY: Kyleigh’s Law a big mistake

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kyleigh’s Law a big mistake
July 10, 2010
Kendall Park

*** begin quote ***

The law is much too strict, with the costs far outweighing benefits. Our legislators have spent considerable time and manpower on passing this bill. The law was passed in hopes of reducing teen driving fatalities, an admirable goal. There are approximately 5,000 teenage driving deaths per year, a large number alone but when in comparison to the total numbers not as bad.

*** end quote ***

I agree, Jake. But see you’ll learn that three things motivate politicians: rewarding their friends, punishing their enemies, and feathering their own nests. And, I’m not sure as to the correct order. In this case, the politicians and bureaucrats “win”. You can’t vote, and usually don’t, so who cares if your rights are infringed. The costumed thugs, masquerading as police, get to steal more wealth. And, obviously, we need more bureaucrats to support this diktat, who turn around and vote religiously for their patron sainted politician. My biggest fear is that the Gooferment has put a huge bullseye on young drivers. If I’m a criminal, who should I target. Reminds me of when the (imaginary) State of Florida removed all rental car identification and aggressive tourist-injuring “hot” car thefts dropped dramatically. So, if I had a child, I wouldn’t permit them to put this modern day “Star of David” on any car they drove.

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NEWJERSEY: We’re number two — in expensive insurance

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 10 Most Expensive States to Insure Your Automobile
by DR WRITER on JUNE 16, 2010

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But then there’s one variable a driver sadly can’t do much to change and that’s geography. Here are the ten states in which it’s most expensive to insure a motor vehicle (Criteria was identical across all states):

District of Columbia – Perhaps due to its #2 spot on the list of worst traffic gridlocks, residents of our nation’s capital can expect to pay an average of $1,140 in insurance premiums each year.

New Jersey – In the Garden State, an annual premium of $1,104 is typical.

*** end quote ***


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NEWJERSEY: An attack on First, Second, and Fifth Amendments

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Jersey Politicians Want A List of NRA Members and their Employers!

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In a blatant attempt by entrenched New Jersey politicians to strong arm citizens who oppose their re-election, Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-14) and her co-sponsors have introduced legislation which would require certain contributors to issue advocacy organizations, including the NRA, to have their names, addresses and their employers information sent to the government. A2595, if passed, will mandate that any issue advocacy organization classified under IRS Code as a 501(C) (3), 501 (C) (4) or 527 that engages in the election or defeat of any person to State or local elective office; the passage or defeat of any public question; or that provides political information on any candidate, must submit the names and addresses of contributors and their employers to the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

*** end quote ***


Is she, and the political elite, out of their minds?

Does she support “listing” the Teacher’s Union membership? Name and address!

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NEWJERSEY: “Public Education” is immoral

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Voucher hypocrisy

*** begin quote ***

Bret Schundler jumps into the voucher hypocrisy pool, dismissing stats that contradict his claims and call into question his proposals.

*** end quote ***

Don’t you think that Gooferment-run schools propagandizing future voters is immoral?

Don’t you think that funding them by stealing wealth from unwilling victims is immoral?

Don’t you think ripping children from their families and imprisoning them for many hours a day for decades being “taught” to be good little robots is immoral?

Don’t you think allowing the Teachers’ Union to become an overpowering force in politics is immoral?

Don’t you think that “public education” in the inner cities (a failure by any measure) is immoral?

Answer those then we can chat about how it’s ineffective and inefficient.

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