EVLYNN: 10,500 ml of my best platelets donated

Friday, August 22, 2014

I was able to donate a “triple”. 10,500 ml of my best platelets. (Laff! Since it’s about 95% of my platelets, it must include my “best”. Fret not, the body replaces them in 24 hours.) I’m told that’s enough to help 6 people. Or more, if the “bank” is short, then I presume they “cut” them. Ev’s bags ranged from a low of 190 ml to a high of 320 ml.

Feel free to join in. It’s truly the “gift of life”.

One of the regulars was a “no show”, so can you fill in?

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EVLYNN: Death and grief is universal

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


When a Spouse Dies Abroad
Compounding the grief of loss are mountains of paperwork.

*** begin quote ***

When I finally reemerged, something about me was different. I was less afraid of how I appeared to others and more certain of how I wanted to live. Perhaps I was a little more reckless too. I became more creative. I painted a lot, something I’d let slide with the arrival of my children. You could say that I became more selfish, but as a consequence I also became stronger, and that made me more useful to others.

There is something about the lack of choice in the whole process of grief, the sheer overwhelming power of it—it rushes in like a huge wave, and in the end it forces surrender. From that surrendered state, answers did eventually arrive, but through a very different door than the questions. They came in stealthily. I am not sure precisely when, but I started to find that the questions mattered less. My anger subsided. Gradually I became aware of the everyday happiness of being alive again.

That simple, everyday happiness is not a mundane idea. It is really life’s essence. While I felt, and still feel, that life, like the ocean, can be treacherous, it is also vast and beautiful. It fills me with wonder.

*** end quote ***

Death, any death, is traumatic.

The closer the relative the harder it is.

And closing an estate is often easier said than done.

In the end, all you have is the sadness and loneliness of the “missing”.


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EVLYNN: Blood Drive – 14 pints collected

Tuesday, July 1, 2014



2 off the street and a few drivers too this year – Matt did the Alex again so that gave us some extra!

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Excellent job. 

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EVLYNN: Yet another sad day in my life

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Easier said than done!

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EVLYNN: Jacki’s doing a blood drive on Ev’s birthday. 7/1/14

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jacki’s doing a blood drive on Ev’s birthday. If anyone’s interested?

July 1 2014
5 Industrial Drive
New Brunswick NJ 0890
11:30 to 5:30

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I’d be most appreciative for your help!

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EVLYNN: Donated 2 more bag of platelets today

Friday, August 23, 2013

Donated 2 more bags today!

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EVLYNN: Donated a “double” today

Friday, April 26, 2013

They didn’t have the usual setup today so everything was “approximated”. Hence, they were only taking singles and doubles today. DRAT!

Due to my “superior qualifications” as a “cow”, they were able to “milk” me for a double.

That translates to four bags of platelets for someone who needs them.

They find it harder to get platelet donors than whole blood donors. 

(Hey, it’s hard work hooked up to one of these “dumb” boxes. And, you have to sort of focus, “squeeze the little ball on the draw, and relax on the return”. Over, and over, and over. For about 2+ hours. Fortunately, I’m a good layer around. Today, I listed to all my @tswift13 music.)

Any way, that brings me to 70/75 bags replaced.

Never let it be said that I let Our Girl down with an unkept promise.

(But my butt still hurts!)


Join me next month?

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EVLYNN: Funny story yesterday

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For the better part of almost a year now. I roll out of bed, shape up, and go to work arriving between 7 and 8 AM.

Clock work!

So on Monday, knowing I’d be late, I could my senior coworker and my Boss.

Went to Mass.

Come out and turn on my phone and berry. They start to have a nervous breakdown. Email, calls, texts! 

Did the building burn down? Did our pool with the lotto? Was there an asteroid on its way to 22102?


My coworkers missed me at my appointed time and feared the worst.

They were getting ready to send a expedition over to the condo to see if I died in my sleep.

(LAFF, I should be so lucky!)

And, they even involved my senior coworker, who forgot about the conversation.


I guess they are creatures of habit too and you’re not allowed to deviate from the norm.

Maybe next year, they’ll remember.

I thought it was quite touching and funny.

It was the cherry on a lousy morning!

(Or should that be mourning?)

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EVLYNN: February 26, 2011 — a day that I’ll never forget

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Evlynn Marie Mahoney Reinke
(July 1, 1947 – February 26, 2011)

# – # – #  

What can I say?

My life changed that day.

And the rush for the finish line began. 

To catch up.

It’s like … missing an essential part of what was “me”.

I don’t know how other folks doit.

One foot in from of the other, I guess.

No sympathy; no pity needed.

I have a great 40+ years. More than most; less than some.

I only regret the days I didn’t treasure what I had.

This ends what I call the “yucky season” — starts are Halloween (She loved the kids at the door and always made a game out of it!) and end at the end of February. Only bad day the rest of the year is 7/1 her birthday.

“This too shall pass.” 

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The phrase appears in the works of Persian Sufi poets, such as Sanai and Attar of Nishapur. Attar records the fable of a powerful king who asks assembled wise men to create a ring that will make him happy when he is sad, and vice versa. After deliberation the sages hand him a simple ring with the words “This too will pass” etched on it, which has the desired effect.

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EVLYNN: 19 left to go

Sunday, January 27, 2013

On Friday, I was able to donate a double. Wonder why? Used to be good for a triple every visit. At this pace, I won’t complete until November. Wonder if I eat more spinich? Any experts on what drives platelet production? Time to do some google medicine searches.

Argh! Sad and fustrating.


EVLYNN: Got a lesson from the Universe today

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In feeling blue about Frau Reinke’s passing …

… today, the Universe delivered a lesson. I saw a man feeding his wife a hot dog. She was confined to a wheelchair and shook uncontrollably. Obviously in the late stages of Parkinson’s. She was obviously totally dependent on him for her care. And, he was lovingly and diligently feeding her. (Give him a lot of credit.)

So that was my lesson!

Frau Reinke would have been crazed to be like that. And, it would have been infinitely harder work for me to do that for her. (I would have but it would have been a lot harder and emotional for both of us.

So the Universe said today, “It could have been a lot worse for both of you.”

And showed me.

I’m glad she didn’t have to suffer like that.

And, I’m “fine as silk”. :-(

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EVLYNN: Remember those ratty shoes you were after me to toss?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DSCN0091 DSCN0092

… I threw them in the garbage today. Pleased?

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EVLYNN: Today I stopped at the store …

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Del Monte grapefruit was on sale 2 cans for $3. Her favorite. It made me very sad.


EVLYNN: The proposal

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Earlier, I wrote about how I knew I had found the girl I was gonna marry. It was obvious to me. I broke up with a beautiful girl I was dating. And, I signed off another girl I had seen from time to time. (Yes, watch the quiet ones. Treat the gals nice and they’ll over look all sorts of shortcomings in looks, charisma, and character.)

On her birthday that year, I proposed. And, she promptly said “No!”. No hint of a smile. No hint of disgust. No hint of shock.

# – # – #

Correction: It wasn’t on her birthday. It was in the Fall of 1967. I don’t know why I was confused about the date. Should have written it down. Should have written a lot of things down.

# – # – #

In a trembling voice, I asked if that meant she no longer wanted to see me. And, she promptly said “No!”.

I asked for an explanation because I was crushed. She explained that it was too soon, too many things were outstanding, to many clouds in our way. And, not on her birthday! She wanted a special day.

So I took the ring — of course, I had a beautiful, but small, ring in my pocket that I had picked out by myself without telling anyone — back to the jeweler. Paid the 10% “rental” on the $1200. And the old guy asked about it, he said: “She sounds like a great girl. You pretend she said yes. Assume it. And, eventually she’ll see what a good guy you are. And come back when you’re ready to propose again.” Yeah right. He made a $120 a pop dispensing that advice.

But, I was hooked. Line and sinker.

I later found out that my Mom had spoken to her Mom and they had agreed I had to finish school first. So her Mom had a conversation with her. When this all transpired, I was oblivious. Guess it was obvious to the women folk.

Some time later, when it was getting close to completion, my semester grade’s came in. At that point, I had enough credits and GPA to take my degree whenever I wanted it. (Remember the VietNam war was raging. And, I had a deferment for school.) She let me know that she would entertain another proposal. All she said was: “Remember your proposal? It’s time to try again.” With that sparkle of trickster, vamp, and Irish entertainer.

Hey, I’m not easy, I made her wait a month.

Pete Gunston, Andre Straza, and I were all in that same state — impending engagement. So, we decided that a triple engagement date would be a good idea. (Never considering what it would mean if one, two, or three would refuse? I was reasonable sure I could, would, might close my “deal”. But with a crazy headstrong Irish colleen, it was never assured.) So we planned a movie and dinner afterwards. Fancy restaurant reservations.

We met at the movie theater.


The boys paid. It was more expensive because it was midtown NYC, “premiere no passes no senior citizen discount”, and it just was. I member 8$ / head. We got popcorn and stuff. (I ALWAYS get pop corn.) And, sat down. I remember the opening. Jane Fonda, who was not hard on the eyes, disrobes in a zero gravity space ship. (Interesting concept. Which I was interested in studying. Just from an engineering perspective mind you. A woman’s bust unconfined in zero gravity does what?)

Our Girl had seen enough to know where it was going. She stands up, and in a loud voice, says: “I’ve seen enough. I’m leaving.”

Of course, I was a few feet behind. Followed by our companions. (I’m not sure if the other young ladies would have led the walk out but they were sure ready to follow her.) The rest is a little bit of a blur. I remember a ferocious Irish Princess convincing the theater manager to refund the ticket prices. And, the comment that this movie was improperly rated. “XXX” was her assessment.

I believe I was told that “I’ll tell you when it’s time for you to see such things.” (Boobs?) She never did tell me; guess she just forgot.

So “plans are meaningless; planning is everything”. The men regrouped. We end to a chinese restaurant for appetizers to await our reservation time. To fill the time, the rings were presented and we were three for three. Went on to dinner, and laughed a lot about the walk out.

Later in the evening, privately, she said she was surprised at the choice of movie and “I was disappointed that you were not first up and out. It was so unlike you.” I explained my engineering interest in the topic so I was temporarily “distracted”. She said: “Grow up they’re just breasts.”

But we were engaged. Of course, we were back by 1230 for the 1AM curfew. And, we sat on the landing at 39W8, her Mom opened the door and said: “I see your home on time. I’m going to bed. Don’t stay out here all night.” I knew my status had changed. How it had changed! We exchanged … ideas about the future that night. And she scooted in before too long.

But, after that, I always checked out the movie before I would take her.

The girl had grit, standards, and a fierce independent streak.

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EVLYNN: In a cowboy saloon restaurant

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hi John,

I read the obit you sent for Evlynn. I was so sorry to hear of her passing. I remember meeting your wife several times on our business trips and always thought how special a person she was. For some reason a trip to Orlando sticks out where Alan Bowden and I took you and your wife to some kind of cowboy saloon restaurant.

I just wanted to tell you I’m thinking about you during this difficult time.


# – # – #

Thanks, Gary. I forgot about that. She loved music. Even what I’d call “goat roper”. Guess she and Alan are laughing about it now. Sigh!

# # # # #

Thanks, Gary. She loved music. Any kind! We were inseparable. Now, I have to travel “my last mile” alone. It’s something I knew was coming. We always knew she was going to leave early. That’s why she filed for her Social Security as soon as she was eligible. Even though from an after tax perspective it made no sense. But it was “her money”, the taxes came out of “our money” or “my money”. ROFL. Maybe it did make sense. She pulled the wool over my eyes again. I think it was the smile in her eyes. Bewitched me.

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EVLYNN: Nothing seemed impossible with Ev on your side

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dear John,

I didn’t know. Thank you for letting me know. Ev was so special — I would have written that “she was the dream team” and not “a member of the dream team.” Nothing seemed impossible with Ev on your side. Didn’t realize how hard and serious her health battle was.

From our brief exchange, she seemed pleased with her life. Not so many can say that. And you must miss her terribly.

She’ll be in my prayers and in my thoughts. I sent the clipping to my sister who played on Benedictine’s basketball team — our arch rival. Ev was loved by all!


# – # – #

[JR: Thanks for those kind words. I'm not surprised. That she always minimized her own health and that she understated her role in the HFA victories. And, I always felt nothing was impossible. Except we never did hit that multi-million progressive. So I guess some things WERE impossible.]

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From: john
To: Jane
Sent: Fri Mar 04 10:20:47 2011
Subject: Passing along some sad news.

Dear Ms. Jane,

I’m just going through all the old email and cleaning up. If you hadn’t heard, I just wanted you to know that Ev passed. She enjoyed catching up with you. Just wanted you to know, she was pleased.

Donna Nobis Pacem,

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EVLYNN: My Dear Friend Evy By Marge

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


My Dear Friend Evy
By Marge

Sometimes when people express their love for someone that they have lost start out by saying one word could describe so and so. Not true in this case, there are so many words that describe our Evy. Her love for her family and friends and especially for her “Johnny”. She loved her kids, from the time they were little to grown, and when their children came along the love grew even more. Her generosity was never ending, always seeing and making sure everybody had everything they wanted or needed. Even people she didn’t know, reading a newspaper article of someone who was in need, she would find out a way to help. She was always considerate of your feelings, a good listener, she could even name all my brothers and sisters and I’m one of 12! If I mentioned a niece or nephew she knew what sibling they belonged to. That’s a true friend, one who listens. I’m sure you have many words of your own that describe Evy, but here are a few that ring to mind when I think of Evy. Easy going, friendly, funny, hard working, honest, kind, smart, wise, moral, compassionate, selfless, optimistic, trustworthy, positive, loyal, bright, cheerful, out going, lucky, big hearted, down to earth, a peace maker, always a lady, gracious, a fighter to the bitter end, Irish, but the most of all loved. I’m sure I’ll think of many more. We all have great memories and our own words to remember Evy, we’ll never forget you Evy, you will be truly missed my dear friend.

# # # # #

EVLYNN: Our song Leaving On A Jet Plane By Peter, Paul, and Mary

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Leaving On A Jet Plane
By Peter, Paul, and Mary

A hit that became “our song” when I received my draft notice and joined the Air Force. We had became engaged. We were saving ourselves and money for the wedding and to start a life together. But were waiting to actually marry until after I graduated from Manhattan. Promises made to the two Moms. Then, I was drafted immediately. This was another delay. We, really me, but she agreed, decided that we had to wait until we had some stability. I could be going to be cannon fodder in Viet Nam. So, in January when I got notice for a 01 February 1970 induction, this became our song. Absence would either make the heart grow fonder or else. A great wind can blow out a match or fan a forest fire. We were both afraid the separation would kill what we had. Or even worse, it would kill me leaving her behind. So the song really captured what we were both feeling. Even later in life, it made us closer. If such was possible.

# – # – #

” … … Oh babe, I still hate to go.”

# # # # #

EVLYNN: Memories By Jacki Bleacher Morales

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By Jacki Bleacher Morales

So, today was a very hard day. I sit here thinking of all the things that Evlynn has taught me , helped me with, helped me thru, helped my children with and helped my children thru. I truly have thousands of memories. I am so lucky because I have double memories. I have work and family memories. We have laughed and cried together,talked for hours on the phone together, shopped together, taught the kids how to drive together. We watched them get their drivers licenses together. We watched them play on the beach a million times, Mom/Auntie Ev come in the water a million times. Let’s play cards, lets walk the board walk, lets play games a million time- frogs lets play frogs & goofy water balloon games. Trying to win ~ oh how she won~ just about every time. A toy for every kid, no kid left out as that wouldn’t be fair. I think Christmas was her favorite time of the shopping year. Toys R Us was her favorite spoil zone. LOL ! She loved to spoil them all, no matter what it was they wanted that year we seemed to find it. Every Christmas Eve- Chinese take out and then a thousand times can we do presents, please please please. That was her favorite part of the night. Watching the boys opening their gifts. We watched them play football & baseball & soccer. Plays and little shows and Graduations. We watched them grow up together, she never left me, she never left them. I am thankful for all that she taught me as a young professional. I learned so much from her and was one of my biggest fans when I decided to go back to school for my degree.

I am so thankful that she was in my life. She was the most generous person I have ever known. I miss her already. She gave me so many things, but one thing is in my China Cabinet, she gave me a decorated frame with a saying in it; she gave it to me at her party she threw after her first long stay in the hospital it reads:

Friends Forever

Friends stand by each other in times of sadness and times of joy. You have always been around to make me smile and to keep the tears away. Thank you for being a great friend. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Funny she should give this me when it was her that helped me keep a lot of tears away.

So, to my Dear Sweet Mrs. Reinke/Ev/Auntie Ev- I say thank you for being my Best Friend for so many years. Love you always & forever. Jacki

# – # – #

Cathy Joyce | February 27, 2011

Jackie that is so beautiful. I am so sorrry for your loss. You and your sons were a source of pride and joy for Ev. You have been a dear and true friend! God bless you.

# # # # #

EVLYNN: Transcription of her speech at her joyous “Got Well” party

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

After escaping Saint Peter’s Hospital after her first brush with death — CHF, heart attack, and unexplained blood loss that just “stopped on its own”, she decided to have a party. In the hospital, she was sad that she’d never had a chance to say “thanks, i love you” to a bunch of people. She was going to fix that. Since she was walking and talking I was happy. Confused (What else was new?), but happy? So I say: “OK! What would you like to do?”

She, with that impish gleaming smile that all Irish girls can unleash when they really want to turn a man to putty or something else, said: “I want a ‘Thank You’ party where I give out some gifts.” “Like a Christmas Party?” “No more formal.” “Like a wedding reception. With everyone happy.” “OK, a wedding reception, without a bride and groom, where you give the gifts. Sure, we can do that.” “And, I want all the pictures of my life lined up for everyone to see how lucky and blessed I’ve been.” “OK.” “And, I want to pay for it out of my money. And, you can’t change anything.” “OK, for you Princess, anything.” … and I don’t have to pay anything. Sounded to good to be true. So she threw herself into it. And, pulled it off. I was pushed out and the woman folk took over.

At the party, I find out she’s written a little speech.

Here’s that speech recreated from her notes.


To all our friends and extended families:

We are extremely fortunate to have all of you in our lives. Cherished memories we have of all the good times out smiles on our faces every time we think of them.

First, I would like to thank everyone for coming. It means a lot to me to see all my family and friends.

I would like to begin by thanking some people who couldn’t be with us today. Mainly, my parents Peg and Jack.

We didn’t grow up with a lot of money, but we knew we were loved. And, they instilled in us a great sense of caring and charing. Also, discipline was a “big” word in my Mom’s vocabulary and I thank God everyday for having wonderful parents.

Also, John’s grandparents “Grandma & Grandpa” who loved everyone unconditionally.

A cute story about Grandma. Everyone called her “grandma”. My nephew Scott had a black friend named Eric. One day Scott and Eric rode their bikes to my house. I asked what they were up to. Eric said: “Oh we just visited Grandma!”

One of my treasured compliments in life was when Grandpa Ed told me “I was a good little driver for a girl”.

Next, I would like to thank John’s Mom for raising a caring and loving son. She worked very hard to see that he received a great education. My Mom told me when I met the guy I was to marry make sure he and his mom have a strong relationship because how he treats his mom is how he will treat you. So please raise glasses and toast Marge for a job well done. Also to Diddy, John, and Patti for always being their (sic) for John as he was growing up.

To Aunt Kay, for always sending special cards for all occasions. We always look forward to receiving them.

Aunt Jenette, my Godmother, for letting me eat lunch every school day at her house when Mom was working.

Now Scott. My favorite memories of Scott growing up was playing catch. One day I made the mistake of doing play by play as we were throwing the ball. I’d say: “Ball hit to Silvay. Throw to Reinke at first. Batter out.” Well from that day forward we could never play catch unless we did the play by play. Also we would be out there for hours and I’d get tired so I’d start throwing the ball over his head, or way to his left, and make him chase the ball. It took him a long time before he realized what I was doing. Based on this story, (giving him a picture of her brother Jack with Scott who was wearing a baseball uniform) I hope when you look at his picture, it will remind you of the hours we played catch.

Megan. The best memory is our trip to California where Megan got introduced to Dungeoness crabs and we would go to the warf every day and have crabs for lunch. After SanFran, we went to LA and Meg’s big thing was to visit Hard Rock Cafes. As we walked in, Meg saw a denim jacket with the Hard Rock logo on it. We got seated for lunch and Meg scarfed down her hamburger and fries. She said: “Auntie Ev, can I go see how much the jacket is?” I said sure. She comes back and says: “It’s only 80 dollars.” Folks that’s almost 20 years ago. $80 was a lot of money. I said we’d have to think about it. On the way out, softy Uncle John hands Meg $100 and says “Get the jacket.” Well that jacket was worth the money. She wore it everywhere and was the only one at school with it. Every time she wore it, people would ask where we got it. In keeping with tradition, Madison please come up here and see Auntie Ev. (Giving her a Hard Rock jean jacket)

Jacki. What can I say. We laughed, cried, and laughed again. My fondest memories are at the beach house where every summer you’d swear you were not going home but staying at the beach. Also our late hour runs to the boardwalk to get zeppoles.Here is a token of our friendship that I cherish very much. Also, thanks to Jackie’s Mom, Salie, for raising a caring and generous daughter.

To my buds CJ and Matt. For keeping me young. All our after school chats. Our trips to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, the Sub Shop, Confects. And all the fun times at the beach house. Uncle John and I love you very much and are glad you are part of our lives.

Last but not least. John. What can I say? How could one girl from Bayonne get so lucky to find a terrific husband. On our wedding day, you told me how important our vows meant. In sickness and in health. Well health was good for a short time. In sickness, you were there every day for hours at the hospital through every procedure making sure I got the best of care.

For richer or poorer. We were pretty poor in the beginning. Military didn’t pay a lot. Remember on our way home to visit our parents, we would sing in the car: “We don’t have a barrel of money, maybe we’re ragged and funny, but we’ll travel along side by side.”

For richer. You have provided a freat life for us. All our vacations. Anything I want, all I have to say and you get for it me.

Also you have been very generous in helping family members in need. Never asking questions.

So here is a gift (an inscribed watch) that I hope that every time you look at it you will remember just how much I love you and I thank God every night for bringing you into my life.

– 30 –

[JR: This is her recollection. I'm sure there are some 'memory errors' that diminish her role, and magnify mine.]

# # # # #

EVLYNN: Stories captured

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stories from yday

  • poncho
  • take a something to ensure coming back
  • smoke breaks
  • alaska cruise
  • weldotron spreadsheets
  • passbook banking
  • post-tax Principal Financial check
  • young couple aruba
  • grandma at turning stone
  • Marion in VT
  • Barnstable airport
  • fight at Carswell over transfer seeking to Ohio
  • 299$ three rooms of furniture
  • Langley mortgage; how will we pay for it
  • 60k at Geico in 1972; please stay
  • 28/1 team
  • mystery diagnosis: 63 day at SP, 45 days at RWJ, 75 days at RWJ
  • Fremont kitchen
  • tuberculosis; 6 months of rioazmid(?)
  • “Just one day, I’d like …”
  • Hawaii for her Mom
  • The envelope system
  • saving for our wedding
  • buying the Nova; half and half
  • Her walker
  • Father Capano take the uniform money for chairs
  • Lucky Chair #5
  • Her reaction to BLOODDOC#5 “not assertive”
  • “I’d be disappointed …”
  • “”Evlynn Marie””
  • “No, I won’t marry you. We can be friends.” 7/1 year after.
  • “Don’t make a fuss.”
  • HORSE with her “boys”
  • Food shopping with Russ and Bob
  • Call to come home; return with care packages
  • Ski trip before marriage; Hunter Mountain with Kattie and Gene
  • “”We had to get married.”” at Christmas time
  • “Your girlfriend doesn’t write”
  • Riding bike, she told us.
  • Security briefing
  • Cop that followed her home
  • In a West Virginia wedding
  • Fort Meade commissary
  • Luck faded over the years
  • Eric jacket
  • Losing Megan
  • Frenchy forgetting Megan
  • Pete’s condolence call

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EVLYNN: The First Story

Monday, February 28, 2011

First Thoughts … …

By F John Reinke

Blame it all on Cathy Gauthier Joyce. She went got married as all young girls are want to do. And, she invited her workmates to join. Two agreed. Hey, weddings are great places to pick up guys, right? No, girls don’t think that way, but back to the story. So, these two Bayonne girls think nothing of hopping a bus to the city and train to the end of the line. Pop out the station and you’re at Good Shepherd Church. (Those who have succumbed to reading my massive ego trip will recognize that locale.) And, they’re there for the wedding.

Since it’s a small wedding and Irish, they were immediately welcomed into the family. As if they’d never left. You have met Momma Diddy? And, they both knew one of the bosses, Mrs. Reinke, from AT&T, they did not feel out of place. Especially after Big John pronounced Mary Serizwold, Sir-Iz_wald, Serrizzewald, (OK, Mary with the big miggupies in my fat old white guy injineer terms.) as an official Irish lass, they were part of the family. You have met Big John right?

Despite pleadings of the family to join in the party, and sticking to their guns that they had to get home before curfew. Using the excuse that they had a long long trek, despite being given their choice of chauffeurs Mickey’s son John or Diddy’s son Peter, they demurred. Aunt Pattie and Aunt Rita were offered as chaperones. To prevent any appearance of impropriety. And, Mrs. Reinke would call both their Moms personally and immediately to get approval of the arrangement. They still persisted to take the Subway. So some of the wedding guests escorted them to the Subway, through the turnstiles — paying the token each — and stood with them on the platform. The train departed with everyone waving. These two young girls escaped the Venus fly trap and made it home safely.

(I have no reports of their reactions, discussions, or impressions. But later, any time the topic was discussed in the presence of Ms. Mahoney and Ms. Serizwald, there were looks between them, followed by hysterical laughter, and a joint trip to the ladies room. Some how, I don’t think they were impressed.)

The new Mrs. Joyce returns from the honeymoon and goes back to work. This fat old white guy injineer wanted to date a “foreign” girl. Jersey was pretty foreign. I’d dated young ladies from all over the “globe”. From as far south as Dykman Avenue and as far North as Crestwood NY (a glorified ritzy suburb of Yonkers). So as the man said “Go West, Young Man.” Where the wild women are. I asked my cousin, the new Mrs. Joyce, to be the Irish version of a Shadchen, what the uninformed would call a Yenta, you know a Matchmaker.

(At this point in the story there is a substantive disagreement on the facts of the matter. The two young ladies who might be crudely described by a less gentlemanly person as myself, as Gams and Muggupies. Shocking I know but there are males out there who do think that way. Or so I am told. I don’t know any like that. Nor would I associate with such that would do that. I’m sure that knowing my proclivities, I would have requested Muggupies; not Gams. The only other party to the transaction, Mrs. Joyce, insists I requested Gams. This issue is still in dispute. I assert that somewhere in this, someone’s thumb was on the scale. Ms. Joyce, being friends with both young women, may have had an agenda. Perhaps punishing her cousin for using such labeling. Perhaps now as an “old” married women, she knew what was best. Perhaps even there may have been some collusion, like a female tribal meeting, where some decision was made in the best interest of Little Johnny Reinke.)

After several reminders, she inquired if Ms. Mahoney would accept a call from Little Johnny Reinke. (Here too there is a further dispute as to the facts of the matter. Ms. Mahoney always maintained she was just doing Mrs. Joyce a favor to stop her cousin’s nagging. A pity date. On the other had, Ms. Joyce alleges that Ms. Mahoney was very eager and willing date such a young, handsome, and employed Little Johnny Reinke. Credibility is left to the jury.) In any event, a phone number was released. The call made. And the date set.

On the appointed date and time, Little Johnny Reinke arrives at the Eighth Street apartments, and presents himself. Upon admission, he introduces himself to the family, presents flowers to Mrs Mahoney, and a small corsage to Miss Mahoney. After the chit chat, the details of the date were discussed: displayed tickets for the 2030 show at Rockefeller Center movie theater. (I forget what we saw? Who was looking at the screen. She was a knock out.) Dinner before hand at (I forget the name — I think it was the Irish Pub on 48th and Sixth.) a name restaurant. Return was promised promptly 0005 hours. This late hour was necessitated by the movie and Rockettes stage show. With the caveat that there can always be traffic, but since we could use any of the Hudson River crossings that should not be a problem. If it was, one of us would call asap. The date happened.

(Here too there are disputes as to the facts of the matter. Miss Mahoney has asserted that Little Johnny Reinke never shut up and gave her a headache. Little Johnny Reinke still asserts that it was a pleasant non-committal evening. As a defense, Little Johnnie Reinke points to his reputation as the silent type. Neither party has ever commented as to what happened at the apartment door upon return.)

A second date was proposed. When Miss Mahoney asked what young Johnny Reinke had in mind. (Hey, out of the gutter. This was the mid-sixties PRIOR to “free love” hippie movement.) Little Johnny Reinke suggested joining a few of his friends at their usual Saturday hang out, The Red Garter in the West Village. He continued that his friends were the most courtly, considerate, and gentlemanly men of good character that she’d ever meet. And, that there would be at least two other young women there. Ms. Maire (who pronounced like French) and (What was the name of the Mountie that Fanning was dating?) For some reason, Miss Mahoney asked about the gentlemen and Little johnny Reinke described without hesitation. Then when asked why, Miss Mahoney disclosed the fact that she and her girl friends may have been there over the last two years. (Drinking age in NY 18; NJ 21) And, while she might quibble about some of the adjectives, she felt comfortable the venue. And the date locked in.

Blah, blah, flowers for Mom, small corsage for Miss Mahoney. Public transportation was to be used; Mom was given the keys. Since there was the very slight chance that some small modest amount of alcohol MIGHT consumed for the purposes of being sociable. And, since that was in and of itself dangerous, public transit was planned. As such, the 1205 curfew might have to be flexible since we were leaving at 1800, grabbing a snack, and our expected participation in the venue’s entertainment was to conclude at 2300, train delays might need to be expected. But, either Miss Mahoney or myself would call should that happen.

(Now again there are disputes about the facts of the matter.) Some witnesses recount it as the 60’s version of Girls Gone Wild; others described it as an Americanized version of a pre-Hitler German beer hall musical. Personally, due to the amounts and types of beverages consumed, as well as copious peanuts which further distorted the measurement, I don’t recall the details — there was table dancing, there was close contact due to the crowding, and there was ample time for conversation as long as there was mouth to ear or mouth to mouth contact. Exactly what was discussed and for how long is disputed. Miss Mahoney returned home at 0100 after the requisite phone call from the subway station. Weekend subway service is so unreliable. Car keys were retrieved from Mom while Little Johnny Reinke waited patiently on the landing. Miss Mahoney spent some time in conversation before a knock from inside sent little Johnny Reinke home at about 0200.

That was really it. I was hooked, line, and sinkered. After that date, I told several people that I met the girl I was going to marry. She, on the other hand, took a long while to come around to the idea. She was, like always, fun, intelligent, smart, lively, focused, determined, honest, faithful, charitable, disciplined, and demurely sexy in a way that would drive the boys wild. And those were nice GAMS. Even if they were hollow.

Maybe it was a match made in heaven. Maybe it would last a few years. Maybe we’d both be perfect for each other.

Maybe the new Mrs. Joyce was right.

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EVLYNN: DId I get my monies worth?

Monday, February 28, 2011



They screwed up the layput. Thereare only three paragraph breaks. DO I get a partial refund? It’s hard to read. I have to see the actual papers. Hope it doesn’t look like a “legal notice”.

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Preferred spot for stories is http://1000memories.com/evy-reinke It’s supposed to be eternally free? And, I’ll be backing it up to my own personal site later in the week.

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EVLYNN: Reinke, Evlynn Marie Mahoney (1/1/47-2/26/11) the love of my life

Sunday, February 27, 2011


[JR: To choked up for words.]

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