JOBSEARCH: Official notice that the employment model has changed

Monday, July 4, 2011

GE, Coal Operators Latest to Eliminate Pensions
POSTED AT: SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011 03:26:14 PM

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The pension was a good fit for the dominant business model of the postwar era. Blue-chip firms like GM and IBM assumed long-term employment relationships. They competed less by downsizing than by drawing more value out of their existing workforce – by upgrading their skills and improving productivity. Corporations could afford to invest more in worker training and development only if they knew the worker would be around long enough for that investment to pay off. Hence the pension, a benefit that was more valuable the longer one stayed with the company.

Today’s firms don’t want a long relationship with their workers; they want to show stockholders that they are cutting payrolls NOW, not developing human capital for some future decade. Holdouts who tried to preserve the old model became goats in the market, panned as stagnant and inflexible. High labor costs put them at a disadvantage against competitors who declined to offer an expensive pension benefit. IBM began a controversial pullout from the defined benefit pension in 1999; GM shifted new hires into a 401k beginning in 2007.

The disappearance of the pension is a catastrophe for working families whose full effects won’t be felt for years; many of the boomers are retiring with a pension benefit, but few of their successors will. But the past few decades have already shown that personal retirement accounts are no substitute for pensions. Hard-pressed workers are seldom able to put enough into a retirement account for reasonable security in old age. And while a properly funded defined-benefit pension plan can spread risks across decades, an individual retiree needs to cash in when he retires – whether the market is up or down.

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For the “clueless”, that need a memo to tell them that the “gold watch” era is over, then let this serve the purpose.

An AT&T actuary in the mid Seventies disabused me of the value of the pension and the purposes of it. Wow, was that I an eye opener! I was stunned at how little the Biz put aside for “my” pension. Pennies! I was ever stunned further when the rationale for pensions was explained; the concept “involuntary servitude” came to mind! In my MBA Accounting classes, I learned about diversification and “sinking funds”.

And, have you ever wondered why folks get “fired” before the five-year vesting period?

Social Security is the mandatory Ponzi scheme. Pensions are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

One thing that “workers” need to learn quickly is that “There’s no one to depend upon but oneself”.

Pensions are history.

The Social Security fraud pays off at the pleasure of the Congress. Not something I’d recommend to depend upon.

401Ks and IRAs are systematically “looted” by Wall Street and their accomplices in Congress. Either blatantly by outright theft or surreptitiously by “fees”, commissions, or compromised fiduciaries.

So what does this translate to for today’s workers?

(1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt;

(2) save big bux; it’s your version of a pension or Social Security;

(3) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber;

(4) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open; and

(5) a free time hobby that generates income.

Fore warned is fore armed!

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JOBSEARCH: Fake jobs from supposedly “reputable” firms

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

There is a new comment on the post “The Skinny on Fake Job Postings”.

Author: American Express fake jobs


American Express is repeatedly posting the same positions month after month. It then says they choose not to fill the position via email.  

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Just about the worst press possible for an employer. Certainly ignore anything from them. Their loss; my time.

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JOBSEARCH: SFYG (updated formula)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Once again fine tuning the SFYG formula based on input and discussions.

(1) Reduce it to 5 ± 2.

(2) Put action verbs into the points.

(3) Try to make it relevant.

Here it is.

Success for your generation is:

(1) develop ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt — no credit cards like Dave Ramsey says;

(2) create a life long interest in learning — pick up a degree along the way — they can’t take it away from you;

(3) get a NON-OFFSHORABLE white collar job in order to save big bux;

(4) learn a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber;

(5) make one or more internet based businesses where your store is always open from a free time hobby that generates income; (6) build a large well-maintained network of people who can and will “help” you — it’s not numbers on Facebook or LinkedIn — it’s real people who connected with your needs; and

(7) find your soulmate. The boy or girl who rocks your socks, is a better person than you are, and makes you a better person. You might be able to make it without one, but it’ll be much harder. May well be impossible. Marry ‘em and forsake all others. Have lots of children; if you can’t, “borrow” everyone else’s. They are your legacy.

Even if you disagree with my formula, you have to have your own. Whatever it is, have one. Of course, you can share yours, argue with mine, or just ignore the whole thing.

Donna Nobis Pacem

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Monday, May 9, 2011

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Tattoos and piercings shouldn’t jeopardize your chance of getting a job.

gnargoyle: Boo hoo. Assuming societal norms will bend to allow poor planning and irresponsible decisions while being perfectly aware of their limiting implications in certain sectors/fields/occupations should jeopardize your chances of being considered a reasonable and/or responsible adult.

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But they do and are only just slightly worse than “digital dirt”.

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JOBSEARCH: The “unemployed need not apply” phenomenon

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why It’s Bad Business to Hire the Long-Term Unemployed
The Obama administration has overseen the utterly preventable destruction of human capital that is arguably unprecedented in human history — and it’s their fault.
March 15, 2011 – by Tom Blumer

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If a person is already working somewhere else, they’re demonstrating that on a daily basis, not in the recent or sometimes distant past, their work habits and output are more than likely satisfactory to someone else. There’s at least a decent chance that this person has kept his or her skills sharp, and has kept up with technological and market developments in the industry. The effort involved in training such a person in their new job will often be fairly minimal. There will also be a lower likelihood that the person will flunk a background check, credit check, or their drug test.

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Does anyone really believe these government statistics? It’s like their “jobs created or saved” mantra. imho the rates were much higher. Dropping the 99 weekers is just one way they put their thumb on the scale. “You have overseen the utterly preventable destruction of human capital that is arguably unprecedented in human history — and it’s your fault.” is exactly spot on. From the massive Gooferment spending, the Obamacare overhang — who’s going to hire employees without any idea what they will cost, the regulatory blundering — gulf oil drilling permits, and on and on. Government is out of control.

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JOBSEARCH: Another reason to NEVER use your employer’s email for YOU_INC

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Dear HotJobs® Job Seeker,

This is our final notice to let you know that Yahoo! HotJobs has been acquired by Monster® and the integration will be completed on Feb. 12, 2011. This means that you can have a more robust job search than ever before — more employers, more opportunities, more industry depth, and more tools — if you give us permission to transfer your information.

{Extraneous Deleted}

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Of course, this ASSUMES that the email that was registered with HOTJOBS is still current. :-) Given the way folks have been getting nuked, and they stpidly use their employer’e email address as if it was their own, oh well, they may be OUTTA_LUCK?

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JOBSEARCH: Amazon gives away three free “jobsearch” e-books (probably to get folks using their Kindle or Kindle software)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February 1, 2011 10:16 AM PST
Get ‘The Career Survival Kit’ e-book collection free
by Rick Broida

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Amazon says these three e-books are worth $45. But they’re actually worth $30. Does it matter? They’re free!

Every so often, rolls out an e-book freebie that’s perfect for the business crowd. Here’s the latest: “The Career Survival Kit (Collection).”

Available for the Kindle reader or any device that can run a Kindle application (including Android and BlackBerry devices, iPhones/iPods/iPads, PCs, and Macs), this download contains three e-books.

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Probably to get folks using their Kindle or Kindle software?


A little confusing.

You must install the Kindle Software on your PC and / or MAC. Or other IOS devices.

Then, you buy the book collection. It’s free. Just strange to buy a free book.

Then, you tinker to have it deliver it to the registered platform.

Then, you go to archived content, and double click.

And, you’re done.


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JOBSEARCH: Stay off the employers hardware and software

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Employer Can Read Your Work Emails, Even to Your Lawyer

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In a 3-0 decision, the Sacramento-based court ruled that a woman sending an email to her attorney, in a matter regarding plans to sue your employer, from your office was akin to “consulting her lawyer in her employer’s conference room, in a loud voice, with the door open, so that any reasonable person would expect that their discussion of her complaints about her employer would be overheard.”

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As if you needed another reason!

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JOBSEACH: “Job hopping” IS NOT the new normal

Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Is job hopping the new normal? : The Work Buzz

Job hopping used to be taboo, but today it’s not only common, it’s also considered a good quality in many workers. What changed?

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FJohn Reinke •

The “gold watch” era is over. “Job hopping” is still taboo. But, the perception is reality. Today, it’s all about being “entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial”. Everyone is on their own. In an organization or not, you’re really on “The Apprentice” every minute.

That may sound to cynical, but …

Success for this generation is:

(1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt;

(2) a life long interest in learning — education — a degree — they can’t take it away from you;

(3) a NON-OFFSHORABLE white collar job in order to save big bux;

(4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber;

(5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open;

(6) develop a second business or avocation – under the radar – start small part-time;

(7) a large will-maintained network of people who can and will “help” you;

(8) buy and save assets that hold their value over time; and

(9) emulate the Amish and Mormons for their sense of community, simple thrifty living, and true to core values.

Notice that “loyalty to an employer who will screw you when it suits their purpose” is nowhere on that list.

It’s a complete paradigm and meme change that’s required.

It’s all about creating value. However one is uniquely qualified to do it, you have to do it in such a way that you retain some. And, you must always focus on unlocking value. For yourself primarily. And, developing skills at doing it.

Very cynical, I know. Very blunt. But, what does one expect from a fat old white guy injineer. And, you really don’t think the “unemployment rate” is under 10%? Lot of people have to learn a new set of paradigms and memes to compete in the new world.

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JOBSEARCH: “Office parties” are work; very very dangerous to jobs and careers

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stimulus: A fellow alumni’s tale of a “business party” with drinks

Response: Suggest that you think about how many careers have been ruined or good jobs lost by “office parties”. Had a boss, who go so wasted at one, he and his secretary did the deed, fell asleep, and got locked int he venue. The police respond to a silent alarm and they were arrested. Cleared, but the boss and secretary were nuked right before Christmas. So, my personal rule became: “parties were just an extension of the work day; unpaid, and very very dangerous.”

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JOBSEARCH: Accentuate the positive; not so obvious?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


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Dear XXXX,

Read your message and can sympathize with the frustration that you are feeling. First, you’re “marketing”, so “market”. Have you networked with XXXXXXX at MC? Have you read the book “Job Changing at 100K”? (Ignore title; it has a great concept of ‘structured networking’.) I have some job search materials on my site (Feel free to ‘steal’ anything you find helpful.) If you offer me a LinkedIn connect, I’ll accept and you’ll have access to my contacts. has a slew of alumni info for networking ‘targets’. I’ll take a peek at your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other ‘stuff’ to see if I can spot anything.


*** end quote ***


*** begin quote ***

OK! I’m back. It appears to me that:

(1) You have, in addition to this persona, one “dead” persona on LinkedIn. Suggest that you clean that up.

(2) You have no “web presence” that I can find. No website. No blog. No domain. So, you’re not “marketing” yourself.

(3) No Facebook? (A recruiter will think “hiding something”. “Everyone”, younger that 40, has Facebook. Note: We don’t want digital dirt. But we want a “professional” Facebook, with friends and family!)

(4) LinkedIn profile makes it look like your a job hopper with lots of jobs.

[JR: Note, every promotion is listed as a separate job. It looks "job hopper ish"; not "upwardly climbing". You have 30 seconds to communicate to the person filtering; use it wisely.]

(5) LinkedIn profile doesn’t use all the features.

Yell if I can help,


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JOBSEARCH: Job #1 is finding your next job

Thursday, December 2, 2010

When Your Company Remote-Wipes Your Personal Phone
from Slashdot by kdawson

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Xenographic writes “NPR has a story about someone whose personal iPhone got remotely wiped by their employer. It was actually a mistake, but it was something of a surprise because they didn’t believe they had given their employer any kind of access to do that. This may already be very familiar to Microsoft Exchange admins, but the problem was her iPhone’s integration with MS Exchange automatically gives the server admin access to do remote wipes. All you have to do is configure the phone to receive email from an MS Exchange server and the server admin can wipe your phone at will.

*** end quote ***

Clearly, you must maintain an “air gap” between your employer’s stuff and your personal stuff.

Never forget Job #1 is finding your next job.

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JOBSEARCH: Is the “age of the job” over?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 Tips for Job Seekers from an Employer (CEO)
November 23rd, 2010

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OH MY GOSH, the ignorance in this country kills me (I declined the invite to blog about this saying I would write a scathing post, but he said that was okay, they want conversation. So, converse in the comments :) ). And it really, really hurts everyone. Here are his 10 points, I’m only going to comment on the last one:

*** end quote ***

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Perhaps, the era of “the job” is over. Like the “gold watch” era, the American Worker has now grown up, and had the triple veil of naivete, ignorance, and deception ripped away.

• naivete — Not realizing that there has to be value creation in order for the enterprise to reward the worker’s efforts with some of that value. Think UAW member who goofs off.

• ignorance — Not realizing that they were getting screwed by their employer in: salary, bonus, pension and benefits. As well as by their government in: inflation, taxes, “regulation”, bailouts, and ponzi schemes <Social Security and Unemployment Insurance>. Think working for the American Dream and having it taken away.

• deception — Not realizing that the leaders and managers of the “company” and the “Government” were lying to them. (Far beyond spin. Look you right in the eye, and lie to your face.) The annual appraisal ritual with its “political” adjustments <Not everyone can be outstanding>, “pensions and benefits” are for your good <Peanuts to fool you into thinking we care>, and finally appeals to “team spirit” (work through the tough times to get laid off when it suits the leadership).

I’d suggest that in self-defense, people have become cynical. To quote one of the “judge shows”, “Wouldn’t believe him if his tongue was notarized.”

IMHO, I think we are seeing that there is a glacial movement in the employment marketplace. Folks are realizing that they may have to work to survive, but that their interests may NOT align with the enterprise. In fact they DO NOT align.


Not on your life. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

I see people trying to form their own businesses. Much like you did. If I can’t have a full time job, maybe I can have a dozen part-time ones. If I do have a full time job, maybe I can have a webfront to sell seashells from the seashore. If I do have job, I don’t expect to keep it.

Job hopping may be back in vogue because I don’t care if you, the employer, like it, I have to protect myself. And, if it suited your bottom line, I’d be on the unemployment line so fast my head would spin.

No. It’s not “job hopping”; it’s self-defense.

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JOBSEARCH: Seeing more of these “mistakes”

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I’m seeing more of these “mistakes”. (Mistakes imho)

• Folks put their “corporate” twitter on LinkedIn. It’s not “yours”; it’s corporate pr.

• Folks put their “personal” twitter on LinkedIn. With all the “social updates”. That definitely won’t help your “brand”.

(You know I disagree that you can “brand” yourself. A “brand” is a collective typing of related things to convey a standardization and imply value — Kellogg’s cereals, Big Bertha golf clubs, Hilton Hotels. You’re unique; you must sell your unique value equation <UVE>. You can have “attributes” which can be “standardized” (i.e., Degree; PMP; Outward Bound survivor); you can fashion your own UVE-advanicing attributes — if you can prove, demonstrate, or have external validation. But you can’t brand yourself imho. “Image creation”, maybe.)

• Folks put their “corporate” web page on LinkedIn. It’s not “yours”; it’s also corporate pr. (You are NOT your job.)

• Folks put their “personal” web page on LinkedIn. Or worse, FACEBOOK with “social updates”. Or worst, MYSPACE.

• Folks mix up their LinkedIn & Facebook effort. I tell my turkeys to use a “professional name” like Ferdinand J. Reinke and “personal name” like Fjohn Reinke to make it more difficult to “align” information. With different pictures. (My tin foil hat says that’s like a finger print. And folks use the same profile photo.)

• Folks put up the corporate email address on LinkedIn and / or Facebook. Or they use an email connected to something other than their own domain. (No joke; actually saw ‘studmuff @ free mail service dot com. Great image maker; not! Have also seen worse, but can’t cite them in mixed company.)

(I suggest that everyone have your own domain! The common wisdom, or is that common whizdumb, is to own your own name as a domain name. I own “”. (I like saying “sea sea me at”! will actually work!) I gives one quite a bit of control. And, it’s very cheap. I know three solutions at 15$/year using wordpressdotcom with gmail, 25$/year email only with 1and1, and 60$/year for domain+email+webspace also at 1and1. My point is not that you should use 1and1. I could care less which one you use. It’s that getting on to your own domain with email is cheap and easy. And, it’s not hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. It IS your own “personal permanent eternal locator”.)

I also caution that NO dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) should be put online with out careful consideration. I use the “Mom test”. Would I be happy to show this item to my now deceased Mother? She expected the best from me at all time. That’s the standard I try to use.

• Folks don’t have a personal web site with all the good content that they create. Sanitized if done for work. Everything can be used if if is designed to communicate DIKW for the benefit of the reader. (I really don’t care if it is “how to clean a toilet”. Any thing can advance your image as a caring communicating human being who shares.)

Just some thoughts.

the big fat old turkey hisself

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JOBSEARCH: Why are email riot broke out on a jobsearch yahoo group

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Re: Stop Welfare….. and all Government taxing that is out of contr

Posted by: “Dawn”
Wed Nov 3, 2010 9:03 am (PDT)

*** begin quote ***

i thought this was an IT roundtable discussion group. if we want to talk about job opportunities then ok. I don’t understand the political tone this has taken.

This should be apolitical, focusing on jobs, not politics.

*** end quote ***

Dear Ms. Dawn:

Taken off the mailing list to calm the off-topic traffic down.

Unfortunately the political meddling has taken it’s toll on the economy. Many, including myself, are casualties of the bad economy. It doesn’t take long to realize that there are ‘structural reasons’ why businesses are not hiring:

* Uncertainty — with Obamacare — no one knows how much an employee is going to cost in 2011 and beyond;

* Higher taxes — with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the Gooferment is going to take a bigger cut of any profits. That increases the ‘hurdle rate’ as well as the implied rate of return required for any new project. That gets factored into the risk calculation. So business is “frozen”

* Higher political risk — Gooferment Motors demonstrated that the politicians and bureaucrats will seize the assets of bondholders, like it was a two bit South American dictatorship, for the benefit of the powerful labor unions, the brokerage houses, and the banks. Why would you ever loan money to anyone when it can lost in the blink of a politician’s eye.

I have a bunch more examples of the chilling effect that the Gooferment has had on the economic climate. But three’s enough.

The reason that the firestorm started is some deluded fool suggested that more unemployment benefits was a good thing that Washington should do. And, implied that the Democratic Party was the more charitable organization. A lot of folks who’s nerves are frazzled, like mine, just descended upon that. Neither Party is “charitable”; nor should they be “charitable” with stolen wealth. Fiscal austerity in the Gooferment is what is needed. Less welfare, and less warfare, and less Gooferment is the bitter pill.

That’s why the political tone. Jobs, the economy, and prosperity are now in the political arena. To think that you can now separate them is naive. It’s like looking for a deck chair on the Titanic … as it’s sinking.

imho, trying to change opinions, one person at a time,
the big fat old turkey hisself

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JOBSEARCH: Anti Poaching Agreements — The FEDS wimp out

Monday, September 27, 2010

Anti Poaching Agreements: The FEDS wimp out

*** begin quote ***

Although the complaint alleges only that the companies agreed to ban cold calling, the proposed settlement more broadly prohibits the companies from entering, maintaining or enforcing any agreement that in any way prevents any person from soliciting, cold calling, recruiting, or otherwise competing for employees. The companies will also implement compliance measures tailored to these practices.

*** end quote ***

Big companies, that are BIG contributors to BOTH political parties, get out of OBVIOUS labor and anti-trust violations with a slap on the wrist.

And, every smaller company knows that there is open season on employees and applicants.

Do what you want, the FEDS have bigger fish to fry!


Corporations are a creation of the Gooferment. (Differentiate from people who do business with other people.) They are allowed to limit their shareholder’s liabilities. And, we should reasonably expect the Gooferment to keep its creation conforming to the rules that it sets. When the Gooferment fails to hold its minions to its OWN rules, we all suffer.

Employees and applicants are defenseless. And the “King” could care less.

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JOBSEARCH: Encouragement to future fellow alumni baby turkey

Monday, September 27, 2010

>I went to your presentations and I made a LinkedIn because of you, so thank you!

Great. Nice to know someone was listening. Now you have to begin thinking about your own domain. Like “”!

*** begin quote ***

May I suggest that you have your own domain? The common wisdom, or is that common whizdumb, is to own your own name as a domain name. I own “”. (I like saying “sea sea me at”! me @ reinke . cc will actually work!) I gives one quite a bit of control. And, it’s very cheap. I know three solutions at 15$/year using wordpressdotcom with gmail, 25$/year email only with 1and1, and 60$/year for domain+email+webspace also at 1and1. My point is not that you should use 1and1. I could care less which one you use. It’s that getting on to your own domain with email is cheap and easy. And, it’s not hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. It IS your own “personal brand”.

*** end quote ***

… and your own website …

*** begin quote ***

May I suggest that you need a website? As a student, you have tons of time and are producing content. Papers, pictures, whatever. You need to get them on the web to estabish “your brand”. The web is always starved for content. By adopting a consistent strategy of displaying high quality content under your own “brand name”, you will take over the first page of Google. (For example, Google “Ferdinand J. Reinke” or “ReinkeFJ” and you’ll see I have EVERY one of the first page entries.) You don’t want a dry static page, but a page that shows off all that stuff you claim to have (i.e., organizational and communications). :-) LOL

*** end quote ***

… and your own blog .

*** begin quote ***

May I suggest you have a blog? You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors in the marketplace. Tying facebook and linkedin to your blog is easy with RSS. (It also establishes yourself as “technical”; without the nerd part.) Then you want to fill it will high quality business quality entries DAILY. You want to focus on the message you want to communicate.

*** end quote ***

And, start to seek LinkedIn recommendations.

*** begin quote ***

May I suggest you seek “recommendations”? I believe that LinkedIn is the new resume. And, it can come with references already given and sourced. What’s better for a lazy overworked hunter’s researcher. Write some, to get some?

*** end quote ***

All with the idea of marketing “You, Inc.”.

Hope this helps to further motivate you to develop your OWN plan. Like an old road sign, I could be wrong. And, pointing to an outdated vision of success.

You may have seen my updated “formula”:

*** begin quote ***

Success for your generation is:
(1) ruthless financial discipline — no bad debt;
(2) a life long interest in learning — education — a degree — they can’t take it away from you;
(3) a NON-OFFSHORABLE white collar job in order to save big bux;
(4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber;
(5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open;
(6) develop a second business or avocation – under the radar – start small part-time;
(7) a large will-maintained network of people who can “help” you;
(8) buy assets that hold their value over time; and
(9) emulate the Amish and Mormons for their sense of community, simple thrifty living, and true to core values.

*** end quo

JOBSEARCH: Us “criminals” should be our own businesses

Saturday, September 25, 2010

*** begin quote ***

It amazes me how people in our society today have become so incensitive, selfish and backstabbing. These traits seem to thrive in corporate America. People in the work place use the HR dept as a way of excercising control. It’s sad that families have to pay a terrible price because someone was “inconvenienced” in the workplace. HR comes swooping in like the Gestapo, not caring about your say in the matter. It feels like an execution, but without offering you a cigarette before they shoot you. You have no rights because corporations are essentially dictatorships.

You hand over your ID card and then building security escorts you out of the building. You feel like a criminal. As you walk to your car, you thinK to yourself, what am I going to say to my wife? What’s going to happen to my family? As Tom says above, you can never trust your employer, or for that matter, the employees. When you spend a third of your life at a work place, it’s easy to drop your guard and see everyone as one big happy family. It’s sad, but as Tom says, you have to keep to yourself. Don’t offer anyone a piece of your personal life that they can use against you, and have a plan B. For me, plan B was not spending my inital sign on bonus. When I first got hired, my wife said we’ll need that money as our life boat someday. Low and behold! I know it’s cliche, but “it’s always darkest before the dawn”!

*** end quote ***

Success for your generation is:

(4) a blue collar skill for hard times — never saw a poor plumber;

(5) one or more internet based businesses — your store is always open;

(6) develop a second business or avocation – under the radar – start small part-time;

Of my NINE items, a full third is aimed at freeing yourself from the “man”.

# # # # #

# # # # #

JOBSEARCH: UI is bad public policy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

@LaneZane I too am unemployed. At 63, I doubt I’m ever going to have another job.

That being said, “Unemployment Insurance” is a BAD public policy.

To a drowning man, it’s hard to lecture that a life preserver was an unnecessary expense on the Titanic. (Life preservers in the frigid water meant you slowly froze to death as opposed to quickly drowning.

“To me it’s just a made up word. A politician’s word, so young fellas like yourself can wear a suit and a tie, and have a job.” — Red in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

It’s purpose to give politicians “talking points” and bureaucrats jobs. The politicians can posture and bureaucrats can shovel paper. And, as a public policy, it encourages people, at the margins, and at the lower earning levels, to NOT diligently search. It’s like welfare that saps the ambition to do better.

Unemployment Insurance is not insurance. The loss of a job is not like a tornado, flood, or fire. It’s not a random event. The crappy economy is CAUSED by the politicians and bureaucrats. And, as such, the unemployed get screwed.

We’d be better off without it. Make our own “unemployment insurance”. Don’t collect that payroll tax, Don’t have all those bureaucrats. And, make politicians accountable for their actions. For example, what employer, in their right mind, with Obamacare, higher taxes, and a slowing economy coming at them, would ADD an employee now?

And, it’s BOTH parties. They both SUCK!

Bottom line, it’s the spending. And, the unfunded entitlements. And the extra regulations. And, the cabal of politicians, Wall Street, Bankers, Federal Reserve, and all the bureaucrats that make it impossible to do business and have a thriving economy.

In short the politicians killed the “golden goose” — the economy. And, it’s up to us, “We, The People” to instruct them in the error of their ways. D or R, if they are an incumbent, then they need to go.

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P.S., Why are we giving wealthy politicians lucrative pensions? Their pensions are more than most people make. That’s nuts. Political pensions should be nuked! Another expense we don’t need.

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JOBSEARCH: The Gold Watch Era is long over

Thursday, September 16, 2010

*** begin quote ***


When I was growing up, the ethic was you went to a paternalistic company, gave them 45 years of loyal services, and were rewarded with a pension and social security. My mom did 48. An uncle 42. I have many many examples of this. I am sure you have your own. It was a great time to be an employee.

*** end quote ***

Had an interesting discussion with relatives. Trying to convince them that many of their paradigms and memes, based on a gold watch era, were insane.

I don’t think I changed anyone’s mind.

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JOBSEARCH: Age Discrimination

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 1, 2010

Jacqueline A. Berrien
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Dear Ms. Berrien:

Not withstanding the Gross v. FBL Financial Services decision, it is STILL the consensus of most older American workers that age discrimination is rampant in today’s economy.

In my youth, I worked on the AT&T Equal Opportunity Reports. The employee, applicant, and contractor workforce demographics were parsed may different ways to demonstrate that discrimination was not be tolerated either by management action, systematic flaws, or even random chance.

Companies are a creation of the government and as such are subordinate to them. My question is why doesn’t the EEOC require all corporations over a certain size to report their demographics. If a corporation has a deficiency in a race, sex, or age pool, then there should be a de facto finding of discrimination. Now clearly there has to be some latitude for say NBA basketball teams who are deficient in short Jewish women, but I suspect that you will find that Wall Street firms are deficient in fat old white guys. As well as, a host of other corporations. To give time to adapt, you could start with a requirement on the largest ones and lower the size bar gradually to an appropriate level.

Unlike the AT&T EO Reports, this should be an electronic data exchange in XBRL. So large corporation should be able, with a minimum of overhead, supply this data directly from their payroll and personnel systems. SAP probably has a module to do it already for its European Customers.

As the Federal Government seeks to match Social Security to increasing lifespans, we as a nation have to address issue that older workers represent a too valuable asset to be “frozen out” of the employment market by de facto age discrimination. This “freeze out” is forcing 50 to 65 year olds to prematurely use their retirement savings, lose those high earning years when they are saving for their retirement. This is a double whammy. Just like the ERISA rules were necessary to stop the Aircraft industry from dumping engineers after their first five years in favor of younger cheaper engineers, so to the Commission must change the economics of discrimination. By requiring companies to report is the first step in bringing a dirty little “not so secret” secret into the daylight.

Make companies report their demographics by race, sex, and age. If they can explain it, all well and good. If not, then that’s the time for some serious conversations.

As an IT Architecture and Business Process Reengineering consultant, I know this can be done relatively quickly and cheaply. I can help or advise the Commission or its staff, at my own expense, by phone or email, anytime.

Thanks for your consideration of my input,

Ferdinand J. Reinke
3 Tyne Court
Kendall Park, NJ 08824

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JOBSEARCH: Adjusting expectations

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Case Study: The Maltese Expat
by Simon Black
July 15, 2010
Bath, England

*** begin quote ***

Here’s what’s most intriguing about her, though… she’s always worked. Even as a 70-year old widow in Malta, she still has a job. In her own words Emma says, “I’m a war baby. My generation doesn’t think that anyone owes us anything, doesn’t think that it’s other people’s responsibility to take care of us.”

*** end quote ***

That’s a generational difference: the past generation (No one owes us anything), the current generation (We expect the good life with little effort.), and the future generation (We’re entitled to the good life.)


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JOBSEARCH: Demographic shift and the implications of it

Sunday, July 18, 2010

*** begin quote ***

The federal government says that 40 percent of all U.S. workers will be 55 or older by the end of the year 2010. Your workforce is part of this demographic shift. What issues with the aging workforce do you and others face, and how will you deal with them?

*** end quote ***

Just as the ERISA diktat changed the pension ripoff scam of the aircraft companies, there has to be a significant change in age discrimination law. We can have workers idle from 50 to 65. As the politicians and bureaucrats raise the Social Security retirement age, it’ll worsen the problem. The problem originates in the whole concept of benefits. Like most diktats, it distorts the marketplace. What has to happen is that people buy their own benefits. Employers have benefited form this scam for too long. And, workers over value their benefit packages. It creates a society of serfs who are afraid to change jobs. The new plantation. We need to become a nation of consultants. And the tax diktats have to change to match the new realities. Pensions, social security, and such have to be “personal”.

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JOBSEARCH: Form for free may be just the thing for thee

Monday, July 5, 2010

Networking Tool For Everyone (free)

Posted in June 22nd, 2010

*** begin quote ***

Instead, imagine that you have completed a BUILDING MY NETWORK form in advance of the meeting. The form lists the companies you are interested in, the contact people, the issues confronting the business and the department where you want to work. This way your contact has something to react to, and to refer to later.

*** end quote ***

Any free advise is good.

I like McKay66 and I like Lucht’s structured networking meeting.

But this is a good idea to have an ice breaker of targets.

If I have a gripe with it, it would be that in might get you down in the weeds BEFORE you’ve established what “field” you should be working in. Part of the structured networking is to listen to what the target has to say about your situation.

Sometimes that is something “strategic” that you never considered.

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JOBSEARCH: grid targets as a memory jogger

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Heat Up Your Job Searching Skills: Networking 101 and 102


*** begin quote ***

He had prepared an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper laid out in a grid. He had printed every company he was interested in, the contact person’s name, number, email address, linked in name, and issues now confronting that company (his own analysis). My new friend left me his sheet and simply asked if I knew anyone from these companies or who might know these people.

*** end quote ***

“Guess which one I helped more?”

May I humbly suggest that you should have written: “Guess which one I was able to give more help?”

(I’m sure that Number One’s failings would not annoy you enough to deliberately NOT help. Number One just didn’t set up the framework for you to maximize your effectiveness. Never mind efficiency. Number One was much further along on the “dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) curve”. Number One is asking for data, (e.g., who’s hiring me); some names. Number Two is asking for and sharing wisdom (i.e., different way of presenting the knowledge of targets and helping you fit your knowledge into a shared model).

Excellent wisdom presented, imho. (That means I’ll steal this and make it my own. With appropriate credit, of course.)

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JOBSEARCH: Gather all your contacts on GMAIL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Complete Guide to Creating a Consolidated, Master Contact List

*** begin quote ***

The most important part of the process is to pick an easy contact management solution that will incorporate information easily while still being able to export to a variety of formats (Outlook and others) and sync to your smartphone.

Google Contacts fits the bill nicely in a variety of ways. It supports CSV (comma-separated value) files from other Google accounts and Outlook. (CSV is a common export format, but the fields vary slightly between Google-exported CSVs and Outlook-exported CSVs; Google Contacts can handle either); it can also import the vCard format, which is supported by Apple Address Book.

*** end quote ***

Plaxo has size limits and its “clients” cause problems.

Cardscan is now limited to those who buy their card scanner.

Google’s Contacts does NOT do periodic verification with contacts, consolidate the results, and replicate updates out. And it has quotas!

Outlook and Apple Mail have “address book” functions that are limited.

LinkedIn locks you in.

Too many dead ends and islands of data.


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