ECONOMICS: Dietary Supplements are cheap insurance

Friday, November 28, 2014

Dietary Supplements May Reduce Healthcare Costs
Posted on Nov. 10, 2014, 6 a.m. in Healthcare and Public Policy Dietary Supplementation 

Dietary Supplements May Reduce Healthcare Costs

Hospitalizations for all U.S. adults over the age of 55 with coronary heart disease (CHD) cost the United States in excess of $64 billion in 2012. However, new research suggests that regularly taking certain dietary supplements may help to cut the number of hospitilizations for CHD, and thus also cut expenditure.

Christopher Shanahan and Robert de Lorimier, PhD, examined peer-reviewed, published studies that looked separately at relationships between omega-3 supplement intake and the risk of a CHD-attributed event, and B vitamins intake and the risk of a CHD-attributed event. The researchers then projected the rates of CHD-attributed medical events across U.S. men and women over the age of 55 with CHD and applied a cost benefit analysis to determine the cost savings if people in this targeted population took omega-3 supplements or B vitamin supplements at preventive intake levels.

Results showed that if every high-risk person (U.S. adults over 55 with CHD) in the target population were to take omega-3 supplements at preventive intake levels daily, there would be an average of $2.1 billion in avoided expenditures per year and a cumulative of $16.5 billion in avoided expenditures between 2013 and 2020.

Whilst if every high-risk person in the target population were to take B vitamins at preventive intake levels daily, there would be an average of $1.5 billion in avoided expenditures per year and a cumulative of $12.1 billion in avoided expenditures between 2013 and 2020.

“Many dietary supplement products are available in the market today that have been shown to have positive effects on heart health through associated clinical studies…Thus, the potential decrease of total health care expenditures in the United States is a strong argument for the daily use of dietary supplements,” the authors said. “This is a relatively low-technology, yet smart, approach that can be used by consumers, physicians, employers, and policymakers as a means to reduce personal and societal health care costs.”

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BUT of course, there’s no opportunity for Big Pharma to make big profits. And then be able to make big “campaign contributions”.

The big winnerw would be the poor victims of disease and the Taxpayer.

And we know where that ranks in the priority scheme.

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ECONOMICS: The Federal Reserve is Financial Repression

Thursday, October 30, 2014

How The Federal Reserve Is Purposely Attacking Savers
But bungling badly as it does
by Chris Martenson
Monday, October 20, 2014, 12:36 PM

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he answer is that while inflation always steals from savers, it really does its dirty work when the central bank and government conspire to create a condition of pervasive and unavoidable negative real interest rates.

This is the heart of Financial Repression: an environment in which you literally cannot save money without paying a penalty.

The main takeaway of Chapter 18 on Fuzzy Numbers is not that the government fibs a little now and then (okay,all the time) merely because that’s politically expedient, but it does so in service to a larger and more pernicious aim: forcing people to accept an inflation rate that is higher than either their income growth and/or the market’s safe rate of return.

As soon as you are locked into a negative interest rate regime, your capital is losing purchasing power. But simple accounting rules dictate that loss of wealth had to go somewhere. So where did it go? To somebody else.

Negative real interest rates transfer money from every saver to every over-extended borrower. This is especially true with the government (largely because of its special revolving door relationship with the Fed, which both issues the money out of thin air and then buys government debt forcing rates into negative territory).

It’s really that simple. The Fed has openly and actively suppressed rates — not to help the credit markets, as they claim, but to engineer a condition of Financial Repression. Because that’s what the government needs to stealthily take your wealth to pay down the prior debts it accumulated.

*** end quote ***

The War on Savers, the War on Capital, and the War on the Poor, Middle Class, and Elderly all intersect with the Federal Reserve.

Zero Interest Rate DESTROYS these communities.

Think about it from an Eccky-or-Icky-nomics POV.

It’s saying that there is NO preference to delay consumption.

It’s also saying there is NO way to preserve wealth for later use in retirement.


* Savers are “rewarded” with inflation that depreciates their purchasing power.

* Capital can’t be formed with paying the inflation penalty.

* Since the poor have to spend most, if not all, of their current income, they face the inflation that erodes their future standard of living.

* Middle Class “wealthy” can’t preserve their financial assets into retirement. Why do the near fraudsters / hucksters, who advertise gold collectibles for IRAs, strike a chord with the future retirees? It’s their only chance to preserve their buying power.

* The Elderly on pensions, social “in”security, or savings are screwed by inflation increasing their costs and their capital earns nothing.

So, why do “We, The Sheeple” put up with it?

Bread and circuses!


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ECONOMICS: 15$ minimum wage

Friday, September 19, 2014


Did the Fast Food Minimum Wage Strike Just Backfire?
September 8, 2014
By Matthew Burke

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TPNN radio host Tim Constantine of The Capitol Hill Show reports that the fast-food strikers have just shot themselves in the foot…big time.

“This company called Momentum Machines, has built a robot that could change the fast food industry forever,” announced Constantine. “The robot can slice toppings like tomatoes and pickles immediately before it places that slice onto your burger, so you get the freshest burger possible.” he reported following the Astroturf strikes organized by big labor unions and not necessarily even the workers of businesses like Burger King and McDonald’s.

“The robot is more consistent, more sanitary, and complains less, than your average worker,” Constantine explained.

“Here’s the kicker,” revealed Constantine: “The robot can produce 360 hamburgers per hour,” which equates to approximately one burger every ten seconds, much faster and efficiently than any human could.

*** end quote ***

From an economic point of view, it’s a no brainer. 

Robot Burgger Makers are cheaper than “Human Resources”.

I’ve told the tale of AT&T and the Elevator Operators.

Those ladies were casualties of the Federal Minimum Wage diktat. I know one who never had the skills to get another job. Wonder who else that happened to?

Cui Bono?

So let’s look behind the scene as to why this ASTROTURF group is campaigning.

Clearly, the minimum wage burger flippers will be out of a job faster than you can say: “You want fries with that?”

Big Labor knows that a rise in the minimum wage will directly escalate the Union wage scale. And bureaucrats know that the Gooferment pay scales will all rise to “compete”. Big Unions knows bigger paychecks means bigger Union dues.

So once again, we find the roots of the “minimum wage problem”.

Now dare I say this is a racial or “Social Justice” issue. Not for it, but against it. What is the Black Youth Unemployment rate? Will increasing the minimum wage decrease that? Not likely! And, how is it justice to put people on the dole. 

Talk about “moral hazard”? It’s not even close. 


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ECONOMICS: Workers and Customers align

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ex-CEO to buy majority stake in New England supermarket chain, ending worker protests | Fox News

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Who says that Workers and Customers can NOT align their interests for good products and services?

The invisible hand of the marketplace has slapped down “ownership”.

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ECONOMICS: Tom Woods give a clear definition and distinction

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Role of Austrian Economics in the Liberty Movement
July 22, 2014

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Tom Woods kicks-off this year’s Mises University with a brilliant discussion of the ‘Role of Austrian Economics in the Liberty Movement’.

*** end quote ***

An interesting hour.

I was fascinated by his clear definition and distinction between “Austrian Economics” (i.e., von Mises et al.) and the “Liberty Movement” spawned by Ron Paul.

Are “we” a minority? Absolutely.

So were the Dead Old White Guys!

The interesting part is about “we are winning” because “our” ideas align more closely with reality that do the Keynesian Economics and the big Gooferment welfare / warfare state with it’s Crony Capitalism, corrupt politicians, and lifetime lazy bureaucrats.

On to New Hampshire, as part of the Free State Project ( to make it the FIRST truly “Free State”.


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ECONOMICS: Does anyone look at advertising?

Friday, December 13, 2013

FIOS, like all the others, have music channels.

(It’s better than coming into a dark quiet house alone.)

So for the most part, the music is white letters on a black background. 

In the “right half lower / upper window panel:, they put trivia and ads.

The ads are recycled from somewhere.

But they are colorful and garish.

And, they don’t sell (i.e., no UVP; no tie to the music; don’t ask for the sale).

So why bother.

Unless they are thrown in for free?

I think they are just a big negative!

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ECONOMICS: @tswif13 is cheaper in Chicago than NYC?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home>Featured Articles>John Mayer
Are we seeing Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ again?
August 08, 2013

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You are probably thinking, wait, pop star Taylor Swift is coming to town again? Nope, she hasn’t been here with “The Red” tour. You’ve just heard so much about it already, and there haven’t been too many music award shows recently that haven’t had a Swift performance or sighting that makes it feel like we’ve seen her already. But, really can you ever have enough of the fresh-faced, spry Swift? Sure, her pop music niche is not for everyone, but neither is Lady Gaga’s.

*** and ***

Details: 6:30 p.m. Saturday at Soldier Field, 1410 S. Museum Campus Drive; $59.50-$99.50; 800-745-3000,

*** end quote ***

Now there is no doubt that Ms. Swift (@tswift13 or Tay to us “swifties”) is an economic engine. A phenom! I’m curious to see if she can transition over time. (All the great women performers do — Dolly Parton, Reba, Madona!)

What I found interesting in this story is that the price range of Chigao tix was dramatically different that the NYC prices of 80 to 2500. (No scalpers!)

Either the Chicago story is wrong or there is a premium to going to New York.

Considering that the show is essentially the same — except for the special guest and the banter about the location — one wonders if it might not be a better experience to travel to the show in a cheaper region.

For example, I’d travel to Chicago to get on the floor or in the pit. But I wouldn’t pay 2500$; but I would pay $100.

Laff, yes old swifties are a sad lot trying to recapture our lost youth.

#tswift #tswift13

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