GUNS: Drinking and packing heat is dumb

In News by Robyn Pennacchia
Jun 2, 2014
Drunk racists shoot and kill black cop at Waffle House

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This weekend, 43-year-old police officer Kevin Jordan was shot and killed while working an in-uniform off-duty overnight security shift at a Waffle House in Georgia. After three inebriated customers–Tyler Taylor, Michael Bowman and Chantell Mixon–were asked to leave the restaurant for causing a disturbance, Jordan walked them outside to their car. The three summarily started screaming racial slurs at Jordan, and Mixon started to try to physically fight him. When Jordan tried to restrain Mixon in order to arrest her, Bowman pulled out his gun and shot him in the back several times, killing him.

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While I’m a gun nut, I would no more concealed carry and drink than I would doing a roof or working with a chainsaw.

That being said, this was a terrible foreseeable tragedy.

Similar to a DUI, we should have little tolerance for carrying a firearm “under the influence”.

For some reason, I suspect that these three are not “fine upstanding citizens”. Like many criminals, they may have been through the “revolving doors” at various courthouses and jails.

I’m anxious to see further details of their careers.


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One Response to GUNS: Drinking and packing heat is dumb

  1. lwk2431 says:

    “Similar to a DUI, we should have little tolerance for carrying a firearm “under the influence”.”

    In Texas we have a way we like to use to show our intolerance of this kind of behavior. Unfortunately it is just lethal injection now, but some would like to bring back the electric chair.


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