POLITICAL: The McCutcheon case

The Supreme Court has decided the McCutcheon case. If you haven’t heard yet, it’s a disaster.

Few were surprised with the result. The Court has held that aggregate limits on contributions — the total amount you can give to all candidates, not the amount you can give to any one candidate — are unconstitutional. The inevitable result of this decision will be to reduce the number of relevant funders of campaigns. We’re on our way from Lesterland to Sheldon City — from a democracy where about 150,000 Americans are the relevant funders of campaigns (the same as are named “Lester”) to a world where about 40,000 Americans are the relevant funders of campaigns (the same as are named “Sheldon”).

I’ve written a short piece about the mistake in the Supreme Court’s decision. But as I’ve long insisted, the real problem in American democracy is not the Court. Or at least, not only the Court. The real corruption is the way we fund elections. This decision makes our fight against that corruption even more urgent.

Now is the time to add your name and support the Government by the People Act.

This Act is an opportunity to take our elections back from the handful of funders whose grip on our democracy tightens by the day. And only by adding your name to the call for reform will we be able to compete with the Lesters or Sheldons of this country.

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn. If so, then the dawn is not that far away.

Act now to fight back and voice your support for the Government by the People Act.

-Lessig and the entire Rootstrikers/Demand Progress Team

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This is an understandable decision. I’m not so sure it’s good or bad. 


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