On the Institution of Marriage
Column by PSYCHOTICNUT, posted on March 19, 2014
in Marriage
Column by new Root Striker Steven Holman.
Exclusive to STR

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Marriage began as an institution of force and control, has historically been an institution of force and control, and remains to this day an institution of force and control. Marriage as an institution, therefore, ought to be opposed if you follow the Non-Aggression Principle. Some may still cling to it as a security blanket, and I understand that. I was once a minarchist for the same reason. I believe the consistent, principled approach, however, is to oppose the institution of marriage.

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While I still maintain that the Gooferment could use “partnership” law to cover it … …

… … that would not satisfy “the politics”. Nor the ability of the Gooferment to stick its nose in everyone’s biz.


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