FUN: Gambling game — pull tabs

Cars game:

Winning car: $100 (15 cars)

One $50
Three $25
Three $20
Five $10
Twenty $5

Progressive depending upon game.

675 tickets sold at $1 each


For each race, $100 is held out and added to the progressive pool,

So for example, last week, #7 was a $500 progressive. If #7 was the winning car there was a $500 adder. #2 was a $400 progressive.

I won with one of my three other holders, #10.

Then $100 is added to the #2 progressive to make it $500.

When I was playing, I got the #2 and #7 and one $25 and one $20 and two $10 and two $5. At that point, I stopped playing. I believed I had the largest portion of the value winnable.


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2 Responses to FUN: Gambling game — pull tabs

  1. frenchync says:

    My comment is….next time I come up there I want in! :-) We did pretty good my last trip up. So how much did you win? (ie, how much invested vs the payout?)

    • reinkefj says:

      at the end of the night, i was 332$ to the plus and I have two holders in my wallet: one is for 500$ and the other for 5000$. I’ll see when I go back Saturday night. (Work permitting!) Argh! That’s why I like the end of the box. No suspense. Also, why I want to look in the rabbit hole on the poker shows. I’m not good with Schrodinger’s Cat!


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