POLITICAL: Honesty, if Gooferment?

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WSJ/NBC News Poll: Scandals Prompt Doubts About Honesty
Recent controversies surrounding the Internal Revenue Service and other government agencies have sown doubts about the honesty of the Obama administration, but most people don’t hold the president personally responsible for the agency actions, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

A majority of poll respondents, some 55%, said IRS scrutiny of conservative groups raised some level of doubt about the administration’s “overall honesty and integrity.”

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Why is it so low?

I’d have bet it would have been in the high 70’s.

Oh yeah, “low information voters”.


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2 Responses to POLITICAL: Honesty, if Gooferment?

  1. Some level of doubt about the administration’s “overall honesty and integrity”?

    Heh, I think Obama managed to do that six months after he took office when he denied having raised taxes on 40 million “people.” See http://tinyurl.com/ObamasLie

    And, speaking of integrity, have you seen the news about the NY Times’ editorial title change?

    – MJM


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