HARDWARE: AT&T MIFI Sierra Wireless “UNITE” problem

New AT&T MIFI Sierra Wireless “UNITE”

MTTF about a week.

LOCKED in “shutting down”.

Not easy to get access to the battery. Pulled it and reinserted. Problem solved.

Then, I had to fix what I messed up floundering around.

I popped the SIM thinking that might break the “shutting down” lock. 

No dice. 

I guess when I put it back in I didn’t ram it home. Afraid of breaking it. 

So when it came back up, it whined about “no sim card”.

Easy fix. 

But strike one!


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2 Responses to HARDWARE: AT&T MIFI Sierra Wireless “UNITE” problem

  1. James says:

    My AT&T Unite will not charge unless the USB cord is under tension. NetGear will NOT Warranty the product because it wasn’t purchased from AT&T.

    • reinkefj says:

      You might try other power cables. I have abbout three other, like the one for my LIVESCRIBE, that will power the UNITE. I think you need to make more noise on AMAZON, YELP, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and other social media. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. All I have to do is “kvetch” like that and they contact me. Start a blog “UNITE SUCKS” and “NETGEAR SUCKS” for free on WORDPRESS and I bet they come a running. IMHO.


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