POLITICAL: The total failure of the Last Responders to prevent looting


November 22, 2012
Why Did the Coverage Stop?
Posted by Lew Rockwell on November 22, 2012 09:30 PM

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Why did the insistent coverage of Sandy stop so suddenly? Because of the stupidty, hostility, arrogance, and crookery of FEMA and the rest of central, state, and local governments. and the people’s burning hatred of them in NJ and NY. Such things must not be mentioned, nor the total failure of the Last Responders to prevent looting.

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I thought that the Gooferment’s politicians and bureaucrats were arrogant.

It was terrible what they did to the victims of the Hurricane.

Then there was the insult that flood insurance would only cover primary residences. (Personally, I’ve been paying for more than 30 years and never heard a whisper of that.)

A plague on all their houses.

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3 Responses to POLITICAL: The total failure of the Last Responders to prevent looting

  1. Yep. You’re quite right. I’d been thinking you meant private insurance. Although IF the insurance was optional and something you paid extra for voluntarily, you STILL might have a chance … provided they didn’t have the residency thing in there at a level reasonable people would be aware of.

    – MJM

  2. Flood insurance covering ONLY primary residences? That’s ridiculous. I could see theft insurance, or even fire insurance with that limitation: empty houses would be far more vulnerable to both. But how does living in a house prevent a flood? You should check around further on that: I see a big class action suit out there against the insurance companies if thousands of owners have been misled into paying absolutely useless flood premiums over the years.

    – MJM

    • reinkefj says:

      It’s a gooferment program. So they make the rules. Argh! Class action, only if the Gooferment’s court gives you the right to sue the Gooferment in the Gooferment’s court system. Argh! Likelihood, slim to none, and slim has left the building!


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